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Maritha Pottenger

B.A. (Psychology) University of California, Berkeley, June 1974, Phi Beta Kappa.
M.A. (Clinical Psychology) California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles, July 1976.
Ordained a minister of the Los Angeles Community Church of Religious Science, May 1977.
Awarded Doctor of Divinity by Community Church of Religious Science, November 1998.

1976-1995: Taught astrology and psychotherapy techniques at the Feathered Pipe Ranch in Helena, Montana for Holistic Life Seminars each year in the summer.

1975-present: Co-led workshops for Association for Humanistic Psychology with Zipporah Dobyns.
Lecture and lead workshops across the United States and Canada. Speak at SouthWest Astrology conferences; International Society for Astrological Research conferences; American Federation of Astrologers conferences; National Council for GeoCosmic Research conferences, and United Astrology Congress.

1983-1998: Editorial Director of ACS Publications, Inc. in San Diego, specializing in astrological textbooks and references. Wrote text interpretations for a number of computerized astrological reports, including Planetary Profile, Your Astro Analysis, Compatibility Profile, Astro Map Analysis, Relocation Profile, Astro Basics, Your Year Ahead, Your Past Lives, and more. Emphasize the psychological drives depicted within a horoscope.

1978: Authored Encounter Astrology which teaches astrology experentially.

1979: Staff on Holistic Life Seminar cruise "Evolution of Consciousness" touring the Mediterranean.

1980 & 1987: Spoke at the Astrological Association's conference in Reading, England. Spoke for astrological associations in England, Scotland, Irland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Spain.

1982: Authored Healing with the Horoscope; A Guide to Counseling.

1986: Authored Complete Horoscope Interpretation. (Now: Astrology: The Next Step)

1991: Authored Astro Essentials; Planets in Signs, Houses and Aspects. Spoke for a variety of groups (in person and on radio) in New Zealand.

1992: Spoke for United Astrology Congress in Washington, DC. and American Federation of Astrologers in Chicago, IL.

1994: Authored Your Starway to Love; Better Romance with Astrology.

1995: Spoke for UAC in Monterey and for United Russian Astrology Conference in Moscow and spoke in St. Petersburg, Russia and Kiev, Ukraine.
Authored Planets on the Move; The Astrology of Relocation with Zipporah Dobyns.

1996: Revised Astro Essentials to create Easy Astrology Guide; How to Read Your Horoscope and wrote the second edition of Your Starway to Love.

1997: Authored Past Lives, Future Choices; The Astrology of Reincarnation.

1998: Authored Unveiling Your Future; Progressions Made Easy.

1999: Spoke for Astrological Association of England in Plymouth, England.

2000: Will speak for Fraternity of Australian Astrologers at their conference in Melbourne, Australia.

Present: Continue to edit, teach, privately counsel clients, lecture and lead workshops across the United States and abroad. Write astrology columns for MindBodySoul.com and Ziff Davis (Yahoo Internet Life) on the Internet. Consultant for Astro Communications Services, Inc.

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