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by Zip Dobyns

How long will Israel's new Prime Minister last?  Lois Rodden's astrology databank has the birth data for Sharon, given years ago by his mother. It is reportedly February 27, 1928 at 7:36 AM, zone --2, in Kafr Malal, Palestine, 32 N 11, 34 E 54. As my readers know by now, I make no claims that I can predict life details, but I think that an accurate birth horoscope can show the times when an individual will face psychological issues. We can always think of a variety of possible life details that could occur at such times, depending on how the individual handles the situations, on how many others are involved, and especially on what has happened previously that has led up to the current situations.

I believe that when large numbers of people, institutions, countries, etc. are involved, even an individual in a power position probably has a limited amount of ability to change the details of the outcome. I have written in the past that in mundane situations, where masses of people are involved, the general script of the play is mostly dictated by what has preceded the present. The person who accepts a leading role probably has to play the script as it is written. He or she probably has very little "free will" though it is always possible to change one's attitudes and thus change one's personal experience. The "extras" in the background may have more freedom to change personal actions as well as attitudes.

Sharon has been described as a ruthless fighter for Israel, an iron-fisted extremist. He was held responsible for massacres carried out by his own soldiers in Palestine. As Defense Minister of Israel, he invaded Lebanon in 1982, and allowed Christian allies into the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon where they slaughtered Palestinian men, women, and children. Israeli soldiers were only finally removed from a border area of Lebanon by Barak in the spring of 2000. Sharon strongly supports the Israeli settlements which continued to take Palestinian land even under Barak, and which many consider one of the main reasons for the intifada that started in the fall of 2000. The ostensible spark that set off the Palestinian violence was a visit on September 28, 2000 by Sharon and others to a site on the Temple Mount that is considered holy by both Jews and Palestinians.

Sharon rejects the compromises offered to Arafat by Barak, and the compromises were also rejected by Arafat with the support of Arabs in other countries. Sharon says that he will bring peace and security to Israel on his terms. A member of his Likkud Party who served as a soldier under him offered a description of those terms in an article in the February 19, 2001 issue of U.S. News and World Report. "Arabs are like a bicycle -- you have to know how to ride them, and Arik knows. The Arabs are a servile people and if you rule them with a firm hand, they'll be happy."  The continuing intifada challenges that belief. The Palestinians hate and fear Sharon, and the violence has continued and even escalated since his election as Prime Minister of Israel on February 6, 2001. Can Sharon's horoscope provide any insight into this grim picture?

Though the accuracy of charts of world leaders is always subject to doubts, Sharon's chart does fit the descriptions of his life. If the data is accurate, Jupiter in Aries was conjunct his Ascendant at birth within 10 minutes of longitude. The two auxiliary Ascendants, the East Point and Antivertex, were also in early Aries with Uranus, and all in the natural house of Pisces. The one-twelve combinations including signs and houses and Jupiter as a co-ruler of Pisces, show an identification with God. We may feel that we "ought" to be perfect, and never feel good enough. Or we may feel that we "are" God (doing His will), that we can do whatever we want and that whatever we do is God's will. Sharon's Sun, as a key to one's ego-drive to do more than we have done before, is in both the sign and house of Pisces, adding to the danger of grandiosity and religious extremism. Chiron, an alternate Jupiter, in the first house repeats the identification with God.

Mars, ruler of the first house and its sign, placed in Capricorn, shows an identification with the LAW. All astrological principles can be manifested in opposite extremes, so we may feel the LAW has all the power and we have none, or that our personal will is LAW. (All of these extremes tend to be destructive. Compromises usually work best.)  Venus, ruler of the first house Taurus, is conjunct Mars, and both are in the house of Aquarius. Venus shows where we find pleasure. Letter eleven signifies the urge to reject the LAW, to go beyond it, to break new ground. Sharon feels he has the right and the power to reject any limits on his personal will, which is shown by Mars and Venus as keys to personal identity. Venus shows that he also enjoys this ability to challenge the LAW. Vesta in the sign and house of Aquarius connects his job to society, humanity, to a public life. Pallas, our most political asteroid, is in Capricorn on the cusp of the eleventh house, combining the areas associated with the executive and legislative branches of government. The MC in Capricorn in the dwad of Aquarius provides another similar mixture, reinforcing an attraction to a public life concerned with wielding or resisting power.

Mercury in double Pisces provides additional support for a life concerned with transpersonal issues, and Saturn in double Sagittarius repeats the strong emphasis on idealism shown in the chart. As our major key to our career, our role in society, our handling of the LAW and authority figures, Saturn in Sagittarius could choose a career as a writer, teacher, preacher, or world traveler among many possibilities. Saturn is also a key to our capacity to learn the "rules of the game."  We keep getting the consequences of our actions until we learn what we can do, what we can't do, and what we have to do to survive in this material world. I see both Saturn and the south lunar node as major keys to lessons in our lives, so placing them in the same 9th sign and house provides a powerful statement that Sharon needs to examine his beliefs, values, ethics, and goals. Consequences, feedback from the world, are always our clues that let us know how we are doing.

In addition to the identification with God and the LAW, Sharon's involvement with power is shown by his T-square in fixed signs. Vesta in Aquarius opposes Neptune in Leo and they square the Moon in Taurus. The pattern is strengthened since the Moon is on the midpoint of Vesta and Neptune within one degree. Also, Neptune retrograded to form an exact progressed square to the Moon that has lasted most of his life. Neptune on the cusp of the 6th house repeats the connection of his job to his faith that was shown by Saturn, the natural and actual ruler of the 10th house, in Sagittarius. The fixed sides of life are like an irresistible force meeting an immovable object. They are not unchanging, but they show an enduring self-will that resists being made to change. Hence, they often lead to a lifetime of power struggles that will be even more likely if the chart also has any emphasis on letters one and ten. Sharon's chart is a classic for such a life, and at the age of 72, he is living it to the hilt.

One more lasting progressed aspect might be mentioned. Pluto has held a quincunx to the south lunar node throughout Sharon's life. Quincunx aspects connect two of life's basic desires that are inherently incompatible. To integrate them, we need to compromise. If we fail to work out a compromise that gives both desires some satisfaction in our lives, we may deny either one, or alternate between them, or just keep changing small details looking for a solution. Sharon's Pluto in double Cancer would normally express as compassion for his home, family, and (if expanded) for his homeland and its people. His compromise tied his intense religious commitment to his own people and homeland, but limited his compassion and protection to them. This allowed his ruthless treatment of others that horrifies people who think that human rights should be a universal value extended to all religions.

Let's look at a few of the newer asteroids before we look at Sharon's current patterns. He has a personal name asteroid, Sharon, which was in 28 Aquarius 39 at his birth. The T Sun was conjunct it when Bush ordered the escalation of the bombing of Iraq on February 16, 2001. In articles I plan to write later on Iraq, Saddam, Bush, and that bombing, we will see how interconnected these players are in the current Near East tragedy. With two US leaders named Bush, I will mostly refer to our current president by his nickname, Dubya. P Sharon in Dubya's chart is on his own P Saturn in 3 Leo, and the latter is on his local Ascendant in Washington D.C. The incredible election mess in Florida seems to have been the way the cosmos got Dubya elected to carry on his father's (and Cheney's and Powell's) unfinished business with Iraq. Note that Saturn in Dubya's chart stands for his father, for his own executive power, and for the mutual karmic consequences that will come from his interaction with Sharon. Dubya is devoted to his father. In addition to continuing his father's feud with Saddam, Dubya's obsessive fight for tax rebates for the very rich is partly to vindicate his father, to do what Bush elder could not do. The latter blamed his defeat in 1992 on his failure to carry out his pledge of "no new taxes." 

I limit aspect orbs on the new asteroids to one degree, so N Sharon is just past an opposition to Neptune in Sharon's chart. But when we calculate his chart for Washington D.C., a primary player in the Near East drama, Sharon's local Ascendant is 28 Scorpio 11, square his name asteroid and making a grand fixed cross out of his natal fixed sign T-square. He is not likely to win friends or influence the U.S. positively, and our actions may not please him. P Sharon on his election day was in 20 Pisces 22, octile N and P Venus and on their midpoint. Being elected theoretically brought pleasure to him and to his followers, but it may be either short-lived or very limited by the ongoing violence. I never get used to the amazing way the asteroids "work."  The asteroid named for Israel was in 7 Aquarius 27 in Sharon's natal chart, but by the time he was elected Prime Minister of Israel, P Israel had reached 21 Pisces 16. It had been holding a one-degree conjunction with P Sharon for some years when he took power over the country. Both P Sharon and P Israel were also conjunct N Busch in 20 Pisces 30, one of the asteroids that seems to "work" for both father and son Bush. Both Dubya and Sharon fought hard to get power in their respective countries. We will see how they handle it.

In Sharon's chart, P Busch is now in 22 Aries 46, with an octile to Sharon's natal Sun in 7 Pisces. For those who use a version of the July 4, 1776 chart for the U.S., note that our Uranus is progressing just under 7 Gemini and our N Mars is in 21 Gemini. Our N Jupiter on Sharon's IC suggests that the US may continue to help his country, but his P Uranus square it from Aries suggests that his defiance of all limits to his personal will may disrupt and block some of that potential help. Our Neptune in 22 Virgo could also show our disillusionment, shared with much of the developed world, if Sharon continues to starve, injure, and kill stone-throwing Palestinian children. Despite the provocation of sporadic Israeli deaths from guns and bombs, the disproportionate amount of death and destruction among the Palestinians could lead to much of the world turning against Israel.

There are several asteroids named for the geographic regions involved in the struggles. Arabia may work for the country, but also for the Arab people in general, which would include the Palestinians. Ancient Chaldaea and Sumeria covered much of modern Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, and perhaps part of Iran. Ankara was named for the capital of Turkey, which has been mostly cooperating with Israel, but is currently in a political and financial crisis as of early 2001. Obviously, we also have the death goddesses, the war goddesses, Winchester for guns and Nobel for explosives in general plus Hiroshima and Nagasaki for atomic bombs more specifically. Ra-Shalom was named for the first peace treaty signed between an Arab country and Israel. At this time, the Arab world may feel forced to support their Arab brothers in Palestine, and it is swinging toward more support for Saddam Hussein. As this is being written, Colin Powell has just made his first official visit to the Near East, trying to shore up Arab commitment to our policy of containing Saddam. I will be writing about the Iraq charts in another article, since the whole drama is tightly interconnected. Saddam is undoubtedly continuing to build weapons of mass destruction, which may include chemical, biological, and nuclear  weapons. I am looking at Pasteur and Leeuwenhoek for possible keys to germ warfare, and Duponta for potential chemical weapons, as well as Neptune and Poseidon (the Greek Neptune) for poison gas. There are so many potentially useful asteroids, our problem is lack of time to look at them all.

A dramatic description of Sharon's current power struggle is shown by his P Mars at his election in a mutable grand cross. P Mars was in 24 Pisces 54 opposite his natal Part of Death in 25 Virgo 38 (Placidus houses), and square his N Arabia in 24 Sagittarius 38 and his N Georgia (for George Bush) in 25 Gemini 49. P Arabia in 6 Capricorn 27 is slowly retrograding while holding squares to Sharon's N Ascendant and P Uranus and octiles to his MC/Ascendant midpoint and N Hel, a death goddess, in 20 Aquarius. His P Sun in 19 Taurus just reached a square to Hel, along with his P Antivertex, an auxiliary Ascendant in 19 Taurus 28. Those who work with planetary nodes know that periodically the nodes of Mercury and Mars line up with the Sun and Earth in 18 to 19 degrees of Taurus and/or Scorpio. Sharon's current progressions have this combination with P south Mars in 18 Scorpio, P north Mars in 19 Taurus, and P north Mercury and P south Mercury in 18 and 20 Taurus respectively. The nodes of the inner planets, Mercury and Venus, can line up with the Sun and earth so we see both north and south nodes conjunct each other and the Sun. P Icarus (overreach and a crash) in 18 Aquarius 56 reinforces the picture of a major power struggle covered by the media (Mercury). Sharon's N MC in 4 Capricorn, plus his group in early Aries including N Antivertex, N East Point, and P Uranus, form octiles and trioctiles to the T-square in 18 to 20 degrees of the fixed signs.

P Mars was sextile Sharon's N Moon for his election success, but his P Moon in 17 Capricorn was conjunct P Guernica (military attacks on innocent civilians), square N Hephaistos (maker of weapons) in 17 Aries 10, Phaethon (overreach and crash) in 18 Aries 48, and P Hiroshima retrograding in 16 Libra 53. It was also opposite several asteroids in Cancer to complete a cardinal grand cross, as well as octile or trioctile factors in 2 to 3 degrees of the mutable signs. The latter included N Mercury, P Pax (peace) and his P local Antivertex in Washington D.C., which were all in Pisces; N Nobel, P Hela, and (just applying) N George in Gemini; and P America and P Juno in Virgo. The potential for tension between Sharon and the US and its leaders is a repeated theme in his chart. P Moon in the spring of 2001 will move into squares to his P Powell and P Busch which are in 21 and 22 degrees of Aries. P Fanatica, with its potential for extremism, is in 23 Aries within one degree of P Busch, so it is part of the picture. The Aries asteroids are octile Sharon's N Sun and two relevant progressed asteroids that are also in 7 Pisces: Potomac, a river in Washington D.C., so a key to our capital, and Sumeria, named for part of the Near East region

Many relevant asteroids in Sharon's natal chart have not yet been mentioned, including his Mars conjunct United Nations and Icarus in the last degree of Capricorn, where they square P Hybris (hubris) in 29 Libra and have octiles/trioctiles to his lunar nodes. I read the lunar nodes as two more moons in the chart, pointing to issues involving emotional security. As previously indicated, the south node in Sagittarius shows a lesson in the area of beliefs, ideals, values, ethics, etc. Another repetition of the power theme in Sharon's chart is the conjunction of his IC with Mithra, an ancient Near Eastern god mostly worshiped by soldiers and pirates, and Dike, key to human justice. Themis, who stood for divine justice, was in 9 Pisces, with the P true lunar nodes holding squares to it for many years. The natal lunar nodes squared N Fanatica in 15 Pisces. P Themis in 2 Aries and P Chaldaea, another ancient name for the region, in 3 Aries, are square the early Cancer cluster of Mithra, Dike, and Sharon's IC. And as a key to action, his P Ascendant on February 6, 2001 was in 2 Cancer 51. If his birth time is accurate, his P Ascendant will reach his N IC on September 11, 2001. Angle aspects show the timing of major changes while the asteroids help to spell out the nature of the action.

Supporting the potential for major changes throughout the current year, and the likelihood that the US will play an important role, Sharon's P MC has been moving conjunct his P Washingtonia in middle Pisces while they squared his P and then N lunar nodes. If his birth time is accurate, his P MC will reach a square to his P Saturn on August 26, 2001, just before his P Ascendant reaches his N IC and opposes his N MC. The aspects of the progressing angles will last over two years, and they clearly mark a time of confronting the law, of consequences from past actions. Saturn and the MC carry the same meaning, and these aspects include Saturn and both the N and P MC. Obviously, we can't be dogmatic about the precise day that progressing angles reach an exact one-degree-orb aspect since even a change of a fraction of a minute in the birth time will change the aspect date by days or weeks. But clearly Sharon's life will be stressful, and we do not need astrology to know that. We just have to look at what is happening in the Near East.

During the spring and summer of 2001, Sharon's P Moon will square the factors in the last half of the cardinal signs, and be octile/trioctile the factors in the early degrees of the mutable signs. N Powell in 5 Pisces and N Collins in 6 Pisces show tension with our new Secretary of State since Collins seems to be working for Colin. P Collins was in 6 Aries 40 on his Ascendant when Sharon was elected. Rubicon, signifying a point beyond which there is no turning back, is in 21 Libra 54 opposite P Powell and P Busch, and a stellium in Cancer runs from 17 to 20 degrees of the sign. Sharon's P Moon will successively oppose P Mithra, P Dike, P Nemesis, P George, P Columbia, P Brita (England), and P Gaea (earth) in 17 to 20 degrees of Cancer. Dike signified human justice. Nemesis was the god who punished you if you flouted Themis, divine law. P Columbia could signify the District of Columbia for our capital.   In addition to the mutables already mentioned, the P lunar nodes and Sharon's N Sun and P Potomac and P Sumeria, his P Ceres is in 8 Pisces and N Juno and P Bellona (war goddess) are in 8 Virgo. For a final exclamation point on this momentous year, P Israel starts an octile to N Israel in June 2001. Will Sharon be defying most of the earth?  You wonder how many past lives he has lived as a soldier and/or a god-King?

One of the hardest decisions in writing about the asteroids is which to include and when to quit. The P mean lunar nodes continue long squares to N America in 10 Virgo 9. N Siva in 12 Virgo 1 is conjuncted by P Luthera for Powell's middle name. P Sharon in 20 Pisces opposes N Luthera in 20 Virgo. It is almost an embarrassment of riches when we have so many personal name asteroids for the major players in our drama. The Gulf War which drove Saddam out of Kuwait ten years ago was led by former president Bush, Dick Cheney as Defense Secretary, and Colin Powell as chairman of the US Joint Cheifs of Staff. Cheney and Powell are back in different power positions now working with the son of George Herbert Walker Bush.

We also have several asteroids for Cheney: Richard and two variants of Cheney's first name, Ricarda and Riccardi. We also have Brucia for his middle name Bruce. Astronomers used to add an 'a' or an 'ia' to feminize the names of asteroids with "ordinary" orbits that were named for men. In Sharon's chart, N Richard and N Brucia are both in 15 Pisces conjunct his N Fanatica. I interpret the latter as potentially signifying any form of extremism, including but not limited to religious intolerance. Remember, connecting individuals to asteroids tells us that they have to deal with that issue. An asteroid may describe part of one's nature, or it may have to be faced in others, or in life events. In addition to the aspects already listed for Sharon's P Moon in the spring of 2001, it will square N Ricarda in 19 Libra and be octile P Riccardi in 4 Pisces. P Richard, in 1 Taurus 32 on February 6, 2001, will reach a trioctile to P Saturn in June. It is already square P Tyr (the Norse Mars) and will square P Winchester within days. The latter are in 1 and 2 Leo with P Winchester already trioctile P Saturn and opposite N Ricarda in 2 Aquarius.

The philosophical implications of such mixtures of personal name asteroids aspecting other asteroids that are associated with violence suggest that it is no accident that these men accepted roles in the current drama. (Was that "acceptance" consciously voluntary or a subconscious attraction to a situation that fit their past habits?  That is the $64,000 question.)  I do not know the life details that will unfold in these coming months. Life is not "either/or."  It is "and."  We know there will be stress and struggles, but there will be a mixture of cooperation with conflict; inside the US, inside Israel, inside the would-be Palestinian state, inside the Arab countries, as well as between all of them. Astrology shows us the psychological issues and the timing when they will be faced, the "class schedule."  Life produces the details, and learns through the consequences.

In general, the horoscopes of individual human beings are more reliable than the charts of countries or other institutions which are born in a series of stages. But the chart for Israel, when the country was legally independent following the end of the British Mandate, has worked very well. I wrote about it in a previous article, but a postscript following this discussion of Sharon can amplify our understanding of the Near East drama.

As I mentioned in the article on Israel, a new 30-year cycle starts for the country when the P Moon conjuncts the P Sun during April and May 2001. Sometimes there is a keynote event right at the time of the New Moon, but normally there will be a process of change occurring for months before and after it. The fact that the Sun-Moon conjunction aspects both of the major chart angles makes it even more impressive. It will be quincunx the Ascendant, trioctile the MC, and just reaching the 6th house cusp to change houses, all pointing to a time of significant change. It will also be octile P Leeuwenhoek, which is conjunct the N IC, and trioctile P Pasteur, which is on the N MC. As previously stated, these asteroids may be keys to biological weapons. Pasteur is noted for his theory that contagious germs caused illness, and Leeuwenhoek developed a microscope to make them visible. Astrology shows states of mind, so the presence of these asteroids on the angles of Israel's chart do not guarantee that they are a threat, but they are certainly on the collective mind of the country. Saddam could be developing germ warfare, and gas masks have been issued to Israeli citizens.

N Sharon in the chart for Israel is retrograding in 25 Virgo 15. It was quincunx Pallas and squared N Uranus for years while P Jupiter squared it. P Venus, Mercury, and Uranus have also squared it at different times, and P Mercury will be square P Sharon in 28 Virgo 52 at the time of the country's P New Moon. P Mars is moving to conjunct N Sharon in July 2001, and P Powell will conjunct N Mars soon after that. The patterns certainly show the potential for change, but whether the actions will promote more peace or more violence is an open question. P Vesta is still on N Israel and P Saturn, square Chiron, and quincunx Israel's P MC in Jerusalem. P Saturn will reach N Israel about August 2001. I have been frequently shocked at the intensity of the tunnel vision which can be manifested by individuals (and institutions) expressing a Vesta-Saturn conjunction. Putting it on the asteroid named for the country could mark an ultimate impasse. The potential for alienation is one of the destructive potentials of Vesta. Then, when we add the reluctance of the fixed desires of life to compromise, especially when religious beliefs are mixed in, we increase the danger of an explosive impasse. Chiron in the 9th house in Scorpio shows the danger of an intractable, passionate commitment to beliefs.

The best article I have seen on the confrontation between Sharon and Arafat, head of the Palestinian Authority (the P.A.), was written by Thomas Friedman for the N.Y. Times. It was reprinted in our local San Diego newspaper on February 17, 2001. The article was titled "Enemies who really need each other."  Friedman pointed out that the Israelis had benefited during the seven years since the Oslo peace agreement. It brought peace with Jordan, opened up trade with China, India, and several Arab countries, and the Israel standard of living soared. But Israel continued to seize Palestinian land to expand settlements in the West Bank, reportedly installing 80,000 new settlers at the same time that talks were supposed to work out the details of exchanging land for peace. They also maintained control of the Palestinian areas, and periodically shut them down following sporadic acts of terrorism. The Israeli army could close roads, cutting off contact between Palestinian villages as well as with Israel, preventing Palestinians from getting to jobs in Israel, from leaving their country, and even from getting out to get food. To protect the Israeli settlements, Palestinian villages were encircled by what was, in effect, an army of occupation.

Friedman also pointed out that on the other side, since Oslo, the Palestinian standard of living collapsed. They got rid of Israeli soldiers inside some of their cities, but the Israelis were replaced by a corrupt, inefficient Arafat and his cronies. Friedman writes that "Intifada II is as much an uprising by a new generation of Palestinian youth, the Tanzim, against Arafat's Palestinian Authority, as it is against Israel's continued occupation. That is why Arafat has not dared set foot in the West Bank for two months. That's why his ministers are afraid to be seen driving in their limousines. That's why his corrupt head of Palestinian TV just had his brains blown out by masked Palestinian gunmen."

Friedman writes that Sharon has promised to quiet the Palestinian uprising before conducting any more negotiations. For that, he needs Arafat's help. But killing Israelis has become very popular on the Palestinian streets, and new warlords have risen whose status depends on continued warfare. Arafat can't reassert any authority without getting something real from Sharon in return. If Sharon really brings down an iron fist, Friedman suggests he will be blamed for turning Gaza into Kosovo. Arafat could just leave for Tunis or even join the radical Hamas, leaving Sharon to manage chaos, which is not what he was elected for.

Even since Friedman wrote his article, the situation has gotten worse. Israel has been withholding as much as $50 million a month in tax revenues that had been supporting many of the Palestinians, and Arafat is no longer able to pay his police and other employees of the P.A. As their debts mount, the longer their wages remain unpaid, the danger increases that even law-abiding Palestinians will join the violence and turn to crime to feed their families. In a recent example, a Palestinian bus driver who was not affiliated with any terrorist groups apparently "snapped" and drove his bus into a group of Israeli soldiers, killing several.

The fear and hatred continue to grow on both sides. Perez, an ardent supporter of compromise and peace, has agreed to join Sharon to attempt a "unity" government, but the proposed defense minister advocates a counter attack for each terrorist act. The problem is that the responses often miss the actual terrorists and hurt the innocent, adding to the hatred. Homes are destroyed because shots were fired from that general direction. Olive groves that have provided a livelihood to generations are destroyed because terrorists can shoot at Israeli settlements from behind the trees. I have seen Vesta-Saturn combinations expressed as profound alienation, but that word is hardly strong enough to describe the blood feud building in this land that is the source of three major monotheistic world religions. Can the situation change?  Or will it be another Kosovo, separated into regions with walls between them and needing outside powers to police the separation?  NATO is being challenged by militant Albanians who are still killing Serbs, trying to enlarge their proto-nation at the expense of Serbian and Macedonian territory. Must all the Jewish settlements be removed from the West Bank to separate the feuding neighbors?

The charts of Sharon and of Israel show a turning point during 2001. Dubya's chart also has aspects for change during this coming summer. His P Moon in Libra will cross his local IC in Washington, P Chiron, P Venus, his birthplace IC, and his P Jupiter during the period of June to November 2001. When you have a cardinal factor, the Moon, in a cardinal sign, crossing angles of a chart, you can assume there will be action. Maybe the action will focus mostly on the US, but I suspect it will involve a wider horizon. We will be checking this period when we look at the charts of Iraq and Saddam, though we have only a speculative time for the latter. In the meantime, we hope that all who care about humanity and the three religions who value this small piece of earth, will  pray for a spiritual awakening that sees beyond orthodox dogmas. Only that can bring peace. Sometimes, it takes a lot of suffering to persuade people to change.

Zip Dobyns

Copyright 2001 Los Angeles Community Church of Religious Science, Inc.

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