Science Fiction Romances and Romantic Science Fiction

Mark Pottenger

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This is a list I maintained for several years back when Science Fiction Romances and Romantic Science Fiction were rarer sub-genres that took some hunting. I stopped maintaining the list when it got pretty long and the sub-genres were no longer hard to find.

I read F&SF (fantasy and science fiction) for about 20 years before I ever read romances. Many F&SF stories include a strong romance element. Many (but not all) of my favorite F&SF stories are those in which the boy and girl (or equivalent) find each other and have a HEA ending. HEA is not part of the definition of the F&SF genre, but is a strong part of my story preference. One interesting theme: several of Philip E. High’s books have people with an ability to recognize their perfect mate. Below are a few titles published as fantasy or science fiction that I think romance readers might enjoy (though I am willing to be corrected since I picked these from memory). Almost none of these books have a 50% Romance Quotient, so don’t bother with them if you absolutely require a higher Romance Quotient.

I never even saw a science fiction romance (SFR) until after I started reading romances--the F&SF stores I went to generally didn’t carry SFR books. Many early SFR books that I read struck me as just OK romances and poor to fair as F&SF. [2009 note: the general quality of the world-building in SFR improved considerably over several years.] Castle’s (JAK) Amaryllis / Zinnia / Orchid trilogy is above the average of the field on both sides. I classify time travel romances (TTR) as a subset of SFR since time travel is an F&SF staple. Most TTR books are very weak as SF, with no attempt to create a believable mechanism for the time travel. Some angel romances (e.g., Angel for Hire and Errant Angel by Justine Davis) are actually SFR because the “angels” are explained in a science fictional (rather than religious) framework. With all of these sub-genres, I have found some very good books amidst the chaff. It always comes back to the fundamental: the author’s skill.

March 1999 PS

I recently reread Castle’s (JAK) Amaryllis / Zinnia / Orchid trilogy. On this reading I am inclined to give each of the first two books a couple stars for humor. When I wrote my humor column I had not given either any stars. Part of the change is familiarity--the world is now quite familiar from the first reading. Part of the change relates to a language issue. In my first reading I thought at first that the names of local flora and fauna were unimaginative because the style of naming (all names are hyphenates of two names from Earth) was not like that in most SF. Somewhere in that first reading I finally realized that JAK was actually using the language of naming as a reminder of the nature of the planet--she was being clever rather than unimaginative and I had been slow on the uptake. That belated realization significantly changed my reading experience, including letting me see more humor.

Consolidation 2001-2009

I have saved postings from occasional RSF/SFR (Romantic Science Fiction/Science Fiction Romance) threads on message boards or email lists, so this set of lists is a composite of many people’s tastes, far beyond the initial list from my memory of stories read. I have not yet read a lot of these. The lists below are an attempt to summarize, with titles filled in where I could find info beyond the original posts.

This first section is F&SF books that include substantial romance. Note that the romance level can be inconsistent with books in a series.

Anthony, Piers

-Most Xanth books include a Young Adult romance element and many puns.

--A Spell For Chameleon

--The Source Of Magic

--Castle Roogna

--Centaur Aisle

--Ogre, Ogre

--Night Mare

--Dragon On A Pedestal

--Crewel Lye

--Golem In The Gears

--Vale Of The Vole

--Heaven Cent

--Man From Mundania

--Isle Of View

--Question Quest

--The Color Of Her Panties

--Demons Don't Dream

--Letters To Jenny

--Harpy Thyme

--Geis Of The Gargoyle

--Roc And A Hard Place

--Yon Ill Wind

--Faun And Games

--Zombie Lover

--Xone Of Contention

--The Dastard

--Swell Foop

--Up in a Heaval

--Cube Route

--Currant Events

--Pet Peeve

--Stork Naked

--Air Apparent

--Two to the Fifth

--Jumper Cable

--Knot Gneiss

--Well-Tempered Clavicle

--Luck of the Draw

--Esrever Doom

--Board Stiff

--Five Portraits

--Isis Orb

--Ghost Writer in the Sky

-Incarnations of Immortality

--On a Pale Horse

--Bearing an Hourglass

--With a Tangled Skein

--Wielding a Red Sword

--Being a Green Mother

--For Love of Evil

--And Eternity

Asaro, Catherine: all


--Primary Inversion

--Catch the Lightning

--The Last Hawk

--The Radiant Seas

--Ascendant Sun

--The Quantum Rose

--Spherical Harmonic

--The Moon’s Shadow



--The Final Key

--The Ruby Dice

--Diamond Star



--The Veiled Web

--The Phoenix Code

Ashwell, Pauline

--Unwillingly To Earth

Ball, Margaret




Berg, Carol





Bertin, Joanne


--The Last Dragonlord

--Dragon and Phoenix

Blake, Katherine

--The Interior Life

Bradley, Marion Zimmer

-Darkover series

--The Bloody Sun

--City Of Sorcery

--The Dark Intruder / Falcons Of Narabedla


--Darkover Landfall

--The Forbidden Tower


--The Heritage Of Hastur

--The Planet Savers / The Sword Of Aldones

--Sharra's Exile

--The Heirs Of Hammerfell

--The Shattered Chain

--The Spell Sword

--Star Of Danger


--Thendara House

--The Winds Of Darkover

--The World Wreckers

--Exile's Song

--The Shadow Matrix

--Traitor’s Sun

--The Alton Gift (by Bradley and Deborah J. Ross)


--Mists of Avalon

Bradley, Marion Zimmer (editor)

-Sword & Sorceress anthologies

Bradley, Marion Zimmer and Lisle, Holly



--In the Rift: Glenraven II

Bradshaw, Gillian

--The Wolf Hunt

Brewer, Sandra

--Murder for Beltene (fantasy/mystery)

Briggs, Patricia




--Steal the Dragon

--When Demons Walk

-Mercy Thompson + a-o series

--Moon Called

--Blood Bound

--Alpha and Omega (story in On the Prowl anthology)

--Iron Kissed

--Cry Wolf

--Bone Crossed

--Hunting Ground

--Silver Borne

--River Marked

--Fair Game

--Frost Burned

--Night Broken

--Dead Heat

--Fire Touched

--Silence Fallen

--Burn Bright

--Storm Cursed

Brin, David

--The Practice Effect

Brunner, John

--The Shockwave Rider

Brust, Steven

-Vlad Taltos series
















Brust, Steven and Bull, Emma

--Freedom & Necessity

Bujold, Lois McMaster


--Shards Of Honor


--. . . (Miles V. has a frustrating love life for several books.)


--A Civil Campaign

--Diplomatic Immunity

--Winterfair Gifts (wedding story in Irresistible Forces anthology)


--The Curse of Chalion

--Paladin of Souls

--The Hallowed Hunt

-The Sharing Knife series





Bull, Emma

--War for the Oaks

Caine, Rachel

-Weather Wardens series

--Ill Wind

--Heat Stroke

--Chill Factor



--Thin Air

--Gale Force


--Cape Storm

Card, Orson Scott

-Alvin Maker series

--Seventh Son

--Red Prophet

--Prentice Alvin

--Alvin Journeyman


--Grinning Man (short story in Keeper of Dreams anthology)

--The Crystal City

Carey, Jacqueline

-Kushiel series

--Kushiel’s Dart

--Kushiel’s Chosen

--Kushiel’s Avatar

--Kushiel’s Scion

--Kushiel’s Justice

--Kushiel’s Mercy

Cherryh, C. J.


--Gate of Ivrel

--Well of Shiuan

--Fires of Azeroth

--Exile's Gate


--Merchanter's Luck


Chester, Deborah


--The Sword

--The Ring

--The Chalice

Cooper, Louise

-Time Master Trilogy

--The Initiate

--The Outcast

--The Master

Cowper, Richard

--The Road To Corlay


--The Cruachan and the Killane

--The Golden Olive

--Manalacor of Veltakin

(These three actually feel more like SFR to me, even though they came out as SF many years ago.)

Czerneda, Juile E.


--A Thousand Words for Stranger

--Ties of Power

--To Trade the Stars

-web shifters series

--Beholder’s Eye

--Changing Vision

--Hidden in Sight

Dalmas, John

--The Lion of Farside

--The Varkaus Conspiracy

--The Walkaway Clause

Dayton, Gail

-series (be warned that the main character enters into a group marriage)

--The Compass Rose

--The Barbed Rose

--The Eternal Rose

Dean, Pamela

--Tam Lin

Douglass, Sara


--Battle Axe

--The Wayfarer Redemption






Doyle, Debra and Macdonald, James D.

-(authors were mentioned without specific titles)

Driver, Lee


--The Good Die Twice

--Full Moon-Bloody Moon

Duane, Diane

--The Door into Fire

Duncan, Dave

-A Man of His Word Series (the hero goes through a LOT of Hell; god candidate school is tough)

--Magic Casement

--Faery Lands Forlorn

--Perilous Seas

--Emperor And Clown



Edwards, Claudia J.

--Bright and Shining Tiger

--A Horsewoman In Godsland

--Taming the Forest King

Egan, Doris


--The Gate Of Ivory

--Two-Bit Heroes

--Guilt-Edged Ivory

Eisenstein, Phyllis

--Sorcerer's Son

--The Crystal Palace

--The City in Stone

Elliott, Kate

-Jaran series


--An Earthly Crown

--His Conquering Sword

--The Law of Becoming

Fallon, Jennifer

-titles not specified

Fancher, Jane

-Ring of Destiny series

--Ring of Lightning

--Ring of Intrigue

--Ring of Destiny

Finney, Jack


--Time and Again

--From Time to Time

Flewelling, Lynn

-Tamir trilogy

--The Bone Doll’s Twin

--Hidden Warrior

--The Oracle’s Queen

Flint, Eric

--1632 (This was originally standalone but gave birth to a universe and many sequels. There are often romantic threads but they are not the main focus.)

Forsyth, Kate


--The Witches of Eileanan

--The Pool of Two Moons

--The Cursed Towers

--The Forbidden Land

--The Skull of the World

--The Fathomless Caves

Foster, Alan Dean

--The I Inside

Frezza, Robert

--McLendon's Syndrome

Friesner, Esther M.

--Harlot's Ruse

Gaiman, Neil



Gellis, Roberta

--Bull God

Gentle, Mary

-titles not specified

Goldman, William

--The Princess Bride

Goodkind, Terry

-Sword of Truth Series

--Wizard’s First Rule

--Stone of Tears

--Blood of the Fold

--Temple of the Winds

--Soul of the Fire

--Faith of the Fallen

--The Pillars of Creation

--Naked Empire




--The Omen Machine

--The Third Kingdom

--Severed Souls


Green, Sharon










Greeno, Gayle

-Ghatti series

--Finders, Seekers

--Mind-Speakers' Call

--Exiles' Return

--Sunderlies Seeking

--The Farthest Seeking

Grimwood, Ken


Hambly, Barbara: Most by her




--Knight Of The Demon Queen

-Sun Wolf series

--The Ladies of Mandrigyn

--The Witches of Wenshar

--The Dark Hand of Magic


--The Silent Tower

--The Silicon Mage

--Dog Wizard

--Stranger at the Wedding

-Darwath series

--The Time of the Dark

--The Walls of Air

--The Armies of Daylight

--Icefalcon’s Quest

--Mother of Winter


--Those Who Hunt the Night

--Traveling with the Dead


--Bride of the Rat God

Harris, Charlaine

-Sookie Stackhouse series

--Dead Until Dark

--Living Dead in Dallas

--Club Dead

--Dead to the World

--Fairy Dust (story in Powers of Detection anthology & A Touch of Dead)

--One Word Answer (story in Bite anthology & A Touch of Dead)

--Dead as a Doornail

--Definitely Dead

--All Together Dead

--Dracula Night (story in Many Bloody Returns anthology & A Touch of Dead)

--From Dead to Worse

--Dead and Gone

--A Touch of Dead (collection: Luck, Gift Wrap, Fairy Dust, One Word Answer, Dracula Night)

--Dead in the Family

--Dead Reckoning


--Dead Ever After

--After Dead

Haydon, Elizabeth


Heinlein, Robert A.

-Many of his books include a romance thread.

--Beyond This Horizon

--The Cat Who Walks Through Walls

--The Door Into Summer

--Double Star

--Time Enough for Love

Hickman, Tracy and Weis, Margaret

-Rose of the Prophet trilogy

--The Will of the Wanderer

--The Paladin of the Night

--The Prophet of Akhran

High, Philip E.

-Many of his books include a romance thread.

--Invader On My Back

--The Prodigal Sun

--Reality Forbidden

--These Savage Futurians

--Twin Planets

Hobb, Robin

-Liveship trilogy

--Ship of Magic

--Mad Ship

--Ship of Destiny

Holt, Tom

--Expecting Someone Taller

Huff, Tanya

-Quarter series

--Sing the Four Quarters

--Fifth Quarter

--No Quarter

--The Quartered Sea


--Summon the Keeper

--The Second Summoning

--Long Hot Summoning

James, Roby




Jones, Diana Wynne

-series (YA)

--Howl's Moving Castle

--Castle in the Air

--House of Many Ways


--Fire and Hemlock

Kay, Guy Gavriel

-Fionavar Tapestry series

--The Summer Tree

--The Wandering Fire

--The Darkest Road


--Lions of Al-Rassan

--A Song for Arbonne

--Tigana (has romantic love story with an unhappy end)

Kennealy (Kennealy-Morrison), Patricia

-Keltiad series

--The Silver Branch

--The Copper Crown

--The Throne of Scone


Keyes, J. Gregory

-Age of Unreason series

--Newton's Cannon

--A Calculus of Angels

--Empire of Unreason

--The Shadows of God

Klause, Annette Curtis

--Blood and Chocolate

Kress, Nancy

--The White Pipes

Kurtz, Katherine

-Deryni series

--Camber Of Culdi

--Saint Camber

--Camber The Heretic

--Deryni Rising

--Deryni Checkmate

--High Deryni

--The Bishop's Heir

--The King's Justice

--The Deryni Archives

--The Quest For Saint Camber

--The Harrowing Of Gwynedd

--King Javan's Year

--The Bastard Prince

--Deryni Magic

Lackey, Mercedes

-Bardic Voices series

--The Lark & The Wren

--The Robin & The Kestrel

--The Eagle & The Nightingales

--Four & Twenty Blackbirds

-Valdemar books by Mercedes Lackey (There are many sub-series of Valdemar books. I have listed two below.)

-Arrows series

--Arrows Of The Queen

--Arrow's Flight

--Arrow's Fall

-Last Herald Mage trilogy

--Magic's Pawn

--Magic's Promise

--Magic's Price

-Diana Tregarde series

--Burning Water

--Jinx High

--Children Of The Night (has a great vampire/human romance in it; and the heroine is not only a private detective, but a romance novelist as well)

-Elemental Masters series

--The Fire Rose

--The Serpent’s Shadow

--The Gates of Sleep

--Phoenix and Ashes

--The Wizard of London

--Reserved for the Cat

--Unnatural Issue

--Home From the Sea


--Blood Red

--From a High Tower

--A Study in Sable

--A Scandal in Battersea

--The Bartered Brides

-500 kingdoms series

--The Fairy Godmother (wonderful)

--One Good Knight

--Fortune’s Fool

--The Snow Queen

--The Sleeping Beauty

--Beauty and the Werewolf

--A Tangled Web

Lee, Sharon and Miller, Steve

-Liad series (The first and third books are about one couple. There is also a lot of shoot-em-up action.)

--Agent of Change

--Conflict of Honors

--Carpe Diem

--Plan B

--Local Custom (parents of initial characters)

--Scout’s Progress (parents of initial characters)

--I Dare

--Crystal Soldier (ancestors)

--Crystal Dragon (ancestors)

--Fledgling (character from end of I Dare, but set earlier)


--Mouse and Dragon

--Ghost Ship

--Dragon Ship

--Necessity's Child

--Trade Secret

--Dragon in Exile

--Alliance of Equals

--The Gathering Edge


Lee, Tanith

--The Silver Metal Lover

Leinster, Murray

--Operation Terror

--The Pirates of Zan

--The Wailing Asteroid

Lichtenberg, Jacqueline

-sime/gen series

--House of Zeor

--Unto Zeor, Forever

--Mahogany Trinrose


Lichtenberg, Jacqueline and Lorrah, Jean

-sime/gen series

--First Channel

--Channel's Destiny

--Zelerod's Doom

Lisle, Holly


--Fire In The Mist

--Bones Of The Past

--Mind Of The Magic

Lorrah, Jean

-sime/gen series

--Ambrov Keon

MacAvoy, R. A.

--The Grey Horse

Marillier, Juliet

-titles not specified

Marston, Ann


--Cloudbearer’s Shadow

--King Of Shadows

--Sword And Shadow


--Kingmaker’s Sword

--The Western King

--The Broken Blade

Maxwell, Ann


--Fire Dancer

--Dancer's Luck

--Dancer's Illusion

McCaffrey, Anne

-The entire Dragonriders of Pern series






--The White Dragon

--Moreta: Dragonlady Of Pern

--Nerilka's Story


--The Renegades Of Pern

--All The Weyrs Of Pern

--The Chronicles Of Pern: First Fall

--The Girl Who Heard Dragons

--The Dolphins Of Pern


--The Masterharper Of Pern

--The Skies of Pern

-Rowan series

--To Ride Pegasus

--Pegasus in Flight

--Pegasus in Space

--The Rowan


--Damia's Children

--Lyon's Pride

--The Tower and the Hive

-Freedom series

--Freedom’s Landing

--Freedom’s Choice

--Freedom’s Challenge

--Freedom’s Ransom

-Crystal Singer Series

--Crystal Singer


--Crystal Line


--The Coelura


(Years ago I read that this was written as a response to helpless heroine books. The heroine is mostly very competent at answering the hero’s failings.)

--The Ship Who Sang

McCaffrey, Anne and McCaffrey, Todd

-Dragonriders of Pern series

--Dragon’s Kin

--Dragon’s Fire

--Dragon Harper

McCaffrey, Anne and Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann

-Pataybee series

--Powers That Be

--Power Lines

--Power Play



McCaffrey, Todd

-Dragonriders of Pern series



McIntyre, Vonda








McKillip, Patricia A.

-Riddle-Master of Hed series

--The Riddle-Master of Hed

--Heir of Sea and Fire

--Harpist in the Wind


--The Forgotten Beasts of Eld

McKinley, Robin

-most all of work


--The Blue Sword

--The Outlaws of Sherwood

Morressy, John

--A Voice for Princess (there are several sequels)

Niffenegger, Audrey

--The Time-Traveler’s Wife

Nix, Garth

-series (YA)




--Across the Wall (story collection)

Norman, Lisanne


--Turning Point

--Fortune's Wheel

--Fire Margins

--Razor's Edge

--Dark Nadir

--Stronghold Rising

--Between Darkness and Light

Norton, Andre

-Most of her books include a romance thread.

-Witch World series

--Witch World

--Web of the Witch World

--Three Against the Witch World

--Warlock of the Witch World

--Sorceress of the Witch World

--Year of the Unicorn

--Spell of the Witch World

--The Crystal Gryphon

--The Jargoon Pard

--Trey of Swords

--Zarsthor's Bane

--Lore of the Witch World

--Horn Crown

--Gryphon in Glory

--Ware Hawk

--The Gate of the Cat

--Four from the Witch World

--The Warding of Witch World

Pagliassotti, Dru

--Clockwork Heart

Patton, Fiona


--The Stone Prince

--The Painter Knight

--The Granite Shield

--The Golden Sword

Paxson, Diana

-titles not specified

Perry, Steve

-Matador series (There are several romances in this series, especially the last 3 books. The series is about bringing down an evil empire and the aftermath.)

--The Musashi Flex (generations-earlier prequel)

--The 97th Step (prequel/setup)


--The Man Who Never Missed

--The Machiavelli Interface

--The Albino Knife

--Black Steel

--Brother Death

Phillifent, John T.

--King of Argent

Pierce, Meredith Ann

--The Darkangel

Pierce, Tamora

-The Song of the Lioness (YA)

--Alanna: The First Adventure

--In the Hand of the Goddess

--The Woman Who Rides Like a Man

--Lioness Rampant

-The Immortals series (YA)

--Wild Magic

--Wolf Speaker

--The Emperor Mage

--Realms of the Gods

Pope, Elizabeth Marie

--The Perilous Gard

Powers, Tim

--The Anubis Gates

Rackham, John

--The Anything Tree

--Time to Live

Rawn, Melanie


--Dragon Prince

--The Star Scroll

--Sun-runner’s Fire


--The Dragon Token


Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson, and Kate Elliott

--The Golden Key

Reimann, Katya

-titles not specified

Riley Judith Merkle


--A Vision of Light

--In Pursuit of the Green Lion


--The Master of All Desires

--The Oracle Glass

--The Serpent Garden

Roberson, Jennifer

-Chronicles of the Cheysuli


--The Song of Homana

--Legacy of the Sword

--Track of the White Wolf

--A Pride of Princes

--Daughter of the Lion

--Flight of the Raven

--A Tapestry of Lions

-Tiger/Del series







Roessner, Michaela


--The Stars Dispose

--The Stars Compel

Routley, Jane


--Fire Angels

--Mage Heart

Russell, Sean

-Series (no romance, but there are ongoing relationships; be sure to read these in order!)

--Beneath the Vaulted Hills

--Compass of the Soul

Shinn, Sharon



--Jovah's Angel

--The Alleluia Files




--Heart of Gold

--Jenna Starborn

--The Shape-Changer's Wife

--Summers at Castle Auburn

--Wrapt in Crystal

Sinclair, Linnea


--Gabriel's Ghost

--Shades of Dark

--Hope's Folly

--Rebels and Lovers


--An Accidental Goddess

--The Down Home Zombie Blues

--Finders Keepers

--Games of Command

Slonczewski, Joan

--Brain Plague

Smith, Edward E.

-Almost all of “Doc” Smith’s books include a romance component, but there is also a lot of shoot-em-up.

-Skylark Series

--The Skylark Of Space

--Skylark Three

--Skylark Of Valeron

--Skylark Duquesne

-Subspace Series

--Subspace Explorers

--Subspace Encounter

-Lensman Series


--First Lensman

--Galactic Patrol

--Gray Lensman

--Second Stage Lensmen

--Children Of The Lens

--Masters Of The Vortex


--Masters Of Space

--Spacehounds of IPC

Smith, Sherwood


--Crown Duel

--Court Duel

Snyder, Maria V.

--Poison Study

--Magic Study

--Fire Study

Spencer, Wen

-Ukiah Oregon series (romantic subplot is slight)

--Alien Taste

--Tainted Trail

--Bitter Waters

--Dog Warrior



--Wolf Who Rules


--Wood Sprites

--Project Elfhome


--A Brother’s Price

Springer, Nancy

-Isles series

--The Black Beast

--The Golden Swan

--The Sable Moon

--The White Hart

--The Silver Sun


--The Book of Suns

Stackpole, Michael A.

-Star Wars X-wing Rogue Squadron series

--Rogue Squadron

--Wedge’s Gamble

--The Krytos Trap

--The Bacta War

Stasheff, Christopher

--The Warlock in Spite of Himself (there are many sequels)

Stevermer, C. J. (Caroline)

-the alchemist series (1400s):

--Death Of A Borgia

--The Duke And The Veil

Stevermer, Caroline and Wrede, Patricia C.

-series (might be shelved in YA)

--Sorcery and Cecelia (Written as letters between two characters.)

--The Grand Tour

--The Mislaid Magician

Stewart, Mary

--Touch Not the Cat

Sumner, Mark


--Devil's Tower

--Devil’s Engine

Tarr, Judith

-The Hound and the Falcon trilogy

--The Isle of Glass

--The Golden Horn

--The Hounds of God


--Throne of Isis

Taylor, L. A.

--The Blossom of Erda

Tyers, Kathy

--The Truce at Bakura (Star Wars)

Viehl, S. L.



--Beyond Varallan



--Eternity Row

--Rebel Ice

--Plague of Memory

--Omega Games

Vinge, Joan

--The Snow Queen

Volsky, Paula


Waitman, Katie

--The Merro Tree

Weber, David

-The Honor Harrington books by David Weber are lighter on the romance and the focus is less on the male leads than on Honor herself (who is the very definition of kicking ass and taking names). If you're ever in an adventurous mood, I put these out as one of my favorite sci-fi series. [Note from Mark: I didn’t record who said this, but I agree.]

--On Basilisk Station

--The Honor of the Queen

--The Short Victorious War

--Field of Dishonor

--Flag in Exile

--Honor Among Enemies

--In Enemy Hands

--Echoes of Honor

--Ashes of Victory

--War of Honor

--The Shadow of Saganami

--At All Costs

--Storm From the Shadows

--Mission of Honor

--A Rising Thunder

--Shadow of Freedom

--Shadow of Victory

--Uncompromising Honor


--Mutineers' Moon

--The Armageddon Inheritance

--Heirs of Empire


--The Apocalypse Troll

Willis, Connie

--Doomsday Book

--To Say Nothing of the Dog

Wolverton, Dave

--The Courtship of Princess Leia (Star Wars)

Wrede, Patricia C.


--Mairelon the Magician

--Magician’s Ward

(The romance takes both books to get started. This would count as a sin if they were marketed as romances.)

Wurts, Janny

-Cycle of Fire trilogy


--Keeper of the Keys



--The Master of White Storm

--Sorcerer's Legacy

Zahn, Timothy

-Thrawn trilogy (Star Wars - just because they're awesome)

--Heir to the Empire

--Dark Force Rising

--The Last Command

I tried to separate dark fantasy books from other F&SF, but some of my categorizing may be wrong.

Armstrong, Kelley




--Dime Store Magic

--Industrial Magic


--Chaotic (story in Dates From Hell anthology)


--No Humans Involved

--Personal Demon

--Living With the Dead


Bacon-Smith, Carol


--Eye of the Daemon

--Eyes of the Empress

Banks, L. A.

[specific titles not mentioned]

[Note from Mark--the stories I've read are not romances, so be cautious.]

Bishop, Anne (all books, but the Dark Jewels series is the best)

-Black Jewel Trilogy + linked books

--Daughter of the Blood

--Heir to the Shadows

--Queen of the Darkness

--The Invisible Ring

--Dreams Made Flesh

--Tangled Webs

-the Others

--Written In Red

--Murder of Crows

--Vision In Silver

--Marked In Flesh

--Etched in Bone

Boyd, Donna


--The Passion

--The Promise

--The Alchemist

--The Awakening

Collins, Nancy

-Sonya Blue collection

--Sunglasses After Dark

--In the Blood

--Paint It Black

--The Darkest Heart

Green, Simon R.

-Nightside series (No romantic subplot. Lots of humor in these as well.)

--Something from the Nightside

--Agents of Light and Darkness

--Nightingale’s Lament

--Hex and the City

--Paths Not Taken

--Sharper than a Serpent’s Tooth

--Hell to Pay

--The Unnatural Inquirer

--Into the Nightside

--Haunting the Nightside

--The Dark Heart of the Nightside

--Just Another Judgement Day

--The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny

Hamilton, Laurell K.

-Anita Blake Series

--Guilty Pleasures

--The Laughing Corpse

--Circus of the Damned

--The Lunatic Café

--Bloody Bones

--The Killing Dance

--Burnt Offerings

--Blue Moon

--The Girl Who Was Infatuated With Death (story in Bite)

--Obsidian Butterfly

--Narcissus in Chains

--Cerulean Sins

--Incubus Dreams


--Danse Macabre

--Those Who Seek Forgiveness (story in Strange Candy)

--The Harlequin

--Blood Noir

--Skin Trade

-Meredith Gentry Series

--A Kiss of Shadows

--A Caress of Twilight

--Seduced by Moonlight

--A Stroke of Midnight

--Mistral’s Kiss

--A Lick of Frost

--Swallowing Darkness

--Divine Misdemeanors

Huff, Tanya

-Blood series

--Blood Price

--Blood Trail

--Blood Lines

--Blood Pact

--Blood Debt

McKinley, Robin


Rice, Anne

-Beauty series

--(The) Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

--Beauty’s Punishment

--Beauty’s Release

-Vampire series

--Interview With The Vampire

--The Vampire Lestat

--The Queen of the Damned

--The Tale of the Body Thief

--Memnoch the Devil

--Servant of the Bones


--The Vampire Armand

--Vittorio the Vampire


--Blood and Gold

--Blackwood Farm

--Blood Canticle


--Exit to Eden

--The Mummy

Sagara, Michelle

-Sundered series

--Into the Dark Lands

--Children of the Blood

--Lady of Mercy

--Chains of Darkness, Chains of Light

Saintcrow, Lilith

-Dante Valentine series

--Brother's Keeper (story in Hotter Than Hell anthology)

--Selene (sequel to BK/prequel to DV at authors web site)

[Note: Brother's Keeper and Selene are many years before DV. Selene is a secondary character in the DV books.]

--Working for the Devil

--Dead Man Rising

--The Devil's Right Hand

--Saint City Sinners

--To Hell And Back


--Steelflower (Samhain Publishing)

Sizemore, Susan


--The Hunt





Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn

-The St. Germaine novels

--Hotel Transylvania

--The Palace

--Path of the Eclipse

--Out of the House of Life

--Darker Jewels

--Better in the Dark

--The Vampire Stories

--Mansions of Darkness

--Writ in Blood

--Blood Roses

--Communion Blood

--Come Twilight

--A Feast in Exile

--Night Blooming

--Midnight Harvest

--Dark of the Sun

--States of Grace

--Roman Dusk

--Borne in Blood

--A Dangerous Climate

--Burning Shadows

Science Fictional or Paranormal Romance recommendations:

Adams, C. T. & Clamp, Cathy


--Hunter's Moon

--Moon's Web

--Captive Moon

--Howling Moon

--Moon's Fury

--Timeless Moon

--Cold Moon Rising


--Touch Of Evil

--Touch Of Madness

--Touch Of Darkness

Baker, Jeanette

--Irish Lady


Bangs, Nina


--Wicked Nights

--Wicked Pleasure

--Wicked Fantasy

--My Wicked Vampire

--Wicked Edge

--Wicked Whispers

--Wicked Memories

--Forever Wicked

Barry, C. J.

[specific titles not mentioned]

Bast, Anya

[specific titles not mentioned]

Bicos, Olga

--Wrapped in Wishes

Borchardt, Alice

--Silver Wolf

--Night Of The Wolf

Brook, Meljean


--Demon Angel

--Demon Moon

--Demon Night

--Demon Bound

--Demon Forged

--Demon Blood

--Demon Marked

--Guardian Demon

Byerly, Marilynn


--Time After Time

Cach, Lisa


--Come to Me

--Dream of Me


--A Babe in Ghostland

--The Changeling Bride

--Of Midnight Born

Cane, Nancy

--Keeper of the Rings

Carroll, Susan


--The Bride Finder

--The Night Drifter

--Midnight Bride


--Dark Queen

--The Courtesan

--The Silver Rose

--The Huntress

--Twilight of a Queen

Cast, P. C.

[specific titles not mentioned]

Castle, Jayne

-Psynergy series




-other “Curtain” stories

--Bridal Jitters (story in Charmed anthology)

--After Dark

--After Glow

--Ghost Hunter

--Silver Master

--Dark Light

--Obsidian Prey

--Midnight Crystal

--Canyons of Night

Chadwick, Veronica and Leigh, Lora

--B.o.b.'s Fall (Ellora’s Cave)

Cole, Kresley


--The Warlord Wants Forever (story in Playing Easy to Get anthology)

--A Hunger Like No Other

--No Rest for the Wicked

--Wicked Deeds On A Winter's Night

--Dark Needs At Night's Edge

--Dark Desires After Dusk

--Kiss of a Demon King

--Untouchable (story in Deep Kiss of Winter)

--Pleasure of a Dark Prince

--Demon from the Dark

--Dreams of a Dark Warrior


--Shadow's Claim


--Dark Skye

--Sweet Ruin

--Wicked Abyss

--Shadow's Seduction

Cullars, Sharon


Dane, Lauren

--Pack Enforcer

Davidson, MaryJanice

-Wyndham Werewolves series

--Love's Prisoner (story in Secrets Volume 6)

--Jared's Wolf (story in Secrets Volume 8 )

--Derik's Bane

--Dead And Loving It

--Opposites Attract (story in Over the Moon)

-Betsy series

--Undead And Unwed

--Dead Girls Don't Dance (story in Cravings)

--Undead And Unemployed

--Biting In Plain Sight (story in Bite)

--Undead And Unappreciated

--Undead And Unreturnable

--Undead And Unpopular

--Undead And Uneasy

--Undead And Unworthy

--Undead And Unwelcome

--Undead and Unfinished

--Undead and Undermined

--Undead and Unstable

--Undead and Underwater

--Undead and Unsure

--Undead and Unwary

--Undead and Unforgiven

--Undead and Done


Davis, Justine


--Angel for Hire

--Errant Angel


--Lord of the Storm

--The Skypirate

--The Kingbird

--Rebel Prince




Dawson, Saranne



--Crystal Enchantment

--The Enchanted Land

--From the Mist


--Heart of the Wolf

--The Magic of Two

--On Wings of Love

--Runaway Heart

--Secrets of the Wolf

--The Sorceress and the Savage

--Spell Bound


--Starlight, Starbright

Day, Alyssa

[specific titles not mentioned]

Deveraux, Jude

--A Knight in Shining Armor

Douglas, Kate

-Wolf Tales series

--Wolf Tales

--Chanku Rising (story)

--Wolf Tales II

--Wolf Tales III

--Chanku Fallen (story)

--Wolf Tales IV

--Chanku Journey (story)

--Wolf Tales V

--Chanku Destiny (story)

--Wolf Tales VI

--Chanku Wild (story)

--Wolf Tales VII

--Chanku Honor (story)

Feehan, Christine

-Carpathian series

--Dark Prince

--Dark Desire

--Dark Gold

--Dark Magic

--Dark Challenge

--Dark Fire

--Dark Dream (story in After Twilight anthology)

--Dark Legend

--Dark Guardian

--Dark Symphony

--Dark Descent (story in The Only One anthology)

--Dark Melody

--Dark Destiny

--Dark Hunger (story in Hot Blooded anthology)

--Dark Secret

--Dark Demon

--Dark Celebration

--Dark Possession

--Dark Curse

--Dark Slayer

--Dark Peril

--Dark Predator

--Dark Storm

--Dark Lycan

--Dark Wolf

--Dark Blood

--Dark Crime

--Dark Ghost

--Dark Promises

--Dark Carousel

--Dark Legacy

--Dark Sentinel

--Dark Illusion

-Leopard People series

--The Awakening (story in Fantasy anthology)

--Wild Rain

--Burning Wild

--Wild Fire

--Savage Nature

--Leopard's Prey

--Cat's Lair

--Wild Cat

--Leopard's Fury

--Leopard's Blood

--Leopard's Run

-Game series

--Shadow Game

--Mind Game

--Night Game

--Conspiracy Game

--Deadly Game

--Predatory Game

--Murder Game

--Street Game

--Ruthless Game

--Samurai Game

--Viper Game

--Spider Game

--Power Game

--Covert Game

--Toxic Game

Flanders, Rebecca


--Secret of the Wolf

--Wolf in Waiting

--Shadow of the Wolf

Flynn, Connie


--Shadow On The Moon

--Shadow Of The Wolf

Friberg, Cyndi

-Rebel Angels series (ebooks)

--Rage and Redemption

--Echoes and Embers

--Splendor and Darkness


--Born of the Shadows

Gabaldon, Diana

-Outlander series


--Dragonfly in Amber


--Drums of Autumn

--The Fiery Cross

--A Breath of Snow and Ashes

--An Echo in the Bone

Gellis, Roberta


--Dazzling Brightness

--Shimmering Splendor

--Enchanted Fire

Gelsi, Desiree

--Deadly Submission

--Sweet Submission

Grant, Susan


--The Star King

--The Star Prince

--The Star Princess

-2176 series

--The Legend of Banzai Maguire

--Day of Fire by Kathleen Nance

--The Shadow Runners by Liz Maverick

--The Power of Two by Patti O’Shea

--The Scarlet Empress


--Your Planet or Mine?

--My Favorite Earthling

--How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days


--The Warlord's Daughter




Graves, Paula


--Forbidden Territory

--Forbidden Temptation

Greyle, Katherine


Handeland, Lori


--Blue Moon

--Red Moon Rising (story in Stroke Of Midnight)

--Hunter's Moon

--Dark Moon

--Crescent Moon

--Midnight Moon

--Rising Moon

--Hidden Moon

--Thunder Moon

Hill, Sandra


--The Last Viking

--Truly, Madly Viking

--The Very Virile Viking

--Wet And Wild

--Hot And Heavy

--Rough And Ready

--Viking Unchained

Hodge, Colby


Holly, Emma


--Catching Midnight

--Hunting Midnight

--The Night Owl (story in Hot Blooded anthology)

--Courting Midnight

--Kissing Midnight

--Breaking Midnight

--Saving Midnight

--Devil at Midnight

--Angel at Dawn


--The Demon's Daughter

--Prince of Ice

--Demon's Fire

--The Assassins' Lover

Hooper, Kay

--The Matchmaker

--The Wizard of Seattle

Howard, Linda

--Dream Man

--Son of the Morning

Jackson, Melanie


Jones, Linda Winstead


--The Sun Witch

--The Moon Witch

--The Star Witch

--Prince of Magic

--Prince of Fire

--Prince of Swords

Joy, Dara


--Knight of a Trillion Stars


--Mine to Take

--That Familiar Touch

--Death by Ploot Ploot!

--Cat Scratched!


--Ritual of Proof

Kauffman, Donna

--The Royal Hunter

Kearney, Susan

[specific titles not mentioned]

Kenin, Eve




Kennedy, Kathryn

--Beneath the Thirteen Moons

Kenyon, Sherrilyn


--The Beginning (story on author’s web site and in Sins of the Night)

--Fantasy Lover

--Dragonswan (story in Tapestry anthology)

--Night Pleasures

--Night Embrace

--Phantom Lover (story in Midnight Pleasures anthology)

--Dance with the Devil

--Kiss of the Night

--Night Play

--Winter Born (story in Stroke of Midnight anthology)

--Seize the Night

--Sins of the Night

--Unleash the Night

--Dark Side of the Moon

--Until Death Do Us Part (story in Love at First Bite anthology)

--Fear the Darkness (story in ebook and audio format)

--The Dream Hunter

--Devil May Cry

--Upon the Midnight Clear

--Dream Chaser


--One Silent Night

--Dream Warrior

--Bad Moon Rising

--No Mercy


--The Guardian

--Time Untime


--Son of No One





Kinsale, Laura

--Midsummer Moon

Knight, Angela


--Seduction’s Gift (story in Hot Blooded anthology)

--Master of the Night

--Galahad (story in Bite anthology)

--Master of the Moon

--Master of Wolves

--Master of Swords

--Moon Dance (story in Over the Moon anthology)

--Master of Dragons

--Master of Fire

--Master of Smoke

--Master of Shadows

--Master of Darkness

--Master of Magic


--Jane's Warlord



Knight, Deidre

-Parellel Series

--Parallel Attraction

--Parallel Heat

--Parallel Seduction

--Parallel Desire

Krentz, Jayne Ann


--Gift of Gold

--Gift of Fire

Krinard, Susan


--Call Of The Wolf

--Prince Of Wolves

--Prince Of Shadows

--Touch Of The Wolf

--Once A Wolf

--Secret Of The Wolf

--To Tame A Wolf

--Come The Night


--Kinsman (story in Out of This World anthology)

--Kinsman's Oath

Kurland, Lynn

[specific titles not mentioned]

Kyle, Kristen


Kelly, Sahara

--Alana's Magic Lamp (Ellora’s Cave)

Ladd, Ashley

--Carbon Copy (Ellora’s Cave)

Lindsey, Johanna


--Warrior's Woman

--Keeper of the Heart

--Heart of a Warrior

Liu, Marjorie M.

-Dirk & Steele series

--Tiger Eye

--Shadow Touch

--The Red Heart Of Jade

--A Dream Of Stone And Shadow (story in Dark Dreamers)

--Eye Of Heaven

--Soul Song

--The Last Twilight

--The Wild Road

--The Fire King

Lowell, Elizabeth





Mackenzie, Sara

[specific titles not mentioned]

Mallory, Tess

--Circles In Time

--Jewels Of Time

--To Touch The Stars

Mancusi, Marianne


Maverick, Liz

--Shadow Runners


McReynolds, Glenna


--The Chalice and the Blade


--Prince of Time

Meyer, Stephenie



--New Moon


--Breaking Dawn

Michels, Christine

--In Destiny's Arms

Moning, Karen Marie

[specific titles not mentioned]

Morgan, Alexis

-Paladins of Darkness series

--Dark Protector

--Dark Defender

--In Darkness Reborn

--Redeemed In Darkness

Morgan, Kathleen


--The Knowing Crystal

--Heart's Lair

--Crystal Fire

--Fire Star

--Heart's Surrender


Nance, Kathleen

--Day of Fire

O'Brien, Judith

--Ashton's Bride

--Maiden Voyage

O'Clare, Lorie

-Werewolves of Malta series (Ellora’s Cave)

--Elements Unbound (novella)

--Living Extinct

--Far From Innocent

--Forbidden Attraction

O'Shea, Patti

--Ravyn's Flight (half-recommended)

Owens, Robin D


--Heart Mate

--Heart Thief

--Heart Duel

--Heart Choice

--Heart Quest

--Heart Dance

--Heart Fate

--Heart Change

--Heart Journey

--Heart Search

--Hearts and Swords

--Heart Secret

--Heart Fortune

--Heart Fire

--Heart Legacy

--Heart Sight

--Script of the Heart

Piel, Stobie


--The Dawn Star

--The Midnight Moon

--The White Sun

--Lord of the Dark Sun

Putney, Mary Jo

--A Kiss of Fate

--One Perfect Rose

Rock, Pam

--Star Searcher

Sands, Lynsay


--Single White Vampire

--Love Bites

--Tall, Dark and Hungry

--A Quick Bite

--A Bite to Remember

--Bite Me If You Can

--The Accidental Vampire

--Vampires Are Forever

--Vampire, Interrupted

--The Rogue Hunter

--The Immortal Hunter

--The Renegade Hunter

--Vampire Valentine (in Bitten by Cupid)

--Born to Bite

--Hungry For You

--The Reluctant Vampire

--The Gift (in The Bite Before Christmas)

--Under a Vampire Moon

--The Lady Is a Vamp

--Immortal Ever After

--One Lucky Vampire

--Vampire Most Wanted

--The Immortal Who Loved Me

--About a Vampire

--Runaway Vampire

--Immortal Nights

--Immortal Unchained

--Immortally Yours

--Twice Bitten

--Vampires Like It Hot

--The Trouble With Vampires

--Immortal Born

St. Clare, Tielle

--Dragon's Fire (Ellora’s Cave) (book 2 of a series)

Saxe, Coral Smith

--The Shore Unknown

Showalter, Gena

[specific titles not mentioned]

Sims, Ciarra


Singh, Nalini

-Psy-Changeling series

--Slave to Sensation

--Visions of Heat

--Caressed By Ice

--Mine To Possess

--Hostage To Pleasure

--Branded by Fire

--Blaze of Memory

--Christmas in the Kitchen

--Bonds of Justice

--Play of Passion

--Declaration of Courtship

--Kiss of Snow

--Texture of Intimacy

--Tangle of Need

--Heart of Obsidian

--Secrets at Midnight

--Shield of Winter

--Shards of Hope

--Allegiance of Honor

Simpson, Donna Lea


--Awaiting The Fire

--Awaiting The Moon

--Awaiting The Night

Smith, Kathryn


--Be Mine Tonight

--Night Of The Huntress

--Taken By The Night

--Let The Night Begin

Speer, Flora

--Lady Lure

Squires, Susan

[specific titles not mentioned]

Stockenberg, Antoinette


--Beyond Midnight

--A Charmed Place


--Emily's Ghost

Taylor, Janelle

--Moondust and Madness

--Stardust and Shadows

Thompson, Ronda


--The Dark One

--The Untamed One

--The Cursed One

Vaughan, Elizabeth





Warren, Christine

-Others series

--Fantasy Fix (ebook) (paperback as One Bite With A Stranger)

--Fur Factor (ebook) (paperback as Big Bad Wolf)

--Faer Fetched (ebook) (paperback as Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here)

--Fighting Faer (ebook) (paperback as Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale)

--Fur For All (ebook) (paperback as Drive Me Wild)

--Fur Play (ebook) (paperback as Hungry Like a Wolf)

--Wolf At The Door

--She's No Faerie Princess

--The Demon You Know

--Any Witch Way She Can (story in No Rest For The Witches)

--Howl At The Moon

--Walk On The Wild Side

--You're So Vein

--Big Bad Wolf

--Born To Be Wild

Wilson, Gayle


Zimlich, Jan

--The Black Rose

--Heart's Prey

--The Shadow Prince


--In Moonlight (2004 e-book)

--Lover Beware

--Midnight Pleasures

--The Only One

These are sort of SF, sort of mystery, and frequently cited by romance readers:

Robb, J. D.


--Naked in Death

--Glory in Death

--Immortal in Death

--Rapture in Death

--Ceremony in Death

--Vengeance in Death

--Holiday in Death

--Midnight in Death (story in Silent Night anthology)

--Conspiracy in Death

--Loyalty in Death

--Witness in Death

--Judgment in Death

--Betrayal in Death

--Interlude in Death (story in Out of This World anthology)

--Seduction in Death

--Reunion in Death

--Purity in Death

--Portrait in Death

--Imitation in Death

--Remember When

--Divided in Death

--Visions in Death

--Survivor in Death

--Origin in Death

--Memory in Death

--Haunted in Death (story in Bump in the Night anthology)

--Born in Death

--Innocent in Death

--Creation in Death

--Eternity in Death (story in Dead of Night anthology)

--Strangers in Death

--Salvation in Death

--Promises in Death

--Kindred in Death

--Missing in Death (story in The Lost anthology)

--Fantasy in Death

--Indulgence in Death

--Possession in Death

--Treachery in Death

--New York to Dallas

--Chaos in Death

--Celebrity in Death

--Delusion in Death

--Calculated in Death

--Thankless in Death

--Taken in Death

--Concealed in Death

--Festive in Death

--Obsession in Death

--Devoted in Death

--Wonderment in Death

--Brotherhood in Death

--Apprentice in Death

--Echoes in Death

--Secrets in Death

--Dark in Death

--Leverage in Death

--Connections in Death

--Vendetta in Death

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