ISAR Database Project

Preliminary Description of an Astrological Database

Version 1.1

8 Feb 1984

Mark Pottenger

(This is the description of a proposed database structure discussed starting in 1981 by several members of ISAR and other organizations with L.A. representatives. It was never implemented in software. Instead, ISAR shifted in 1985 to develop the Rodden-ISAR Database.)


The following coding descriptions will also form the basis of the questionnaire. The questionnaire will be the same list with all statements changed to questions for an interviewer to ask.

Any date in the codes can be packed into 2 bytes as follows:

7 bits = 0-127 years counted from year of birth as 0,

4 bits = month,

5 bits = day of month.

Many items are brief scales or lists.

Scales from 0 to 3 can be stored in 2 bits and are used as follows:

0=unknown, 1=low, 2=middle, 3=high.

or 0=unknown, 1=first item listed, 2=second item, 3=third item.

For ALL codes, 0=UNKNOWN or NO DATA.


1) Suitability for research (flag: 0 for most data, 1 for data collected by rigorous enough methods like the Gauquelin data)

2) Source of birth data (1=birth certificate, 2=hospital record, 3=mother's memory, 4=father's memory, 5=other relative's memory, 6=personal memory, 7=home records {baby book, bible, etc.}, 8=biography, 9=other published, 10=rectified, 11=psychic/intuition, 12=other, 13=unknown)

3) Accuracy of birth data (1=one minute, 2=five minutes, 3=15 minutes, 4=half hour, 5=hour, 6=two hours, 7=six hours, 8=12 hours, 9=no records available)

4) Source of code data (1=self, 2=biography, 3=acquaintances, 4=unfriends, 5=media)

5) Character Trait data in file (flag)

6) Life History in BIO (flag)

7) Personality (test) data in BIO (flag)

8) Picture in paper BIO (flag)

9) Physically exceptional (flag)

10) Physical data in paper BIO (flag)

11) Diaries or published biography available (flag)

12-19) Information about following sections, by section (1 through 8): Age or date when data was first collected, age or date when data was last updated, flag for whether data was proofread after last input.


1) Gender (0=unknown, 1=female, 2=male, 3=male to female transsexual, 4=female to male transsexual, 5=hermaphrodite)

2) Height (integer: centimeters or inches input, centimeters stored)

3) Weight (integer: kilograms or pounds input, kilograms stored)

4) Ear Function (0=unknown, 1=deaf, 2=impaired, 3=normal, 4=extra sensitive, 5=perfect pitch)

5) Eye Color (0=unknown, 1=black, 2=brown, 3=blue, 4=green, 5=hazel, 6=violet, 7=mismatched)

6) Eye Function (0=unknown, 1=one eye blind, 2=both eyes blind, 3=impaired, 4=normal, 5=extra sensitive)

7,8) Visual Problems (0=unknown, 1=no, 2=nearsighted, 3=farsighted, 4=astigmatism, 5=cross-eyed, 6=wall-eyed)

Two answers allowed.

9) Natural Adult Hair Color (0=unknown, 1=black, 2=brown, 3=blond, 4=red, 5=white, 6=grey)

10) Handedness (0=unknown, 1=right, 2=left, 3=ambidextrous)

11) Physical Type (0=unknown, 1=endomorph, 2=mesomorph, 3=ectomorph)

12) Race (0=unknown, 1=White, 2=Black, 3=Hispanic, 4=Asian, 5=Amerindian, 6=Other)

13) Reproductive organ abnormalities (0=unknown, 1=none, 2=one teste, 3=no testes, 4=one ovary, 5=no ovaries, 6=blocked tubes, 7=no tubes, 8=tipped uterus, 9=dual uterus, 10=extra parts, 11=anomalies, 12=missing parts, ?)

14) Average menstrual cycle length in days.

15) Regularity of menstrual cycle (0=unknown, 1=always to the day, 2=to one or two days, 3=to the week, 4=irregular)

16) Age at menses.

17) Age at menopause.

Physical descriptive traits (several scales from 0 to 3 with 0=unknown):

18) bald-average hair-hairy;

19) very low weight-average-very high weight;

20) very short-average-very tall;

21) no impairments-minimal-severe impairments;

22) poor-average-good posture;

23) no-yes birthmarks;

24) no-few-many scars;

25) ugly-average-beautiful

26,29,32) Addictions 0=unknown, 1=none, 2=alcohol, 3=drug, 4=stimulants, 5=cigarettes, 6=sweets, 7=foods

27,30,33) Addiction treatment 0=unknown, 1=none, 2=voluntarily sought, 3=forced

28,31,34) Addiction treatment effectiveness 0=unknown, 1=effective, 2=partially effective, 3=ineffective, 4=not applicable

+ treatment date

Dental: three scales 0 to 3 with 0=unknown, 1=none, 2=few, 3=many:

35) tooth problems

36) cavities

37) dental surgury

38) (age on getting full or partial dentures: 0=unknown, 1-126=age, 127=never)


39,40,41) (0=unknown, 1=normal diet, 2=restricted diet for health, 3=restricted diet by choice, 4=frequently dieting, 5=regular fasting, 6=occasional fasting, 7=health food only)

42,43,44,45) (age of major weight loss or gain, if any)

46,47,48) (0=unknown, 1=anorexic, 2=normal eating pattern, 3=compulsive eater, 4=gorge-purge eater, 5=erratic eater)

Health after age 50

49) (0=unknown, 1=good, 2=fair, 3=poor)

50) (age of onset of senility)

51) Cause of death (0=unknown, 1=natural causes=old age, 2=disease, 3=suicide, 4=murder, 5=accident, 6=execution, 7=war victim, 8=war combat, 9=starvation-malnutrition, 10=natural disaster, 11=missing or disappeared)

52) Date of death (date in compressed form described above)

53) Quarter of day of physical/mental/emotional peak.

54) Quarter of day of low.

Sleep patterns:

55) Hours of sleep required.

56) Hours achieved.

57) Erratic sleep patterns. (0= 1= 2= . . .

58) Naps.


All except the last question in this section are to be limited to age 14 or before.

1) Conception (0=unknown, 1=normal, 2=test tube, 3=fertility drugs, 4=despite birth control, 5=virgin, 6=parthenogenesis, 7=donor father, 8=donor mother, 9=donor father & mother, 10=host mother, 11=tubal pregnancy)

2) Labor-delivery time (0=unknown, 1-31=number of hours)

3) Birth Time Event (0=unknown, 1=first emergence, 2=final emergence, 3=first breath, 4=cord cutting, )

4) Birth Details (0=unknown, 1=normal, 2=premature, 3=twin, 4=multiple, 5=Caesarian-surgical, 6=induced, 7=natural, 8=overdue, 9=trauma, 10=forceps, 11=breech, 12=inverted, 13=spinal block, 14=anesthetic)

5) Birth Defects (ICD codes 740 to 759 + multiple)

6) Perinatal Abnormalities (ICD codes 760 to 779)

7) Infant nourishment. (0=unknown, 1=good, 2=fair, 3=poor, 4=starved, 5=allergies)

8) Abandoned or Adopted

(0=unknown, 1=normal upbringing, 2=abandoned, 3=adopted)

(date abandoned [left birth family])

(date adopted [date entering new family if different from legal adoption date])

9) Birth Order (integer)

10) Birth Order in Same Sex (integer)

Childhood home environment (scale from 0 to 3 on each axis with 0=unknown, 1-3 left-right):

11) urban-rural

12) rich-poor

13) permissive-strict

14) advantaged-ghetto

Child/Adolescent Criminal activity

15) (0=unknown, 1=none, 2=occasional, 3=frequent)

(date started)

16) (consequences: 0=unknown, 1=caught, 2=not caught)

Family Bonding

17) (weak - strong)

18) (0=unknown, 1=abused, 2=battered, 3=ignored, 4=nurtured)

Family Famous or Notorious

19) (0=unknown, 1=famous, 2=notorious, 3=rich, 4=public figures, 5=influential, 6=none)

20) (1=one family member, 2=two family members, 3=family in general)

21) Moves (number of changes of residence up to age 20)

22) Age of first move

23,24) Parents or foster parents (1 code for mother, 1 for father: 0=unknown, 1=absent, 2=alcoholic/drug, 3=child abuser, 4=multiple marriages, 5=deceased, 6=parent at beginning then step-parent, 7=parent then foster parent)

25,26) Parents' occupations (general areas, with 1 number for each parent: 0=unknown, 1=blue collar, 2=white collar, 3=self-employed, 4=wealthy, 5=home)

27) Trauma with parents (parents experienced trauma, parents caused child trauma, shared trauma)

28-39) Relatives: ID #s for 12 family members with relationship (include parents, siblings, children--other relationships can be gotten by following chains).


40-45) number of brothers: born & living; full, half, step, foster

46-51) number of sisters: born & living; full, half, step, foster

52) Socio-Economic level at birth (0=unknown, 1=poverty, 2=low-middle, 3=high-middle, 4=high, 5=wealthy)

53) Unusual childhood (0=unknown, 1=normal, 2=autistic, 3=hyperkinetic, )


54) 0=unknown, 1=conventional, 2=miserable, 3=sociable, 4=loner, 5=leader;

55) 0=unknown, 1=no problems, 2=drug problems, 3=gang problems, 4=drinking problems, 5=other problems;

56) 0-3 scale for easy-hard;

57) behavior: 0=unknown, 1=adventurous, 2=athletic, 3=rowdy, 4=rebellious, 5=sexual)


1) Education (0=unknown, 1 to 16=last grade completed, 17=BA, 18=BS, 19=high school or less plus trade school training, 20=in graduate school, 21=MA, 22=MS, 23=PhD, 24=multiple graduate degrees, 25=high school + extended, 26=college + extended [continuing], 27=LLD [law], 28=MD [medical], 29=DD [dentistry], 30=other medical degree, 31=other)

2) Field (0=unknown, 1= , , , )

3) Schooling (0=unknown, 1=public, 2=private, 3=parochial, 4=military, 5=mixture of preceding)

4) Lessons (0=unknown, 1=art, 2=music, 3=dance, 4=charm, 5=private tutoring, 6=drama)

5) Intelligence (0=unknown, 1=low-low, 2=high-low, 3=low-average, 4=high-average, 5=low-high, 6=high-high, 7=genius)

6) IQ percentile

Kind of Intelligence: rate each of the following on a 1 to 7 scale:

7) Mechanical Aptitude

8) Creative Intelligence

9) Artistic

10) Inventive

11) Verbal

12) Mathematical

13) Studious

14) Practical-Applied

15) Problem-solving


16) (0=unknown, 1=none, 2=tells jokes, 3=reads jokes/stories, 4=listens and laughs, 5=jumps punchlines)

17) (Kind: 0=unknown, 1=jokes, 2=stories, 3=practical jokes, 4=puns, 5=multiple, 6=sexual, 7=scatalogical, 8=hostile, 9=self-deprecating, 10=macabre)


18) (0=unknown, 1=photographic-eidetic, 2=perfect-never forgets, 3=above average, 4=average, 5=poor, 6=extremely bad;

19) 0=unknown, 1=visual-spatial, 2=linguistic-verbal;

20) 0=unknown, 1=accurate, 2=average, 3=often wrong, 4=false memories)

21) (amnesia: 0=unknown, 1=once, 2=twice, 3=often)

22) (cause of amnesia: 0=unknown, 1=physical trauma, 2=emotional trauma, 3=other)

Dislexia & intellect problems

23) (0=unknown, 1=no problems, 2=aphasia, 3=dislexia, 4=slow learner)

24) (severity: 0=unknown, 1=mild, 2=serious, 3=incapacitating)


25) (0=unknown, 1=natural, 2=trained, 3=both;

26) 0=unknown, 1=almost never used, 2=used occasionally, 3=used in hobby, 4=used in profession;

27) 0=unknown, 1=physical, 2=mental, 3=artistic-aesthetic)


28,30) (2 codes, 2 char each: Mensa list?)

29,31) (1=observer, 2=participant)


1) Abortion (0=unknown, 1=none, 2=one, 3=two, 4=many)

2) (age at first) (compare this item to 5/17)

3) Age at first sex play + orientation (0=unknown, 1=hetero, 2=homo)

4) Age at first sexual intercourse.

5) Age at first orgasm (date)

6) + stimulus (0=unknown, 1=masturbation, 2=intercourse, 3=other)

7) Age of peak of sexual activity (0=unknown, 1=pre 20, 2=20 to 30, 3=30 to 40, 4=40 to 50, 5=50 or later)

Birth Control

8) 0=unknown, 1=none-health, 2=none-religion, 3=uses;

9) kind: 0=unknown, 1=rhythm, 2=rhythm+measurements, 4=pill, 5=IUD, 6=condoms, 7=foam, 8=diaphram, 9=multiple methods;

10) duration: 0=unknown, 1=less than 1 year, 2=1-5 years, 3=more than 5 years

Child molestation

11) (0=unknown, 1=no involvement, 2=victim, 3=offender)

12) (who with: 0=unknown, 1=with relative, 2=with stranger, with known person)

13) (severity: 0=unknown, 1-3 = mild to severe effects)

Extramarital affairs:

14) 0=unknown, 1=once only, 2=more than once sequential, 3=more than once simultaneous;

15) Relation: 0=unknown, 1=as single with married, 2=as married with single, 3=as married with married, 4=combination, 5=more than one of the preceding.

16) Gender Preference (0=unknown, 1=heterosexual, 2=bi, 3=homo, 4=hetero with some homo history, 5=homo with some hetero history)


17) (0=unknown, 1=sole sex, 2=supplement)

18) (Frequency: 0=0, 1= 1-5 times per month, 2= 6-10, 3= 11-15, 4= 16-20, 5= 21-25, 6= 26-30, 7= 31-35, 8= 36-40, 9= 41-45, 10=46 or more times per month)

19) (Mechanical aids: 0=unknown, 1=yes, 2=no)

20) Number of sexual partners in lifetime (0=unknown, 1=0, 2=1, 3=2 to 10, 4=11 to 20, 5=21 to 50, 6=51 to 100, 7=more than 100)

21) Pornography (0=unknown, 1=writer or creator, 2=child participant or performer, 3=adult participant or performer, 4=audience or enjoyer, 5=avoider)

22) Rape (0=unknown, 1=rapist, 2=rape victim, 3=victim of attempted rape)

Sexual Activity level

23) 0=unknown, 1=once per, 2=twice per, 3=three or more times per;

24) 0=unknown, 1=day, 2=week, 3=month, 4=year)

25) (given rate is: 1=consistent, 2=episodic)

26) Peak decade of sexuality: 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, 71-80.

27) Sexual Dysfunctions (see DSM III)

Sexually repressed behavior

28) (0=unknown, 1=by own choice, 2=forced)

29) (scale: 0=unknown, 1=always, 2=sometimes, 3=never)

30) Sexual-Social behavior (0=unknown, 1=transvestism, 2=exhibitionism, 3=flashing, 4=nudism, 5=streaking, 6=voyeurism, 7=verbal, 8=obscene caller)

31) Sexual Style (0=unknown, 1=straight, 2=fetishism, 3=Sado-Masochism, 4=prostitute, 5=sex surrogate, 6=celibate, 7=incest, 8=menage a trois, 9=orgies, 10=sex clubs, 11=mate swapping, 12=other)

Venereal Diseases

32) (Kind: 0=unknown, 1=none, 2=gonnorhea, 3=syphillus, 4=herpes A, 5=herpes B, 6=venereal warts, 7=other)

33) (Curability: 0=unknown, 1=cured, 2=incurable)

34) (Infections and Infestations: 0=unknown, 1=yeast infections, 2=other infections, 3=crabs, 4=lice, 5=vaginitis, 6=trichamonas)


Adult relationship with parents

1) (quality: 0=unknown, 1=pleasant, 2=average, 3=stimulating, 4=hostile)

2) (quantity: 0=unknown, 1=live with, 2=see daily, 3=weekly, 4=monthly, 5=yearly, 6=once per decade)

Adult relationship with siblings

3) quality

4) quantity

5) Enemies (number, intensity, field: business, family, personal)


6) (close: 0=unknown, 1=none, 2=few, 3=many;

7) casual: 0=unknown, 1=none, 2=few, 3=many)

(scales from 0 to 3:

8) easy to make-hard to make

9) long time-short time)

10) (area met: 0=unknown, 1=business, 2=bars, 3=meetings, 4=neighborhood, 5=social event, 6=groups, 7=mutual acquaintances)

11) Home (0=unknown, 1=own, 2=rent, 3=build, 4=boarding, 5=multiple homes) ??????

12-15) Home environment (urban-rural, etc.--see childhood home environment)


16) (1, 2, many)

17) (distance: 0=unknown, 1=same neighborhood, 2=same city,

3=same state/region, 4=same country, 6=same continent, 7=farther)

18) (ease: 0=unknown, 1-3 = easy to hard to make move & to

adjust to new location)


19) (scales from 0 to 3: short-long; few-many)

20) (nature: 0=unknown, 1=business, 2=pleasure, 3=family, 4=military, 5=mixed)

Marital Status

21) (status: 0=unknown, 1=never married, 2=in first marriage, 3=in second marriage, 4=in third or later marriage, 5=separated, 6=formerly married (divorced or widowed), 7=POSSLQ (Person of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters), 8=PSSSLQ (Person of Same Sex Sharing Living Quarters), 9=long term roommate (non-sexual relationship), 10=bigamist or more)

22) (Unusual features: 0=unknown, 1=financial, 2=sexual, 3=abuse, 4=race, 5=religion, 6=age or status differences)

23-28) Lengths of 6 major relationships/marriages in months. (or years)

29) Conception: see birth for coding details

30) Donor parent (0=unknown, 1=sperm donor, 2=egg donor, 3=host mother, 4=cell donor=clone)

The following are given for up to 6 children:

31-36) ID if also in the data base

37-42) Pregnancies: see birth for coding details

43-48) Labor (0=unknown, 1=short, 2=average, 3=long)

49-54) Deliveries (match to 2/4) (0=unknown, 1=normal, 2=complications, 3=father involved, 4=induced labor, 5=caesarean, 6=natural childbirth, 7=in water, )


55-60) Kind: 0=unknown, 1=live, 2=still, 3=miscarriage, 4=spontaneous abortion, 5=induced abortion, 6=premature, 7=infant death

61-66) Place: 0=unknown, 1=home, 2=hospital, 3=other

67) How many Births (not same as how many live children)

68-72) Number of daughters: born & living; full, step, foster.

73-77) Number of sons: born & living; full, step, foster.

78) Child custody (0=unknown, 1=no problems, 2=kept custody at split, 3=lost custody to spouse, 4=lost custody to state, 5=lost custody [other], 6=share custody, 7=gain custody of other's, 8=put out for adoption)

79) Children: Kind (0=unknown, 1=adopted, 2=step, 3=own, 4=just living there, 5=foster)

80) Children: distinctions, disgraces, traumas?

81-83) Children: healthy-unhealthy, handicapped-normal, need extra care? (area: 1=mental, 2=emotional, 3=physical)

How close or frequent is relationship to adult children?

84) (0=unknown, 1=live with, 2=see daily, 3=weekly, 4=monthly, 5=yearly, 6=once per decade)

85) (quality: 0=unknown, 1=pleasant, 2=average, 3=stimulating, 4=hostile)

86) How long did children live in home (number of years)

87) Loss of children (0=unknown, 1=none, 2=death, 3=divorce custody, 4=unfit parent, 5=institutionalized child, 6=to care of relatives, 7=abandoned, 8=sold, 9=stolen, 10=estranged)


Relations with children

88) (best time: 0=unknown, 1=babies, 2=adolescents, 3=adults;

89) kind: 0=unknown, 1=positive, 2=neutral, 3=adversary;

90) cohesion: 0=unknown, 1=mutual support & interaction, 2=isolation & mutual exclusion;

91) favoritism: 0=unknown, 1=positively favor one or more children, 2=impartial, 3=negatively favor one or more children)

92) Relationship Data in BIO (flag)

Social activity

93) (0-3 scale: low-sporadic-high;

94) preponderant kind: 0=unknown, 1=family, 2=friends, 3=1 to 1 opposite sex, 4=1 to 1 same sex, 5=business, 6=groups-clubs, 7=civic;

95) manner: 0=unknown, 1=food, 2=meetings, 3=movies, 4=sports, 5=games;

96) mode: 0=unknown, 1=participant, 2=observer, 3=instigator)

Who do you relate best to:

97) (0=unknown, 1=babies, 2=children, 3=adolescents, 3=adults)

(or under 3, 3-6, 6-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 50+)

98) (0=unknown, 1=same sex, 2=opposite sex, 3=both, 4=neither)

Later life circumstances

99) (0=unknown, 1=keep working, 2=retire;

100) age of formal retirement

101) age of stopping productive work

102) 0=unknown, 1=live in same home, 2=retirement home, 3=different home;

103) 0=unknown, 1=live with relatives, 2=not with relatives;

several 0-3 scales:

104) senile-OK-alert;

105) poor-OK-well off;

106) productive-idle)



1) (0=unknown, 1=none, 2=theft, 3=murder, 4=arson, 5=rape, 6=civic-political)

2) (0=unknown, 1=episodic, 2=continuous)

3) (0=unknown, 1=got caught, 2=got away)

4) First Job (using Mensa occupation codes)

+ date

5) Income History (1=steady, 2=steady rise, 3=fluctuating, 4=extreme changes)

6) Financial Loss (0=unknown, 1=none, 2=insignificant, 3=through extravagence, 4=through theft, 5=bankruptcy, 6=loans, 7=investments, 8=children)

7) Income/Socio-economic level (0=unknown, 1=poverty, 2=low-middle, 3=high-middle, 4=high, 5=wealthy)

8) changes: 0=unknown, 1=none, 2=up, 3=down

Main Income Source

9) (0=unknown, 1=government employment, 2=private employment, 3=self employment, 4=partner/spouse, 5=parents, 6=inheritance, 7=allowance, 8=relief/aid, 9=disability, 10=investments,

11=ownership of business, 12=ownership of property, 13=hobby)

10) (duration this has been source)

11) Assets (0=unknown, 1=personal of business property, 2=stocks and bonds, 3=hard assets/tangibles/collectibles, 4=automobile(s), 5=savings/cash, 6=insurance)

12) Other Income Sources (dated)

13) Peak amount (dated)

Legal System

14) (0=unknown, 1=convicted, 2=prison, 3=in court cases, 4=frequent litigation, 5=probation, 6=general hassles with law, 7=exonerated)

15) (trials: 0=unknown, 1=none, 2=judge, 3=jury)

16) (time period: 0=unknown, 1=episodic, 2=pre 20, 3=20 to 30, 4=30 to 40, 5=40 to 50, 6=over 50)

Military Service

17) (0=unknown, 1=honorable service, 2=dishonorable, 3=resisted, 4=active fighting, 5=wounded, 6=POW, 7=killed in service, 8=none)

18) (1=drafted, 2=chose to serve)

19) (where: 0=unknown, 1=never left country, 2=overseas)

20) (rank: 0=unknown, 1=enlisted, 2=NCO, 3=officer)

21) Retirement plans (0=unknown, 1=none, 2=pension, 3=private, 4=inheritance)

22) Vocation: Work status code: 1=employed full time, 2=full time+part or full, 3=full time+student, 4=part time, 5=employed part time+student, 6=unemployed-not seeking employment, 7=unemployed-seeking employment, 8=homemaker, 9=retired, 10=disabled, 11=student, 12=in and out of jobs, 13=frequently changing jobs (details in BIO), 14=self-employed, 15=executive, 16=other.

23) Occupation code from Mensa list.

Vocation is:

24) 1=job, 2=career.

25) Personally satisfying: 1=high, 2=medium, 3=low.

26) Intent: 1=stepping stone, 2=means, 3=end in self.

27) Vocation importance/interest: 1=high, 2=moderate, 3=low.

28) Avocation importance/interest: 1=high, 2=moderate, 3=low.

29) Life work is: 1=vocation, 2=avocation.

30) Main source of income is: 1=vocation, 2=avocation.

31-36) Jobs held for 10 years or more

(3 occupation codes)

(lengths of all 3 jobs).

37) Current job (occupation code)

Job status

38) (0=unknown, 1=employee/worker, 2=supervisor, 3=manager, 4=director, 5=president, 6=owner)

39) (0=unknown, 1=average job, 2=unusual job)

40) Co-Workers (0=unknown, 1=none, 2=one, 3=two, 4=under ten, 5=many)

41) (0=unknown, 1=agreeable, 2=neutral, 3=disagreeable)

42) Work environment (0=unknown, 1=home, 2=office, 3=factory, 4=outside)


43) 0=unknown, 1=safe, 2=so-so, 3=dangerous;

44) Emphasis: 0=unknown, 1=mental, 2=physical, 3=skilled labor or craft;

45) Comfort: 0=unknown, 1=comfortable, 2=so-so, 3=uncomfortable)

46) Awards/Honors/Medals (1=Nobel-Peace, 2=Nobel-Chemistry, 3=Nobel-Physics, 4=Nobel-Physiology & Medicine, 5=Nobel-Literature, 6=Nobel-Economics, 7=Pulitzer, 8=Medal of Honor, 9=Oscar, 10=Tony, 11=Grammy, 12=Emmy, 13=Sports awards, 14=Civic awards, 15=Professional, 16=Beauty, 17=Games & Competitions, 18=Arts & Crafts, 19=Skills, 20=Multiple, 21=Other)

47) Who's Who listings (0=unknown, 1=one, 2=two, 3=many)

Accomplishments and life theme

48) (0=unknown, 1=nothing special, 2=pioneer, 3=inventor, 4=adventurer, 5=renaissance person, 6=career, 7=home & family, 8=other)

49) (exceptional in career, exceptional in hobby)

50) work is home?

51) barter?


1) Body control/fakir/tantra: (0=unknown, 1=fire walk, 2=lie on bed of nails, 3=needles without bleeding, 4=stop and start heart, 5=control temperature, 6=other)

2) Conversions (0=unknown, 1=one, 2=two, 3=many)

(date of first)

3) Entities met (0=unknown, 1=none, 2=familiar, 3=succubus, 4=incubus, 5=demon, 6=angel, 7=other subhuman, 8=other superhuman)

4) Follower of: 0=unknown, 1=philosophy, 2=politics, 4=guru, 5=personal ideals, 6=union line, 7=experimental method.


5) Subject: 0=unknown, 1=healer, 2=healed, 3=self-healer;

6) Credit given: 0=unknown, 1=self, 2=energy fields, 3=group, 4=god;

7) Mode: 0=unknown, 1=laying on of hands, 2=psychic surgury, 3=distant, 4=mass meeting, 5=evangelical/induction [triggered self-heal], 6=gadgets)


8) 0=unknown, 1=good subject, 2=resistant, 3=hypnotist;

9) Use: 0=unknown, 1=self-help, 2=entertainment, 3=counseling, 4=behavior modification, 5=seduction)

10) Kind of faith (0=unknown, 1=no religion, 2=constant faith, 3=convert, 4=lost faith, 5=found faith in revelation)

11) Life Crises (crisis types: 1=health, 2=legal, 3=financial, 4=relationship-sex, 5=spiritual, 6=emotional)



12) (0=unknown, other numbers=1 to 5 times per:

13) 1=day, 2=week, 3=month, 4=year, 5=decade, 6=never)

14) Mystical experiences (0=unknown, 1=none, 2=one, 3=few, 4=intermittent, 5=regular)

15) Peak experiences (0=unknown, 1=never, 2=natural, 3=discipline induced, 4=drug induced, 5=fasting induced, 6=sought but not reached)

16) Date of first mystical or peak experience. Date of strongest (most important).

17) Past life recall (0=unknown, 1=none, 2=natural, 3=induced)

Psychic ability

18) 0=unknown, 1=occasional, 2=regular, 3=always;

19) 0=unknown, 1=accurate, 2=so-so, 3=poor;

20) 0=unknown, 1=for self, 2=for friends, 3=profession

21) Psychic Ability Type (0=unknown, 1=hunch, 2=dreams, 3=with focus [crystal ball, pendulum, etc], 4=out of body, 5=proximity sensing, 6=telepathy, 7=precognition, 8=psychokinesis, 9=clairvoyance, 10=clairaudience, 11=psychometry, 12=levitation, 13=apportation, 14=obsession/possession, 15=psychic entities, 16=poltergeist, 17=haunted house, 18=trance medium, 19=automatic writing, 20=billet reading, 21=retrocognition, 22=xenotelepathy, 23=manifesting extoplasm, 24=voices, 25=pyrokinesis)

Religious affiliation

22) 0=unknown, 1=none, 2=athiest, 3=agnostic, 4=humanist, 5=Catholic, 6=Protestant, 7=other Christian, 8=Jew, 9=Moslem, 10=Hindu, 11=Buddhist, 12=Bahai, 13=Sufi, 14=pantheist, 15=nature worship, 16=mother/earth goddess, 17=Satanist, 18=accepts all, 19=other

23) subcategory: 0=unknown, 1=orthodox, 2=reformed, 3=liberal

24) Peak/religious/mystical experiences (0=unknown, 1=speaking in tongues, 2=translating tongues, 3=stigmata, 4=prophesy, 5=samadhi, 6=numinous experience, 7=other)

25) Religious observance (0=unknown, 1=consistent, 2=occasional, 3=holy days only, 4=lip service, 5=pay no attention)

26) Religious-sexual link (0=unknown, 1=celibate, 2=mystical ecstacy, 3=entities)

27) Religious strength (0=unknown, 1=doubting, 2=unsure, 3=steady, 4=fanatical, 5=evangelical, 6=proselytizing, 7=monk like-strong but not pushy)

28) Self-esteem (0=unknown, 1=high, 2=middle, 3=low)

29) Source of faith (0=unknown, 1=parent(s), 2=spouse, 3=religious leader, 4=other person, 5=holy book, 6=other written source, 7=personal experience)

Political attitudes:

30) Party affiliation: 0=unknown, 1=Democrat, 2=Republican, 3=Independent, 4=Libertarian, 5=Peace & Freedom, 6=Democratic-Republican, 7=Whig, 8= . . . foreign . . .

Liberal to conservative on 5 point scale:

31) Social issues

32) Economic issues

33) Military issues

34) Scale indifferent 1 to active 5


This section still needs to be fully defined. None of the members of the group working in Los Angeles felt familiar enough with medicine or medical astrology completely establish these categories. The following list of topics includes areas we have so far thought of. In each area we would like to use ICD codes as much as possible. Please help with this section!


Childhood diseases



Eye diseases

Medical Peculiarities

Miscellaneous Medical

Far from physical norm

Parts missing at birth

Physical health

Resistance & Recuperative power



Mental Health


Select 10 "most important" life events. Code with numbering system of data base (e.g. 5/2 or 6/6).


DSM=Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

ICD=International Classification of Diseases.

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