Life Extension in F&SF

Mark Pottenger


This is a list of F&SF books I could think of on the theme of life extension.

Binder, Eando: Anton York, Immortal: elixir that revs up radiogenic receivers in cells.

Blish, James: cities in flight series: anti-agathic (anti-death) drugs.

Bunch & Cole: Sten series: eternal emperor with backup bodies receiving current data.

Butler, Octavia: patternist series: vampiric spirit take-over of new bodies.

Clarke, Arthur C.: “Death and the Senator”: secret program.

Dalmas, John: Yngling series: psionic takeover/transfer.

Duncan, Dave: Strings: organages growing clones for rich/powerful/ruthless.

Haldeman, Joe: The Long Habit of Living (Buying Time): expensive treatments.

Heinlein, Robert A.: future history: Howard Families (humans bred for longevity) & extensive research into transfusions, transplants & cloned parts.

High, Philip E.: Reality Forbidden: medical treatments from Supreme + same results from dream machine.

Kenyon, Sherrilyn: Dark Hunter series: Dark Hunters lifespan bestowed by goddess, Apollites stealing souls, were creatures from magical melding.

Laumer, Keith: A Trace of Memory: race that regenerates but needs offline memory.

McIntosh, J. T.: Flight from Rebirth: treatments turn old into new teen without memories.

Niven, Larry: A World Out of Time: special teleport booth that teleports accumulated junk out of cells.

Niven, Larry: known space series: organ bank period; artificial living organs; boosterspice longevity drug.

Pierce, John R.: “Invariant”: short story, perfect repair treatment also stops brain changes.

Rackham, John: Time to Live: transfer soul & memory to young body.

Smith, Edward E.: Masters of Space: replace carbon with silicon & fluorine (plus other modifications to eat radiation).

Spinrad, Norman: Bug Jack Barron: organs harvested from the poor.

Turtledove, Harry: Noninterference: unintentional effect of medicine.

Van Vogt, A. E.: Null-A series: backup bodies passively receiving from active.

Vinge, Vernor: True Names: copy memories to network.

Wagner, Karl Edward: Kane series: curse?

Watt-Evans, Lawrence: With a Single Spell: unintentional effect of magic spell.

Weber, David: Mutineer’s Moon trilogy: augmentation with biotechnics.

Weber, David: Honor Harrington series: deliberate mutations, “prolong” treatment.

Weber, David: The Apocalypse Troll: Methuselah symbiote.

Wilson, F. Paul: Healer: body invaded by psionic symbiont/symbiote.

Zelazny, Roger: This Immortal: mutation?

Copyright © 2006 Mark Pottenger

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