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Zip Dobyns

We have more data on presidential candidates, another possible Constitution chart, a better time for the CIA, and finally a time for Sputnik which shocked the establishment in Washington when the Russians put it into space 30 years ago.

First, please note that Bruce Babbitt was born in 1938. The Gemini 1987 Mutable Dilemma had a typographical error and gave his year as 1936. The rest of the birth data was correct: June 27, 1938 at 10:16 P.M. in Los Angeles, CA.

Mark Lerner’s journal gives Albert Gore’s birth time as near noon, according to his mother. The rest of the data is March 31, 1948 in Washington, DC. Progressed to November 1988, the chart does not look strong enough to win the Presidency or even the Vice Presidency. Since Gore is a borderland southerner, I thought he might have a shot at VP if a northern Democrat was nominated for the top position, but his fire trines mostly just look like overconfidence in trying for the role.

Joe Biden (data given in the Gemini 1987 issue of The Mutable Dilemma) bowed out of the race on September 23 after some weeks of attacks in the press with accusations of plagiarism (lifting material from the speeches of others without giving them credit) and falsehoods about his school record. His friends and associates feel that he got a bum rap, saying that he did give credit most of the time for his quotations, but occasionally when speaking somewhat spontaneously (not just reading a typed speech), he forgot to do so. The chart is not as dramatic as Hart’s when he dropped out but does have many conflict aspects. Progressed (P) MC is octile (semisquare) natal MC, trioctile natal Ceres, and just coming to a square to P Pluto and a quincunx to P Saturn. Even a fraction of a minute later on the birth time would put both of those aspects into the one degree orb allowed for progressions. P Ascendant is quincunx natal Saturn and octile-trioctile the P true nodes of the Moon. P Sun is octile natal Sun which means that in solar arc directions, every directed factor is octile its own natal position. It is also octile natal Venus which is closely conjunct natal Sun. P Mercury is in a grand trine to Neptune and Uranus in air signs in earth houses, but it is also square natal Moon while P Vesta is quincunx Neptune and square Uranus and Ascendant so the network of aspects includes a lot of stress. At first glance, I was puzzled by the relatively weak P Moon aspects. It is at the midpoint of a sextile between natal Mars and P Sun (semisextile both) and about to reach a conjunction with P Mars which it will hold through most of October and November. But when I looked further, I noted that the P Moon was conjunct the geocentric south node of Uranus and opposite the P north node of Uranus. Natal Uranus was in a one degree orb opposition to the Ascendant when Biden was born, so it is highly important in his chart! P Moon was also conjunct natal Aten, one of the Sun asteroids for prominence. Most of the preceding aspects involve mutable planets or signs or houses. For example, Vesta as a Virgo asteroid is progressed into Pisces in the third house and aspecting Neptune (a mutable planet) and Uranus in a mutable sign and house (Gemini-sixth house). The mutables are all mental in different ways, and Biden’s troubles all stem from that area: media, speeches, education record, verbal honesty, etc.

A time is now available for Richard Gephardt (5 P.M. CST in St. Louis, MO) and for Paul Simon (0:10 A.M. PST). The balance of the data was given in the Gemini 1987 Mutable Dilemma. Simon has some good aspects though logically I don’t see how an “old-time liberal” could win in today’s climate, and I’m prejudiced since I like his positions. Gephardt might end being knocked out as a backlash from the Biden affair since the information about Biden’s cribbed speeches came from a Gephardt staff member. I now have a birth time for Richard Secord, a prominent member of the “secret team” being sued by the Christics. He was born on July 6, 1932 at 3 A.M. EST in La Rue, OH. And a client got me the birth certificate of Edwin Meese, our current Attorney General who is implicated in the Iran-Contra scandal as well as in the Wed Tech investigation. He was born on December 2, 1931 at 3:29 A.M. PST in Oakland, CA. A possible time for Oliver North looks promising, being given out by the AFA and said to be rectified but from a “friend” of North: 10:14 A.M. CWT.??? Both Secord (from the birth certificate) and North (questionable) are headed for P Ascendant opposite Saturn, a fitting aspect for a personal confrontation with the LAW. Patricia Schroeder is still considering entering the race, and Jeanne Fitzpatrick is also said to be debating it. I have conflicting times for Schroeder (A.M. and P.M.) so am waiting for more information. The earlier time I printed for Dukakis was questioned and has been confirmed by his mother in a letter to Frances Mc Evoy. Mrs Dukakis says 6 P.M. to the best of her recollection. Thanks Fran!

And a big thank you also to our subscriber, Helen Clerf! She sent me pages of photocopies detailing the circumstances around the signing of the bill which created the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) which has been much in the limelight in the Iran-Contra scandal. The photocopies show how Glenn Malek could have misinterpreted the time that Truman signed the bill since the day that Congress passed it, they stayed in session to 2:40 the next morning, working on other matters. But the papers I have say clearly that Congress passed the Defense bill (which included the formation of the CIA) at noon and it was rushed to the airport under police escort. Truman was already on a plane, headed to see his mother who was dying in Missouri. The plane was delayed until he could sign the bill, and it took off immediately afterwards at 12:30 P.M. on July 26, 1947. That would put the signing somewhere between 12:20 and 12:25 P.M.

The chart checks out well. P Moon went into the seventh house, opposing the Ascendant and then squaring the MC during the tumultuous fall when Hasenfus was shot down in Nicaragua, the Iran-Contra scandal broke, and Casey’s brain tumor was diagnosed. Casey had been head of the CIA through Reagan’s Presidency. With the chart set for 12:20, P Saturn is exactly on the Descendant in Teheran, Iran for years, and opposite the natal position of the asteroid Moscow. P Pluto is just behind Saturn. For many years, they were exactly conjunct. P Atlantis had crossed the Ascendant in recent years and remained square the MC. P Moon was opposite Atlantis when Casey’s tumor was diagnosed and he underwent surgery. P Fanatica was conjunct Mars and P Uranus remains conjunct Phaethon for many years. Many other aspects could be cited involving traditional planets and new asteroids, but space in The Mutable Dilemma runs out.

The press has been full of material on the Constitution which was finalized and sent to the states for ratification on September 17, 1787, just 200 years ago. Marc Penfield reports that James Madison gives 4 P.M. as the time the document was completed, and the current celebration of the event called for ringing the bells at that hour according to the newspapers. A couple of astrological periodicals have carried the chart, but the ones I have seen have been calculated for local mean time so the angles are not accurate. We were still using local apparent time (variously called sun time, sun dial time etc.). The chart enclosed was calculated for LAT which turns out to be 15:54:54 when converted to EST.

I ran the chart for quite a few of our major events, including the deaths of our presidents in office, major wars, the stock market crash in 1929, etc. Progressed angle aspects were appropriate for most of the events, but I did not feel that the chart was as reliable as the March 4, 1789 chart when the Constitution became our official Law, or the Declaration of Independence chart for 9:36 A.M. EST (my rectification). I still plan to work more with the chart when I have more time. In the meantime, any readers who are interested can experiment with it. P Venus is currently crossing the local IC in Washington, DC and is quincunx the natal Sun while the P Sun is quincunx natal Venus. P Moon is in late Pisces, soon to go into Aries. It will square its own nodes early in 1988 and be octile Pluto, then square natal Mars during most of April-May 1988. P Ascendant is square natal Vesta and P Jupiter, one of the rulers of the tenth house. P MC is conjunct the P true node of the Moon, pointing to a lesson for power figures or involving reality. With all the rulers of the work houses involved, the spring of 1988 looks like challenges for authority figures and/or for labor in general if the chart proves reliable. But Pluto also holds a long trine to Neptune in the Pluto (eighth) house while Mercury (ruler of the eighth cusp) is trine Uranus in the sixth house, so the chart does not suggest financial crises or catastrophes. By mid-October 1988, the P Sun starts the opposition to Neptune which will last four years. Does that mark our financial Waterloo when we have to come back to earth and start paying back debts instead of borrowing more? The fall of 1988 is when Saturn and Uranus return to Capricorn to stay for two and seven years respectively.

Last but not least, we finally found the time for earth’s first man-made satellite in a small publication from our local planetarium. According to the Griffith Observer, Sputnik took off at 20:28:04 UT on October 4, 1957 from the space base at Tyuratam, U.S.S.R. at approximately 45 N 38 and 63 E 16. Would you believe Uranus exactly on the Ascendant along with its female twin, Urania? And Atlantis exactly on the IC! Progressed to early 1986 when we had the Challenger explosion and the Russians had Chernobyl, we see P MC in Moscow conjunct the natal MC, opposite P Mars and natal Atlantis. P Ascendant is conjunct Pluto. P Ascendant in Washington, DC is in early Aries opposite natal Mars. For the Challenger tragedy, P Moon was square natal Saturn. It was also trine the natal MC in Tokyo. The Japanese space program got a boost from our failures. By the time of Chernobyl, P Moon was square P Saturn and quincunx natal Sun-Jupiter and P Uranus—a yod. P Sun was just past P Atlantis, with the latter opposite Pallas and quincunx P Vesta. Many more asteroids might be mentioned such as P Juno opposite natal Russia, and P Kiev (near Chernobyl) quincunx Russia. The NORC, a prototype computer, is on natal Mars, and Mr. Spock just misses the Moscow Ascendant by one minute over the one degree orb I use. Natal Asia was on the Ascendant and Galahad and Phaethon were just past it but still in orb to a conjunction with Uranus. P Uranus remains on Phaethon well into the next century. It is up to us to learn to handle modern technology. Atlantis and Phaethon and many other asteroids are clearly warning us. We cannot just dismantle our industrial world, but we do need to learn moderation and cooperation. Still, I can’t feel too threatened. The asteroids demonstrate such a cosmic sense of humor, there has to be some sort of guiding plan behind the craziness and I think we’ll muddle through.

Copyright © 1987 Los Angeles Community Church of Religious Science, Inc.

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