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by Zip Dobyns

John Hagelin was born on June 9, 1954 in Pittsburgh, PA.  Meditating friends say that his birth time was 7:13 AM EDT, theoretically from him.  Some of the Vedic astrologers at the Maharishi University of Management (MUM) in Fairfield, IA think that he was born earlier to change to what they think is a more appropriate rising sign, but I will use the original time he gave to friends, while reminding readers that it might be classed as C data for caution.

John is backed by the Natural Law Party.  Prior to the current campaign, he was the head of the physics department at the University (MUM), and he was one of the founders of the new Party in 1992.  His Party platform advocates innovative education with “consciousness-based” learning, preventive health care, sustainable agriculture, and the use of renewable energy.  In many ways, they sound like a pragmatic version of the Green Party, and the Natural Law Party claims to be the fastest growing political party in the U.S.  Hagelin ran for president in 1996 for the Natural Law Party with a minimal budget, and he received a minimal number of votes.  However, by joining with the socially liberal members of the Reform Party who totally reject Buchanan’s fundamentalist views, and also in light of increasing numbers of meditators and their increasing political awareness, John is likely to do better in 2000 even if he does not get the 12.5 million in federal funds due to the Reform Party.

Among the formerly Reform Party leaders who are currently supporting Hagelin are Russ Verney who was an advisor to Reform founder H Ross Perot, Jim Mangia, the party’s former secretary, and Lenora Fulani, the liberal activist who was Buchanan’s campaign co-chairwoman before quitting in June.  John has chosen Nat Goldhaber of Oakland, CA, as his Vice Presidential candidate.  Nat is an Internet entrepreneur worth some hundreds of millions of dollars who has offered John the use of his two airplanes for his campaign.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in physics, summa cum laude, in 1975 at Dartmouth College, and a Master’s degree in 1976, Hagelin earned his Ph D in quantum physics from Harvard with a doctoral thesis titled “Weak Mass Mixing, CP violation and the Decay of B-Quark Mesons.”  He can be an effective speaker with a calm manner that reflects his commitment to meditation.  He is said to have started regular meditation following a serious motorcycle accident at age 17.  He does not smoke or drink alcohol and claims an IQ of 165, but he has no government experience.  He is divorced, has no children, and lists his religion as Episcopalian.

Turning to Hagelin’s horoscope, we are not surprised to find an intellectual emphasis.  His Gemini Sun is closely conjunct his East Point, an auxiliary Ascendant, Jupiter is within 3 degrees of his normal Ascendant, Mercury is a few degrees past his Ascendant in the first house, and a tight Uranus-Venus conjunction is also in his first house.  He is thus identified and/or “ego-identified” with all of the major mental planets.  Venus supports the ego-identification of the Gemini Sun since it is a ruler of his fifth house that is placed in his first house.  Vesta can also be a key to mental ability as a Virgo indicator, so its conjunction with the Antivertex and their placement in the eleventh house repeat the same message.  Pluto and two asteroids in the third house say it again, with the position of Pallas in Virgo for even more emphasis.

It is interesting that John has not had children, since his strong focus on Cancer, which includes his Ascendant, Mercury, south lunar node, Venus, and Uranus, added to his Moon in its own house on Ceres, certainly suggests a nurturing nature and an identification with a “mother figure.”  With Mars in Capricorn, John also had a father or grandfather (seventh house) as a personal role model.  Since letter ten in our astrological alphabet points to lessons, sharing power and realistic expectations in partnerships are growth areas for him.  Chiron in the eighth house, which is part of the partnership area, carries the high expectations potential of Jupiter.  Both parents were role models for mates, since in addition to Capricorn in the partnership houses, the Moon and Ceres are in Libra, a partnership sign, and Libra is in the fourth house, signifying home and a parent.

Like Nader, John’s parent emphasis is being expressed in his life by taking on public responsibility rather than by having his own children.  But John’s first house Cancer points to a personally warm individual in contrast to Nader’s aloof Aquarian style.  Fifth house conflict aspects may be keys to John’s failure to have his own children.  The Sun, Leo, and the fifth house are keys to creativity, including procreation.  Saturn in the fifth is trioctile his Sun exactly, and has held the progressed aspect all his life.  Neptune in the fifth holds a long square to P Uranus and a quincunx to his Antivertex, an auxiliary Ascendant.  We can’t do everything well, and individuals with mixtures of the cardinal and fixed dilemmas may decide subconsciously that a career has to take precedence over personal relationships.  The Mars in Capricorn and Saturn in the fifth house show a personal and an ego-identification with the career.

As previous readers know by now, I consider the placement of Mars in the seventh or eighth houses to be a potential challenge.  The subject tends to feel vulnerable in close, peer relationships, with six different possible ways of handling the feeling.  We may do any of the six alternately or simultaneously. We may give in to others and hope they will protect us.  We may fight them.  Or we may retreat from close committed relationships.  On the more positive side, we may compromise and cooperate with others.  We may engage in healthy, game-playing competition.  Or we may help people, which feels safe because we have the power.  A life helping the public is a common response, though we may end up feeling like Atlas, wondering why we always end up doing more than our share.  For competition to be “healthy,” it needs to be taken “lightly,” winning some and losing some and able to play the game again.

Living alone, the choice of a monk or nun, may be an avoidance of close relationships, but it may be a reasonable choice if one’s nature is truly committed to a cause.  We only know whether our (mostly subconscious) choices, attitudes, and actions are “true to our nature” when we see the consequences in our lives.  If we remain happy and healthy, great!  If we become frustrated, bitter, depressed, or ill in our later years, the “choice” was questionable.  Any part of our nature that is totally denied will make trouble for us.  If we need to be productive but don’t need to make money, we can give humanitarian service or have productive hobbies.  If we prefer living alone, we can have pets and good friends.  Life keeps letting us know whether our choices are true to our own nature by giving us consequences.  Hopefully, we will get the message in time to change the habits if we are getting painful consequences.  Astrology helps if we understand it as a psychological system providing self-awareness!!!

Turning to the new asteroids, we have several variations of the name “John.”   With that complexity, including another prominent politician with the name, John McCain, the asteroids may be too complicated to be helpful.  Of course, hindsight will always find something appropriate, but for foresight, our best bet is to look for “themes,” for repeats of related principles.  For those who want to try in spite of the time required and the odds, we can list the positions.  In Hagelin’s natal chart, Johnadams is in 2 Gemini 46.  Jakoba is in 12 Gemini 17.  Johnny is in 10 Cancer 59.  Johanna is in 29 Pisces 59.  Rather than clutter of this article with all three names for Albert Arnold Gore and all three for Joseph Lieberman, as well as two for George Bush and one for Richard Cheney, I will just discuss some of the current aspects for the personal names on election day, November 7, 2000.

I don’t know of any political commentator who thinks that any of the third party candidates has a ghost of a chance of winning the election.  But it is still interesting to look at their psychological state on election day, as it is revealed by astrology.  For starters, John Hagelin has a long-lasting P Jupiter trine his N MC, and his P true lunar nodes also hold a long-term sextile/trine to the MC with the south node on P Jupiter.  The Jupiter aspect to the MC suggests that John’s personal faith and intelligence are helpful to his career, but the south node points to lessons in his faith.  Once the lessons have been learned, they become a source of strength; something to give the world.  P Chiron, which I interpret as another Jupiter, stays quincunx John’s local Ascendant in Iowa for a similar message--a drive to analyze his faith, possibly make changes, and then share it with others.  The quincunx calls for analysis, and then changes to improve whatever parts of life are involved.  Chiron, like Jupiter, can play the roles of both student and teacher.  P Mars in Sagittarius provides another reinforcement of this theme, and its semisextile to Chiron repeats it again.  P Mercury has returned to its natal degree and is coming to the P mean south lunar node right after the election.

Though Neptune and Pluto’s long sextile supports intuitive ability, John’s N Antivertex is square Pluto and quincunx Neptune, while his P Uranus squares Neptune.  His P East Point is just past P Uranus but within a one-degree orb of the conjunction, and it adds to the stress picture with an opposition to P Chiron and a quincunx just coming in later in November to P Mars.  Separations are common with both the opposition and the quincunx.  When we have overlapping orbs with planetary aspects, we have to consider the configuration as a network of aspects which are tied together and interrelated.  The theme pictures tension and changes, with probable separations in some area of John’s life.  This could be separating from his ambition to be president, or from his associates in the campaign, or simply from political campaigning to go back to teaching in the university.

For keys to our work, we look to letters six and ten, especially to the planets, of course.  They are more important than the houses and signs.  John’s odds are not good in that area, with his P Sun square both P and N Saturn.  The fact that N Sun was trioctile N Saturn and P Saturn still holds that aspect to it makes the configuration even more stressful.  John’s P Vesta is past its trioctile to Neptune, but still octile P Uranus and P East Point, and trioctile P Chiron.  P Vesta is also square the midpoint of Saturn/south lunar node, a major key to life lessons.  With Saturn involved, plus the midpoint in the sign of Virgo and Vesta signifying the “ultimate Virgo,” the aspects point to frustration in the work.  Yet, John’s P Moon conjunct P Vesta at the election shows the likelihood of his work efforts having some impact on the public and our country.  Vesta is a major key to commitment and dedication in one’s work.

Typically, conflict aspects involving earth show a need to be more practical in coping with the physical world.  We may need to reduce our ambition, or to extend our timetable, or to change our methods, or to look for help to reach our goals.  John’s P MC, an alternate Saturn, repeats the message of a career challenge with a square to Chiron in Capricorn, the Saturn sign.  The P MC started an octile to its natal position in late July 2000 at the same time that the P Sun began its octile to N Sun.  My preferred system of progressing the angles is to move the MC the same distance that the P Sun has moved, and to calculate the other angles from this new MC.  Everyone gets this pair of aspects, the Sun and MC octiles, for two years at about the age of 45.  This time is often associated with a mid-life crisis when we may make major changes in our lives.

Some of the new asteroids reiterate the suggestion of excessive ambition.  There are several asteroids associated with overreach in some form.  P Phaethon and P Bacchus are both in 18 Gemini, conjunct John’s N Sun.  Phaethon crashed as a result of his overreach.  Bacchus, the Roman Dionysus, is associated with religious excesses.  P Icarus trines John’s N Sun from 18 Aquarius, showing his ninth house faith egging him on.  P Hybris (hubris) in 25 Pisces presents a very mixed picture with sextiles to P Chiron and his Antivertex, again support from his faith and his intelligence, a trine to his P East Point saying “I can do it,” but a square to P Mars. The combination suggests that John’s efforts may help to educate or stimulate the faith of many even though he fails to reach his work goal.   Hybris is in the tenth house square Mars in the sixth house, the two houses of work.  P Bellerophon, named for another mythical figure who crashed, is in 23 Scorpio on the Vertex (opposite the Antivertex), sextile P Uranus (which is part of a cluster of asteroids), square P Pluto, semisextile Neptune, and trioctile John’s Ascendant in Washington DC, which is just a couple of degrees later than his N Ascendant.  Again, the picture is mixed, pointing to educational effects but not to getting what he wants as shown by his Washington Ascendant.

Several of the personal name asteroids involved in aspects to some the major factors already listed are in 23 to 25 degrees of different signs.  I mentioned the cluster around Uranus.  In Cancer, John has N Gaea (earth) in 22 degrees, N Atropos (death goddess) in 23 degrees, P Monica in 22 degrees, P Karma in 23 degrees, P Williams and P Richard in 24 degrees.  P Albert is in 24 Taurus.  As I wrote in my original article about the inauguration chart for the next president, I expect the ghosts of Monica and Bill will be present, and they are certainly playing a role in the campaign if only in the emphasis on character, integrity, dignity, etc.  The Republicans are, of course, the ones trying to tie Clinton to Al, so the presence of Richard (for Dick Cheney) in this Cancer cluster is appropriate.

John has N Georgia (for Bush) in 21 Taurus on his N Vesta, picturing the two connected by the work ambition.  P Georgia in 11 Gemini is conjunct John’s P Moon at the election, as well as P Hillary. ?  We will see what that combination means when the date comes.  Astrology shows one’s psychological state, and John, George, Hillary, and the public are certainly connected at the mental level.  John’s N George is in 4 Leo 41, so out of my one-degree orb for a square to Saturn, but with overlapping orbs, we could connect it, and the aspect is certainly appropriate for the contest for the same power position.  P George in 3 Virgo 16 is coming to a conjunction with John’s N Pallas, our political asteroid.  That could mean George will get the political job he wants.  P George is also conjunct P Laverna, the goddess of thieves.  Does someone think George is stealing the election, or should we just say “buying” it?  P George is also sextile a cluster of factors in 3 Cancer which includes the asteroids now on Uranus: John’s N Jupiter, Williams, Monica, and Richard, which is just under 3 degrees, but within my one-degree orb.  Will John’s faith affect these three public figures?  Or is the chart telling us that their actions are influencing his faith, helping to shape his goals?

What about Pat Buchanan, whose dogmatic, conservative beliefs split the Reform Party?  We have an asteroid named Patrick Gene, which is the closest we can come to Pat’s name.  John has it in 1 Aries 8 opposite N Fama (fame), square P Jakoba (a variant of John) in 0 Cancer, and the latter squares John’s N Moon.  The cardinal T-square fits the power struggle between Pat and John.  P Patrick Gene is in 13 Aries 5, square John’s P Mercury and P mean lunar nodes, and opposite N America.  This gives us a full grand cross in the cardinal signs and houses.   P America in 20 Libra squares John’s N Venus, and P Atlantis in 21 Libra squares his N Uranus, repeating the message of a challenging power struggle which involves our country.  Yet John’s P Sun is coming to one of his personal name asteroids right after the election.  P Johnny is in 3 Leo 23, so it seems likely that Hagelin will continue in some type of public role involving power and fame.  Also, his P Ascendant in 9 Leo has been going over his Sun/Moon midpoint and sextile his N Vesta for some kind of prominence and work success.  Many more asteroids could be mentioned, but time and space are finite in this earth level of life.

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