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Albert Arnold Gore in 2000
by Zip Dobyns

In early February 2000, I started this series on the contenders seeking to be the next president of the U.S.† Since then, McCain has dropped out and said that he will support the presumed Republican candidate, George W. Bush.† I had assumed that Bill Bradley would lose the contest with Al Gore, so the latter would be the Democratic candidate.† By now, in early May, with the two major candidates determined, it is time to look at Alís chart.† According to his birth certificate, Al was born in Washington DC on March 31, 1948 at 12:53 PM EST.

The major angles in George and Alís charts are conjunct within about 3 degrees, and Georgeís local angles in Washington D.C. are even closer to Alís, with Georgeís P Saturn on Alís Ascendant within one degree.† Individuals with the same house cusps can have rather intense relationships, whether they are cooperative or competitive.† In addition to having his major angles in fire signs, Al has additional fire with his Sun and Pallas in Aries in the natural house of Sagittarius, his Pluto, Saturn, and Mars in Leo in the house of Aries, and his Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius in the house of Leo.† Most astrologers are surprised when they see that much fire in his chart, since he has typically appeared rather restrained and stiff.† Among close friends, he is reportedly very funny and spontaneous, but his public image is of a controlled and cautious person.† His chart is a good example of the importance of the planets.† Their basic nature is more important than their zodiac signs or house positions, which qualify the drives symbolized by the planets.† Alís rising Pluto-Saturn conjunction marks a deliberate, careful nature, with a strong need to be self-controlled.

The rising Saturn also points to a major impact from a father figure.† Alís father was a politician, but during many summers while Al was growing up his father made him work on the family farm in Tennessee.† His father apparently drove him to do the work of an adult, almost to the point of cruelty, though his father certainly loved him.† The close T-square to the Leo stellium from the lunar nodes in the parental houses is an appropriate indication of the power issue in Alís formative years.† The pattern could have signaled a struggle with poverty, or even a truly abusive parent.† Al was financially secure, but never pampered.† Ceres in his tenth house suggests that it represents his mother, so the south lunar node in the fourth house points to a lesson he was learning from his father.† Chironís position in the fourth house fits his fatherís domination and excessive expectations.

With his Ceres in the tenth house and his Moon in Capricorn in the Leo house, Alís mother also seems to have been a powerful person, and the Jupiter-Moon conjunction points to high standards, which may have equaled his fatherís, though perhaps tempered with love by the Leo house position.† With his own family, Al has expressed the idealism of Chiron and Jupiter by trying to be a ďperfectĒ father, obviously placing a high value on his family.† The Capricorn Moon in the fifth house also shows his desire to be a responsible parent, but hints at the challenge of combining the parental role with career ambitions.† The planetary emphasis in his transpersonal houses, nine through twelve, points to the high career ambitions and a commitment to public service.† As has been mentioned in the previous sections of this series on the coming election and inauguration, individuals seeking to gain power usually have combinations of one-ten and/or five-ten in their charts.† Al has Mars on Saturn in his first house, and since Mars rules his tenth house and Saturn is the natural ruler, the one-ten message is said repeatedly.† Having two rulers of the tenth house in Leo gives us the five-ten mixture twice, while a factor in Capricorn in the Leo house says it again.

Factors in all three water signs and houses form a close grand trine, showing Alís empathy and compassion.† Neptuneís sextile to the first house trio in Leo is additional support for his sensitivity.† His rising Saturn, Capricorn Moon, and tenth house Taurus factors show his practicality and work ethic.† Vesta, our ultimate Virgo asteroid, on his East point, an auxiliary Ascendant, repeats the information.† Air is Alís weakest element, though he does have Neptune in Libra in the Gemini house, and his Antivertex and Uranus in Gemini in the house of Aquarius.† I interpret letter eleven in our astrology alphabet as potentials which will be developed further as we grow, so Al is learning to be more expressive and spontaneous.† Air shows intelligence, but so do other basic drives/desires in our astrological alphabet.† Alís Sagittarius and ninth house emphasis, plus his strong Vesta, show ample mental ability.† Also, since the Antivertex is like an Ascendant, picturing tendencies present from birth, it suggests some natural Gemini mental versatility and fluency.† It is the position of the Antivertex and Uranus in the eleventh house which tells us he is developing this ability even more.† The major gift of the air element is the ability to ďsee a broad perspective and to take things lightly.Ē† The other three elements tend to be more intense, though Taurus would help if it were not held down by the puritan instincts of the tenth house.

Turning to the asteroids, we have Albertina and Arnolda, which are feminized versions of Alís two personal names, Albert and Arnold.† As previously described, astronomers used to feminize the names of asteroids with ďordinaryĒ orbits when they were named for men.† Very recently, the asteroid named Albert was relocated after having been ďlostĒ for years.† It had been spotted in 1911 and named before its orbit was adequately formulated.† The math to calculate its orbit is now determined, and it will probably be published in the next set of Minor Planet Circulars, which Mark uses to calculate ephemerides.† I will put it in Alís chart as soon as it is available.† Goreís wife, Tipper, was originally named Mary Elizabeth, and we have asteroids for both of her names.† We do not have an asteroid for her nickname, her maiden name, or for Gore.† Unfortunately, there is another famous woman named Elizabeth who might play a role in this yearís election: Elizabeth Dole.† I plan to write another part of this series on her chart, and why I think George W might pick her to be his running mate.† For the moment, we will use the asteroids Mary and Elizabeth for Tipper.† We also have asteroids named George and Georgia for Alís opponent and Williams for Bill Clinton.

Alís N Albertina and his N George, like the two menís chart house cusps, are close, though not quite in the one-degree orb I use for the multiplying new asteroids.† N Albertina was in 24 Pisces, and N George in 25 Pisces.† They have continued to hold approximately the same relationship, moving to 23 and 24 Aries by the time of the coming election on November 7, 2000.† Their current positions put P Albertina into Alís tenth house of the executive, but he could be past the peak of his power since the asteroid is no longer exactly conjunct the angle.† The asteroid was going over his MC when Clinton might have been impeached, putting Al into the Presidency.† The preceding assumption obviously depends on having a very precise birth time for him.† Alís P George in 24 Aries is in a one-degree conjunction to the MC of George W.† The aspect could simply point to the power struggle between the two men, but it might also hint at Bush holding an edge.† Saturn and the MC carry the same principle, so George Wís P Saturn on Alís Ascendant is a related message.† The Saturn principle can point to an increase in oneís executive power, or it can signal failure and a fall if we have been unrealistic in our handling of the ďrules of the game.Ē† Both P Albertina and P George are forming quincunxes to Alís N Chiron, suggesting potential changes in home and/or career.† Al will change both whether or not he wins.† Bush will change both only if he wins.

Arnolda, the asteroid for Alís middle name, was exactly on his Ascendant at birth, one of those impressive ďcoincidencesĒ which I never get used to.† P Arnolda in 11 Leo is trine his N Sun and sextile his Neptune, but trioctile his P Jupiter.† As will be noted repeatedly, harmony aspects could point to achieving his goals while stress aspects could mean problems after the goals are achieved.† Or, vice versa, harmony aspects might mean an individual is lucky to lose the contest and to escape a very difficult experience, even though he is initially disappointed by being denied his goals.† Alís N Georgia in 13 Sagittarius 55 is quincunx his north lunar node, square Hestia (the Greek name for Vesta) in Virgo, and trioctile Phaethon in 29 Aries.† The focus on tension aspects in earth and fire houses and signs fits a power-struggle relationship.† P Tyr, the Norse name for Mars, and P Fortuna are conjunct N Phaethon, joining the trioctile to Georgia and Hestia, and holding the aspect for several years.† Phaethon and Icarus, among other factors, signify the danger of overreach, especially when aspected by fire planets or asteroids.† Alís P Ascendant in 15 Virgo has been conjunct Hestia since mid-1999, adding to the intensity.† The vestal virgins symbolize commitment, dedication, and devotion to oneís chosen job.

The fire-earth theme keeps being repeated with P Mars (fire) having moved into Virgo and the Taurus house from its original position on Saturn (earth) in a fire sign and house.† P Sun (fire) adds to the theme with a square to P Mars and a sextile to P Vesta (earth), while the latter is conjunct N Arnolda.† Remember, we can take the basic nature of the ďidentityĒ angles, Ascendant, East Point, and Antivertex, as equivalent to Mars, hence fire:† ďactively being oneself.Ē† The personal name asteroids provide another key to an individualís basic ďidentity in action,Ē along with Tyr.† P Vesta has moved into the fire sign of Leo.† Astrology has many ways to say the same thing, and we are always looking for themes, for emphasis.† P Fortunaís presence in the aspect network could point to good luck for Alís drive, but, as indicated above, luck could mean winning what we want, or with hindsight, we could be better off if we lose.

It is important to remember that harmony aspects mean an individualís different desires are complementary, so they reinforce each other.† However, this does not guarantee positive events in the life, since it can lead to excesses and consequent problems.† On the other hand, conflict aspects indicate tension between different desires, but if we manage a compromise which permits some satisfaction of all of the desires, serious problems can be avoided.

N Mary is rising in Alís chart in 7 Leo trine his N Pallas, our most political asteroid.† I think that she has been helpful to his career with her warm, outgoing personality, which is strongly connected to fire in his chart.† Perhaps Al has been projecting some of his fire into his wife, with both of her names in fire signs and houses and one conjunct a fire planet.† P Mary in 21 Leo trines Alís N MC, but squares his P Chiron.† There are always mixed aspects, with some stress and some harmony, so trying to guess the details in the life is an educated guess.† Alís N Elizabeth is also connected to fire in a dramatic way, with its natal position on his N Jupiter and its P position back in the same degree after turning retrograde.† Do the mostly harmonious aspects to his wifeís name asteroids mean that she will help him win?† Or do they just confirm the public impression that they have a positive relationship in their marriage?† Or might she be relieved if he loses?† Tipper is a sensitive person who has reportedly suffered from periods of depression, and the role of First Lady is not an easy one.

Alís traditional factors have many conflict aspects during this election year.† As already mentioned, his P Sun squares his P Mars and they form a T-square with N Juno.† Juno is similar to Pluto and in the natural house of Pluto, emphasizing a focus on joint resources.† If Al is defeated, the financial elite of the U.S. will play a major role.† The T-square in 1 to 2 degrees of the mutable signs is also octile/trioctile N Vesta.† His P Mercury on P Uranus points to much media attention, but their squares to N Albertina suggest a lot of it could be negative.† The two planets are also quincunx his fourth house N Chiron for his change of career and home, which will happen whether or not he wins.† P Venus squares N Pallas and will move into squares to Neptune and the Sun.† P Neptune has opposed the Sun since birth, and the aspect will continue for years.† The P lunar nodes also have aspects which last for years, holding an octile/trioctile to Jupiter, while P Saturn holds a long square to the mean lunar nodes.† Many other difficult aspects could be listed.† Life is not easy for Al Gore.

Among the challenging aspects, several involve the asteroids connected to death, reminding us of the history of U.S. presidents who were elected at the periods of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in earth signs.† Except for the first such president who was elected in 1820, each president elected in these twenty-year intervals has died in office.† Reagan was elected with the first conjunction in an air sign.† He was shot, but medical science saved his life.† 2000 marks the last earth conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, to be followed by approximately 200 years in each of the other elements.† Astrologers will be looking intently at the chart of our next president, wondering whether the jinx will hold.

Among Alís aspects which warn of a need for caution, his P Icarus (overreach and the danger of a crash) is retrograding opposite his P Antivertex, with the latter also square P Chiron and N Ceres.† P Venus is quincunx N Hela in 9 Sagittarius.† P Hela is retrograding in 3 Sagittarius octile P Hel in 19 Capricorn.† P Ceres and P MC are quincunx N Hel in 12 Capricorn.† Hel and Hela are two different asteroids named for the same death goddess.† Our word ďhellĒ comes from her name.† P Pluto is also quincunx N Hel, forming a yod with P Ceres, and P Karma conjuncts Hel to add to the picture.† P Atropos, a Greek goddess of death, is in 10 Capricorn square Alís Sun and Neptune, with P Venus moving to complete a cardinal grand cross.† The T-square in the early degrees of the mutable signs, which was mentioned above, is octile/trioctile N Libitina, the Roman goddess of death.† P Libitina in 5 Taurus is trioctile P Washingtonia in 20 Virgo.† The latter can signify our national capital.† P Mercury and P Uranus square N Washingtonia in 25 Virgo 2.† I would want the CIA to be on its toes if Al wins.

To repeat what has been said before, astrology shows oneís state of mind, and many different events are possible with the same psychological principles.† Bill Clinton also had strong death aspects during much of his time in office.† Many of his associates died, but he is still with us and I expect him to serve to the end of his term of office.† IF harmony aspects mark the winner of this presidential contest, George W Bush is a shoo-in.† IF harmony aspects protect one, he may win and also beat the 20-year jinx.† We will wait and see.

Zip Dobyns

Copyright © 2000 Los Angeles Community Church of Religious Science, Inc.

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