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As our readers know, our church, CCRS, continues to explore philosophical questions. My article on Astrology and Reality includes some physics, biology, psychology, and philosophy along with some of my beliefs about astrology. Larry Stevens, Margrit Spear, and my brother James Pottenger have put together some of their ideas about the nature of reality in a conceptual system they call "Holographic Psychology." Dr. James Pottenger is the founder of CCRS, and Margrit, a licensed clinical psychologist, is our treasurer. As I have written repeatedly, no conceptual system is final and total truth. All we can ask of them is whether they are useful in helping us to deal with the world. Perhaps some of our readers will find the holographic version useful.

Zip Dobyns

What is Holographic Psychology?

Holographic Psychology (HP) is an all-inclusive, philosophical psychology. It is the birth of a revolutionary course of understanding that ALL comprehension, and associated behavior, is being subjectively determined and manifested as part of an individual’s psychological dynamic. That dynamic is being continually influenced not only by life experience, but by an innate and previously hidden imperative that HP researchers are calling Spiritual DNA. For the first time in human history we have a philosophical science that can explain human behavior and our evolutionary process without labeling all other beliefs and modalities bad, wrong, or obsolete. Instead of bashing the ego mind (a common practice), Holographic Psychology—being all inclusive—helps facilitate enlightenment through simultaneous integration of both brain hemispheres (a coalescence of cognitive and visceral input).

The center core of HP is called Location of Comprehension (LOC); which is having the reflective capability to recognize that ALL behavior, in mentally competent adults, is a byproduct of subjectively derived habits and beliefs (biases, presets and resultant self-image), leading to repetitive action. Efforts to objectively conclude what’s RIGHT from a list of other beliefs, which in the process of dualistic elimination must therefore be judged as WRONG or EVIL, is to step into a feed-back loop of conflicted distortion. LOC helps to deliver us from this manipulative tug-of-war, and the suffering it creates, by detailing how human perception evolves through three distinct reality levels. Each level—once unearthed—represents a quantum shift in realization, wellness, and quality of life. These shifts, being self-actualized and free of external determinants, require no change to one’s environmental circumstances. Practicality is assured through the empowerment options that accompany each new level of expanded realization.

In summary, the integration of HP’s allowance principles represents the end of conflict not only in one’s direct relationships, but potentially the world.

For more on this self-empowering science, log on to our informative web site: simplyjoy.com. The site is being hosted by Swiss psychotherapist Margrit Spear, PhD/MFT, a CCRS (Community Church of Religious Science) associate and fellow researcher. Dr. Spear is the author of the definitive guidebook for therapists: “Life Changing Explosion in Consciousness - an Introduction to Holographic Psychology.”

Submitted, in love, by the “Soul Man” Rev. Larry James Stevens.

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