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The Book of Saturn
Zipporah Dobyns, Ph.D.

In her latest book, Zipporah shatters the traditionally negative and fearful view of Saturn! The reader gets a good look at the "realistic" side of Saturn interpreted in sign, house, and aspect, along with example charts.

280 pages, BBS, $15.95


Expanding Astrology's Universe
Zipporah Dobyns, Ph.D.

Psychological, mundane, locality and spiritual astrology. Topics covered include 12th House, psychokinesis in the horoscope, powerful people, healing ability, asteroids, the issue of faith, and more.

256 pages, B127X, $12.95


Millennium: Fears, Fantasies, and Facts
Zipporah Dobyns, Ph.D., Maritha Pottenger, Kim Rogers-Gallagher, Maria Kay Simms

Forewarned is forearmed! Protect yourself in the years ahead. Four astrologers predict 2000 and beyond, including disaster scenarios, the meaning of 2000, the Aquarian Age, and cycles in human history. Marion March provides a timely foreword which comments on Nostradamus' prophecies.

176 pages, BMFFF, $12.95

Planets on the Move
Maritha Pottenger and Zipporah Dobyns, Ph.D.

Everything on relocation astrology--from basic to advanced material. Chapters provide easy look-up interpretations for changing aspects to Ascendant and Midheaven, changing signs on angles, house placements of rulers, and more.

320 pages, B156X, $15.95


Astrology: The Next Step
Complete Horoscope
Maritha Pottenger

This comprehensive volume is the best book anywhere for teaching astrological synthesis. How to quickly and easily spot repeated messages that distill the essence of the chart. Identify and understand major life areas: relationships, vocation, money, children, and many more.

568 pages, B123X, $25.95


The Art of Chart Comparison
Maritha Pottenger

A comprehensive survey concerning how to compare and contrast two or more natal charts. Covers a system for spotting repeated themes, house activation, aspects between planets, and basics of successful relationships.

Booklet, AAA6X, $4.95


Chiron in Houses, Signs & Aspects
Maritha Pottenger

Covers the mythology and interpretations of Chiron by house, sign, and aspect. Provides examples of famous people, along with insights into keywords and the best/worst that Chiron symbolizes.

Booklet, AAA15X, $4.95

The East Point and the Antivertex
Maritha Pottenger

The East Point/West Point and the Vertex/Antivertex form two additional polarities (like the Ascendant/Descendant). Interpretations of these two angle axes by sign, house, and aspect. Synastry contacts also covered. Learn more about yourself and people with whom you deal on a one-to-one basis.

Booklet, AAA4X, $4.95


Easy Astrology Guide: How to Read Your Horoscope
Maritha Pottenger

All the basics (planets, signs, houses, aspects) are covered with a positive approach to help you to make the most of yourself. See the up and down sides of each part of your horoscope. Learn to optimize your abilities.

352 pages, BEAG, $14.95


Healing with the Horoscope: A Guide to Counseling
Maritha Pottenger

Definitive reference for counseling astrologers. Practical techniques and exercises help hone your "people skills." Covers relevant research about what really works in counseling relationships and discusses topics such as dependency, power, transference, and turning liabilities into assets.

256 pages, B129X, $14.95


Past Lives, Future Choices
Maritha Pottenger

The author uses the ancient wisdom of astrology to explore past-life issues for each reader personally. Use this guide to look back so you can learn, forgive, and move on to being happier in the future.

320 pages, BPLFC, $16.95

What Are Astrolocality Maps?
Maritha Pottenger

Easy look-up interpretations for relocation astrology. Meaning of each planet (and "big four" asteroids) conjuct each angle (Midheaven, Ascendant, IC, Descendant) is provided.

Booklet, AAA1X $4.95


What Astrology Can Do for You
Maritha Pottenger

Explains various uses of astrology and their benefits, for the newcomer. Learn how to use astrology for personal fulfillment, vocational satisfaction, relationship enhancement, timing decisions, and more.

Booklet, AAA17X, $4.95


Wit and Wisdom: Mercury in Your Chart
Maritha Pottenger

Learn how to speak in order to best be "heard." Tips regarding compatibility in terms of communication, timing commercial ventures, and making the most of your intellectual abilities.

Booklet, BWW, $4.95


Your Love Life: Venus in Your Chart
Maritha Pottenger

Learn how to be most effective in finding love and enjoying life. Tips for compatibility in regard to affection and timing in seeking a partner. Maximize your prospects for pleasure.

Booklet, BYLL, $4.95

Your Starway to Love: Better Romance with Astrology, 2nd Ed.
Maritha Pottenger

Everything you need to analyze your relationships astrologically. A do-it-yourself worksheet helps you calculate your scores for compatibility with a partner.

352 pages, B153X, $14.95

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