Projecting Pluto: Murder by Internet and More

Maritha Pottenger

We usually think of projection as a negative process, i.e., we disown certain qualities, project them onto someone else (and are thus attracted to that person), and that someone else expresses the disowned qualities in some excessive manner. It is important to remember that not all projection is a problem. Sometimes, we get involved with individuals who express attributes with which we are already working. In such cases, the projection seems more a case of the Universe showing for us "variations on a theme," as it were. Our experiences are broadened and enriched.

While Maria has been working on transit interpretations for the next module of The Electronic Astrologer, she has been looking back (with diaries, etc.) to see how various transits "worked" over her life. She commented to me how often transits were "lived out" most dramatically by people in her life (spouses, children, etc.) rather than directly by Maria herself. This is another variation on projection. We have a chance to learn about various issues, but vicariously rather than through direct personal action.

I'm in the middle of a transiting Pluto opposition the Sun. When I spoke with Ray (Merriman) and mentioned I'd be doing an East Coast tour with that aspect, he asked me (semi-seriously): "Are you sure you wouldn't rather crawl under a rock?" I assured him that since the Sun rules my third (communication, including teaching, writing, disseminating information) and Pluto rules my 6th (work), I'd be able to direct the transit just fine.

Well, I have to say I experienced Pluto on my East Coast tour—but not exactly what I'd expected. I was surrounded by people doing Pluto (in classic, almost literal ways!) for me.

In one city, I visited my brother who has Sun, Ascendant, Neptune in Scorpio. He works in a research (Pluto) laboratory where they are studying psychokinesis (using mind to affect material world—sounds a lot like focused Pluto attention and control!). Oh yes, he lives with (Pluto) a woman who is also a Scorpio.

In another city, I visited a woman who warned me that her house was a total mess. (My housekeeping is about a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is worst, so I told her not to worry.) She is trying to clean up, clear out, throw out (Pluto!), but is currently "in process" with everything cluttering up the place. (She's also a Scorpio Sun.)

Lois Livermore was my hostess in Delaware and is an incredible, caring person. She called me en route to warn me that her son had been in an awful auto accident where another person had died (Pluto). Her son is going to need major reconstructive surgery (Pluto) and rehabilitation! There are other very Plutonic life-and-death matters tied into the situation as well. Lois let me know that I was still very welcome to come despite her personal tragedy and challenge. I did come, and she took wonderful care of me. She was very respectful of my privacy (Pluto) and a wonderful hostess in all ways—food, conversation, home, transportation, etc.

On a more pleasant note, two of my friends let me know that they have just started love relationships which are very sexually intense and rewarding (Pluto)! One is even the rebirth of a relationship which had "died" a couple years ago.

When I visited my roommate from college, she was full of news about the "Murder by Internet" case. Turns out her husband had been a friend & fellow photographer with a guy (call him Harry). My former roommate (Pam) and her husband (Paul) had socialized with Harry and his wife (call her Harriet). Harry & Harriet have a son (around 9-12 years, I think). Pam & Paul knew Harry & Harriet didn't have a great marriage, but they were still together. WELL! It turns out Harry had met a woman by Internet & fallen in love. He'd flown to another state to visit her. Harry decided he did not want to be married to Harriet anymore, but he didn't want the financial repercussions (Pluto!) of a divorce. So.......Harry hired a hit man!!!! [Apparently it didn't occur to Harry to consider Harriet, the woman he once loved enough to marry, nor their son and the impact having his mother murdered might have on that son!] Fortunately, the hit man (Pluto) went to the police. They wired the hit man for a meeting with Harry and Harry is now in jail on charges of murder-by-hire (Pluto, Pluto, Pluto). Incidentally, Harry was on some kind of anti-depressants, so he's going to plead that some combination of anti-depressants & alcohol "made him do it."

Incidentally, I was also in Toronto while Quebec voted (by a narrow margin) to stay in the Canadian federation. Questions of who gets what (Pluto) in regard to resources were significant. The financial people were predicting major catastrophes for businesses, stock markets, etc., if separation had passed. Even so, many people have moved—and are continuing to move—their money out of Quebec. And business will be wary of investing there (more Pluto—joint resources).

In Ottawa, my hostess (Sylvia Smith) has Moon in Scorpio and was a highly skilled surgical nurse for many years. The only reason she wasn't a doctor was the strong prejudices existing when she went to school and lack of financial resources. She has done and continues to do major research (Pluto) on eclipses, the Saros cycle and much more. She also took wonderful care of me. All my hostesses were fabulous on this trip!

In conclusion, I would like to remind readers that transits (and progressions, directions, etc.) can be experienced in many different ways. In addition to living out a particular current pattern on the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level ourselves, we have the possibility of experiencing a major planetary aspect through someone near to us. "Don't worry about Pluto; date a police officer for a year" is a flippant response, but it carries a kernel of truth to it! Planning ahead will allow you to arrange your life to make the most of your transits (and progressions, etc.). Thank the people who help you out. Life is complicated enough without having to do everything ourselves! I certainly thank all the individuals who are assisting (and will continue to contribute to) my Pluto opposite Sun!

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