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Zip Dobyns

Twin one is the female, born with a normal delivery, but developing the serious health problems with infections and eczema. Twin two is the male who is healthy despite being so hesitant to appear that he was delivered cesarean section more than an hour after his sister arrived.

If I had not known which was which, I don’t think I would have guessed correctly. Twin one has a grand water trine to the Ascendant while Twin two has Neptune conjunct the MC and square the Ascendant. Both twins have the Sun-Moon square, and Mars widely square Neptune. Twin one does have Pisces rising with Vesta opposite the Ascendant from the sixth house and square Jupiter in Gemini, fitting the common association of mutables with allergies and infections. Venus in a mutable sign is also in a grand cross with the MC and nodes of the Moon along with the East Point and Antivertex as auxiliary Ascendants. Mercury, a mutable planet, is also quincunx the MC in a mutable sign.

But Twin two has the south node of the Moon in the sixth house, implying a lesson in work or health. Pluto is in a relatively close quincunx to the Ascendant. Juno and Chiron (as well as Neptune) square the Aries grouping in the twelfth house for Twin two. But traditional astrology would put extra emphasis on the close Neptune square to the Ascendant, with Mars, ruling the Ascendant, in the twelfth house. Most traditional astrologers would consider such aspects more threatening than aspects involving Venus and Jupiter. Twin two did enter life with surgery, but remember the Gauquelin research results. Mars in the twelfth house occurs significantly often with sports champions, military leaders, and surgeons. Twin two seems to be expressing his Mars quite effectively, once he was forcefully persuaded to come out of the womb. His pleasure from cuddling is a sign of the open expression of the fire-water warmth, while his sister’s skin problems are a typical external expression of discomfort over getting close to people: a Vesta-Virgo tendency which is sometimes supported by Gemini, Aquarius and/or Capricorn. Jupiter in the Taurus house is also more likely to enjoy sensual physical contact than Jupiter in the Gemini house which values intellectual detachment. Also, I have seen similar close Juno conjunctions with the IC in people who are very emotionally attached to the mother, home and family.

In the end, the charts are a good example of the risk of snap judgments based on a few obvious aspects. We could probably see more if we went into midpoints, nodes, etc., which become more important when the birth times are close. If any of our readers have good twin data, we would be happy to receive it for future issues of The Mutable Dilemma. I think such challenges are useful in testing our theories.

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