U.S. Charts & Prenatal Eclipse

Zip Dobyns

This will be a very short article included for readers who would like to project ahead for the U.S. and who do not have access to a computer. Readers have asked for progressions for the chart which I think is accurate for the U.S. Declaration of Independence so that they could study the patterns personally. Maritha has produced these beautiful charts on the Astro Computing system. [Note: these web pages are not using the original printed charts.] Normally, I put the progressions around the outside of the natal wheel, using the natal cusps for the houses, and including the progressed angles in the outer wheel. Due to the small size of our pages, we have to give the progressed positions in a single wheel and I have added the progressed angles around the outside. Please always refer back to the natal chart. Aspects of progressed to natal and progressed to progressed are both important.

I have been anticipating challenging events for the U.S. during the spring and summer of 1985, with our Declaration progressed Moon square natal Sun, conjunct natal Saturn and then progressed Mars, and then square progressed Jupiter and opposite Chiron. The Ohio bank crisis was a small foretaste. Our so-called “recovery” has been fueled by personal and government debts which have reached unprecedented heights. Historically, such debt ballooning has always led to a crash. In the late 1980s, our interest payments on the national debt will reach 200 billion dollars a year. I am talking about interest alone, ignoring all ongoing expenses for running the government, paying pensions, etc. We will be in the same boat with Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Poland, etc. Voluntarily now, or necessarily later, we will learn to work and live on less (Capricorn) and to help each other (the positive side of Scorpio).

I have added the pre-natal eclipse for anyone who might be interested in exploring its possible usefulness. One of our readers wrote that another astrology journal had put the Sun at 9 Aquarius for the eclipse preceding the Declaration of Independence. I checked with our computer, and found the Sun at zero Aquarius conjunct Mercury as well as Moon for the eclipse. I looked back to see when our progressed Sun had reached that degree, and found it was about April 1, 1975. On April 1-3, North Vietnam seized major coastal cities in South Vietnam as defenders fled. On April 16, the Khmer Rouge captured Phnom Penh and control of Cambodia. On April 21, Thieu resigned after ten years as President of South Vietnam. Our progressed Moon also reached the exact conjunction with progressed Uranus on that day. On April 30, South Vietnam surrendered to the North. Our fiasco in that land was complete. Note: in my version of the Declaration of Independence chart, our MC in Hanoi, capital of North Vietnam, is opposite our natal MC-Uranus.

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