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INAUGURATION 2001: Part 10
by Zip Dobyns

I have too much material to do more than take a scatter-shot at the coming election.  So consider this a smorgasbord of tidbits.  Thanks to Lois Rodden, we do have full birth data for Harry Browne, the candidate for the Libertarian Party.  His data is from his memory, given to his campaign publicist who gave it to Jim Babka.  He says he was born on June 17, 1933 at 3:15 AM EDT in New York City.

The Libertarian Party has been increasing its membership, but it is still a minor blip on the media radar screens.  As the name indicates, it wants more liberty.  Browne says his motto is: “government go away.”  The Party wants to get rid of the income tax and return to our original dependence on tariffs and excise taxes.  They want to limit the federal government to national defense, the post office, the judiciary, and a “few other things.”  I assume this means no funds for welfare, education, research, etc.  With such a program, would we expect an emphasis on astrological letters one and two and maybe on the efficiency side of six and ten, limiting the potential for empathy?  Letter eleven should also be strong since these proposals are somewhat radical and do center on freedom from any limits.

Browne has his Ceres, Antivertex, Moon, and Uranus in Aries in the Pisces house, and his East Point in Taurus also in the 12th, while he has a Taurus Ascendant.  Chiron is in the Aries house in the sign of Gemini, and his Gemini Sun is in the Taurus house.  The south lunar node, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mars are in Virgo in the Leo house with Juno in the Virgo house.  Saturn in Aquarius is in its own Capricorn house, with the south lunar node and Pallas in the Aquarius house in the sign of Pisces.

The preceding fit our theory, but can we explain the strong water in his chart, the emphasis on both the sign and house of Pisces and Venus, Vesta, Mercury, and Pluto in Cancer?  Yes, if Browne is identified with God with Aries in the Pisces house, Chiron in the Aries house, and Mars conjunct Jupiter, he may feel that his will should be God--that what he personally wants should become the state for everyone.  Vesta conjunct Venus and Mercury can tilt Cancer away from the potential for empathy, encouraging a tunnel-vision commitment to his chosen job of educating (third house) the masses into self-sufficiency through productive work.  If people need help, let them look to their families or neighbors.  The Gemini house also may “cool” the natural empathy of Cancer, calling for detachment and reason rather than emotion. Virgo in the Leo house may also feel one should have the personal power of the king to impose one’s work ethic on the world.  Saturn in its own Capricorn house may seek to control the world, but in Aquarius, to make it accept freedom no matter how the world feels about it.

Obviously, we would not assume the preceding interpretation details if Browne had not demonstrated them by running for U.S. president on the Libertarian principles. 

An emphasis on Pisces, Cancer, and Virgo could lead to a helping profession, to counseling or healing.  Browne is a lawyer, and giving him the benefit of the doubt, we will assume that he really believes that society would be helped if the federal government was drastically reduced in size and power.  The problem is, such limits on the government would put more power into the hands of mega corporations.  If Bush is elected, the U.S. is likely to move still more in that direction, reducing taxes on the rich, regulations that protect the environment, etc.

There is obviously no chance that Browne will be elected president in 2000.  He may maintain an active role in the Libertarian Party, but his secondary progressions suggest the likelihood of changes.  His P Sun enters Virgo just a month before the election on November 7, and his P Moon enters Libra before the end of November.  When planets change signs or houses, there are usually changes in the life.  P Venus opposes his P MC. squares his P East Point, is trioctile his Ascendant, and his P East Point is still within orb of a trioctile to his N Saturn.  His P Sun conjuncts the true south lunar node, squares Chiron, and is octile N Mercury.  P Uranus holds a very long square to his N MC, and P Mars also squares the MC.  Just before the election, P Mars ended a long opposition to P Uranus.  P Vesta opposes P Saturn and is octile P Jupiter.  P Pluto will be opposite his Washington DC MC for the rest of his life.  Individuals with a power struggle nature need a healthy outlet for it, and politics is one of the appropriate ones.

In light of my time constraints, with the election just a week away, I will skip the asteroids in Browne’s chart and turn to another individual for whom we have complete birth data.  Tipper Gore, Al’s wife, was born on August 19, 1948 at 2:40 AM EDT in Washington D.C., according to her birth certificate.

She is manifesting her strong Cancer and Leo with both a personal family of four children, and a lifetime commitment to helping the children of others.  The relationship signs of Cancer, Leo, Libra, and Scorpio dominate her chart.  She is identified with the mother role with Cancer rising, Ceres, the mother-asteroid, in her 1st house, and Mars in her Cancer house.   Her Aquarius Moon broadens her nurturing instincts, and its trine to her East Point in the Pisces house, with Mars in Libra completing a close grand trine, fits her universal mothering.

She is also concerned with power, and has struggled with depression in her life with Saturn conjunct her Leo Sun within one minute of longitude.  Saturn represents the “rules of the game,” authority figures who enforce the rules, and one’s conscience, the inner enforcer.  Individuals who feel responsible for nurturing the world may become depressed at the enormity of the problems and their own inadequacy to accomplish their goals.  Tipper’s Moon rules her Ascendant, her sense of personal identity and power, and its placement on the cusp of the Sagittarius house shows an identification with God.  There is always the danger of feeling that no matter how much we do, it is not enough.

Tipper’s progressions for the election are mixed, as is normal.  Her P MC just starting a trine to N Vesta could point to success in her career, and her P Moon in Capricorn sextile P Chiron supports this outcome.  P Mercury on the P south lunar node suggests a lesson period involving relationships and power – Scorpio in the Leo house.  Leo assumes that we have or ought to have personal power, while Scorpio is learning how to share power.  P Juno in Aries in the Capricorn house holds a quincunx to Mercury and the node, repeating the message.  Life is a balancing act, as we try to do our share but not play “Atlas” and overreach or evade genuine responsibilities.  P East Point trines P Juno, but squares the node-Mercury conjunction, to repeat the message, and  P Venus says it again with a yod: a conjunction to her N Mercury, a sextile to her P Mercury, and a  quincunx to P Juno.  Still other aspects include P Ascendant square Chiron, P Uranus octile Pluto, and P Pallas trine P Neptune.

As our readers know by now, I call the quincunx the “closet-cleaning” aspect, and the double quincunx, which we call a yod, makes it even more emphatic.  Two factors that are 150 degrees apart in the sky represent desires that are usually quite different.  The signs and houses will usually involve different elements, (fire-earth-air-water), different qualities, (cardinal-fixed-mutable), and different thirds of the zodiac and house circle, (personal-interpersonal-transpersonal).  The desires are not easy to integrate, and we tend to analyze the situation, and either change some of the details, or decide to go in a whole new direction.  Of course, it is also possible that others or events outside of our control may change our life.  Either way, the quincunx usually signals change.  Another major network of aspects is formed by the coming inauguration on January 20, 2001, when Tipper’s P Moon will be quincunx N Saturn and Sun, trine her N Antivertex,  sextile P Mars, and trioctile her N Vesta.  The aspects certainly fit a career change, but that will happen regardless of the outcome of the election since she will no longer be the wife of the Vice President.

Though the aspects are very mixed, including both harmony and stress patterns, there is considerably more harmony in Tipper’s chart than in her husband’s.  Harmony aspects might mean she gets what she wants, to become the wife of the next president.  Or, they might mean she is lucky to avoid the stress which is inevitable with that position, especially if the next term of office is going to be very stressful, with the possibility of a personal threat against the next president.  If Al Gore wins the election, I am especially concerned about early 2003.  We will leave the extra asteroids for a postscript when I have more time.

We have a birth date and place but no birth time for Richard Cheney, the Republican candidate for Vice President: January 30, 1941, in Lincoln, NE.  The normal astrological practice when we lack a time of birth is to put the Sun on either the MC or the Ascendant.  However, I like to play with a speculative time, and I have picked 14:27 CST though I have very few events in Cheney’s life.  Serious students of astrology and professionals may prefer to work with the more traditional noon chart.

Since the houses of the chart are totally unknown, I will just mention a few of the sign and aspect features.  Cheney’s Sun and Mercury are both in Aquarius, and in light of his very conservative record and personal statements, I think they are probably in a water or earth house.  However, he has certainly been much involved in technology, mostly military but also dealing with oil, so I chose to put his Sun in the Scorpio house but Mercury in the Sagittarius house.  His Pisces Moon in the Capricorn house fits a career focused on oil or drugs or hidden matters--in his case, defense and government security issues.  The Internet has stories connecting him and his oil company employers to drugs, but there is no firm evidence for this as far as I know.  His style of speaking tends to be soft and not especially fluent, so I put early Cancer on his Ascendant, making the Pisces Moon a key to his identity, and its position in the Capricorn house a hint of his power drive.  The Pisces emphasis in his nature would be increased if he was born late in the day, since it would put the Moon opposite Neptune.  His personal name asteroid, Richard, is in 28 Pisces, so it is closely opposite his Neptune.

Cheney was born with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus, so it is appropriate that he is prominent in this election with these two major keys to the world situation again conjunct in this sign, though in a later degree.  Those who have read the earlier political articles on our web site will remember that this is the last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in an earth sign for many hundreds of years.  The aspects occur at 20-year intervals, and they will now cycle through the other three elements for about 200 years each.  Ever since 1840, the presidents elected around the time of the  conjunctions in earth signs have died in office; sometimes assassinated, and sometimes from natural causes. Reagan was elected with the first conjunction in an air sign.  He was shot but survived.  We will see whether our next president can break this jinx.  The 2001 inauguration chart, which was discussed in an early article in this series, pointed to major tensions during the next term of office, and at least one major hot spot is clearly going to be the Near East.  I will be writing about the chart of Israel in the near future.

In analyzing future potentials for an individual, aspects to natal and progressed chart angles are at least as important as the planets, so I am reluctant to even try to speculate on Cheney’s chances in the coming election.  P Chiron and P Neptune hold long sextiles to each other, and semisextiles to N Vesta, supporting career success in general.  On the other hand, P Juno squares Uranus and may oppose N Mercury if Cheney was born early in the day.  P Moon is somewhere in Taurus, and my speculative birth time would put it on Uranus, square P Juno but trine N Venus. P Sun is sextile its own natal position, but trioctile N Vesta and possibly octile P Venus.  P Richard in 3 Taurus is semisextile/quincunx the lunar nodes, while P Pluto holds a long sextile/trine to the nodes.  If anyone finds Cheney’s birth time, please share it!

Laura Bush, wife of George W, is even more of a mystery since I have only her birth date without a time or place.  She was born on November 4, 1946, and I suspect in Texas.  Her birth just four months after W’s puts their natal Suns trine each other.  I am “playing” with a speculative chart set up for 18:05 CST in Austin, TX.  She has been living in Austin since her husband was elected governor of TX, so that city would provide local houses if we had a birth time.  I chose s speculative birth time quite arbitrarily to put N Jupiter on her Austin West Point and P Jupiter on her Austin Descendant.  Her N Juno, the marriage asteroid, is also there with Jupiter.

Like Cheney, she has a Pisces Moon, but her Jupiter and Saturn are exactly square each other, and they form a T-square to Cheney’s conjunction in Taurus.  W’s Ascendant and Mercury are conjunct her Saturn so his Ascendant-Descendant axis squares her Jupiter.  Laura’s N Ceres opposes W’s P Saturn which is on his Ascendant in Washington, so Ceres is on his local Descendant. Laura’s personal name asteroid is in 10 Virgo, close to Nemesis in 11 Virgo and Georgia in 12 Virgo.  Without a birth time, we lack minutes on the asteroids, but can calculate their degrees.  Her Sun in 11 Scorpio and Pallas, the political asteroid, in 11 Capricorn, form harmony patterns to her Virgo factors, but her P lunar nodes square them.  P Vesta trines her N Venus, and P Pluto holds a long sextile-trine to her mean lunar nodes.  P Ceres trines her Uranus, but may square her N Juno and P Jupiter and be quincunx her P Laura.  The latter squares Uranus and P Mercury from 21 Virgo, and it is octile P Saturn.  As usual, we have a mixed bag and wish we had her full birth data.

 I started this series of political articles in early February.  Once  we know the outcome of the election, we can do some after-game quarterbacking.  The last program at the ISAR conference in October was a panel discussion about the election.  Of the seven professional astrologers on the panel, 3 said Gore would be elected, and 3 said it would be Bush.  I said it depends.  As already indicated in previous articles on our web site, I think that if harmony aspects mark the winner, it will be Bush.  But if harmony means being lucky to escape the stress of the office, it will be Gore, whose chart is loaded with conflict.  A San Diego professional astrologer named Jim Shawvan has tentatively predicted that it will be Gore, based on the observation of several astrologers who claim that the most conflicted chart is likely to show the winner.  Jim also thinks that the race will be so close that it will take counting absentee ballots to decide the winner.  Bush may go to bed, thinking he has won, only to find, possibly days later, that Gore nosed him out.  Jim thinks the balance of power in Congress between the Democrats and the Republicans might also take time before it is settled.  The one prediction agreed to by all of the ISAR panelists was that the election would be very close, and that it might be an upset.  That would fit the polls favoring Bush but Gore edging him out.  We will know soon.

P.S.  Recent news turns Joe Lieberman's birth data into DD (dirty data) in the Rodden rating system.  His mother has told a neighbor who is an astrology student that Joe was born between 2 and 3 AM.  Lois Rodden likes 2:30 AM, and I am inclined to agree that it is a strong possibility.  His intense religious convictions fit putting Neptune on his MC and Sagittarius rising.  Also, I have found Pallas to be a major key to politics.  A 2:30 AM birth time puts Joe's P Ascendant on his N Pallas, and his P East Point on his P Pallas.  His P MC would be coming to an opposition to his N Uranus in Taurus, reaching it in time for the 2001 inauguration.  We'll keep watching for more data.

Zip Dobyns

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