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Subject/Verb Adjective/Adverb Adj./adv./Life Area/Object
You are confident(ly) in your sense of self
You assert energetically in your behavior
You get angry impetuously naturally
You identity with self-centeredly your actions
You desire courageous(ly) self-expression
You want actively your body
You attack impulsively yourself
You hurry/rush impatiently when moving
You provoke forcefully/violently spontaneously
You pioneer quickly in the open
Your personal power is with integrity identity
Your sexual drive is quick-trigger instincts
You do your own thing instinctively early on in life
Your natural impulse directly, forthrightly for yourself


You enjoy deliberately possessions
You indulge patiently money
Beauty is tangib(ly) sensual pleasures
You savor comfortably easygoing side
You appreciate placidly affection
You attract dependably material assets
You make/spend money solidly sweetness
You feel stuck materially passivity
You touch/caress sensually beauty
You own/use regularly urge for stability


You think nimbly dexterity
You communicate fluently siblings/relatives
You relate cleverly communication
You compare/contrast intermittently trips
You scatter versatilely commerce/media
You laugh at impishly transporation
You are objective about superficially variety
You are curious about articulately wit
You are interested in nearby logic, reasoning
You explain/inform factually anything & everything
You mimic noisily information, data, facts
You verbalize nervously with restlessness


You nurture/take care of warm(ly) your home
You protect sympathetically your family
You are vulnerable guardedly feelings
You are needy for security mother (figure)
You get emotional about maternally children
Your feelings are habitual(ly) the past
Your family is private(ly) memories/sentimentality
Your mother (figure) is caring sustenance
Food, for you, is reassuring(ly) emotional safety
Dependency is moody (ily) roots
You feel safest when defensive(ly) emotional foundation
You seek security by indirect(ly) habits


You shine through generous children
You gain recognition loving lovers (loved ones)
You seek admiration magnetic speculation
Your self-esteem fun-loving creations
Your creativity charismatic romance
You applaud creative(ly) onstage activities
You are proud of egotistical gambling
Your speculative side enthusiastic emotional impact
You exaggerate arrogant(ly) recreation
You lead/influence with flair/drama amusement/gifts
Your vitality is grandiose(ly) entertainment
You are excited by regal(ly) applause


You work methodically on health issues
You are competent at precisely on the job
You repair/fix painstakingly co-workers
You critique/criticize discreetly nutrition
You focus on details re. humbly service
You maintain health by pragmatically cleanliness
You analyze exactly, carefully tasks
You assist/serve/help without waste order
You take apart/figure out thoroughly work routines
You are efficient at reliably skepticism/testing
You produce (tangible results) sensibly data/facts
You organize/arrange efficiently getting results


You share gracefully partners
You relate to diplomatically law suits
You react to beautifully relationships
You compete with face-to-face art/aesthetics
You vacillate about politely justice/fair play
You placate/please socially other people
You agree with for appearances contracts
You compare/contrast appropriately peers
You harmonize indecisively competition
Balance involves moderately cooperation
Your partner is coolly/peacefully rituals/niceties
You compromise affectionately appearances


You intensify compulsively joint resources
You probe beneath surface in crises sexuality
You obsess about dangerously one's mate
You manipulate/exploit loyally occult (hidden) studies
You seek self-mastery intimately psychotherapy
You seduce/sexualize passionately pollution/garbage/recycling
You control/overpower resourcefully transformation/rebirth
You concentrate secretly/privately self-mastery/self-control
You persevere shamefully/sneakily death/ends of chapters
You loan/inherit/borrow powerfully bargains/trade-offs
You bond with (get intimate) thoroughly repression/self-denial
You eliminate/purge/get rid of` possessively danger/emotional extremes


You believe in permissively high standards
You value benevolently freedom
You carry to excess extravagantly world view/philosopy
You explore/wander generously religion/metaphysics
You find humor in confidently education/science
You assume/generalize morally/ethically travel/foreign countries
You justify/excuse philosophically prosperity
You seek understanding restlessly truth/ultimate answers
You teach/translate reverently/spiritually opportunities/expansion
You have faith re. idealistically fun/laughter/sports
You find opportunity gregariously perfection/permission
You're optimistic about freely/easily judicial branch of government


You're responsible authoritatively conscience/rulers
You work hard cautiously karma/consequences
You seek power correctly/by the rules lessons/experience
You achieve consistently/exactly authorities/executive branch
You limit/restrict pessimistically your career
You structure respectfully father (figure)
You make rules about solitarily (alone) wisdom/maturity
You organize/practice formally/traditionally reality
You feel guilty about the hard way duties/roles
You conserve/continue with certainty/committed framework/structure
You reap consequences of` effectively/efficiently obstacles/obstructions
You use/test legally/for security (natural & actual) laws


You break loose (free) suddenly/abruptly groups/organizations
You brainstorm erratically friends
You improvise impersonally social/humanitarian causes
You invent/innovate independently astrology/anything new age
You reorganize/change accidentally technology/science
You revolutionize rebelliously change/disruption/surprises
You risk experimentally progress/the future
You seek the future by impetuously flashes of insight/genius
You are tolerant of eccentrically chaos/anarchy/accidents
You rebel/defy irreverently freedom/independence/space
You rationalize/detach from with groups information/networking
You take risks regarding futuristically perspective/legislative branch


You empathize/sympathize cosmically/universally cosmic consciousness
You merge/unify/join elusively/vaguely escapism/victim behavior
You're overwhelmed/confused magically/miraculously Oneness with the Whole
You escape (through) sensitively healing, helping, assisting behavior
You dream/visualize/imagine serenely/gracefully institutions; sheltered places
You seek infinite love/beauty spiritually/mystically secrets
You idealize/romanticize deceptively/unclearly miracles/sacred places
You avoid/ignore/pretend compassionately absolutes
You rescue/assist/save compliantly/sweetly infinite love & beauty
You sacrifice/lose secretly/behind scenes Higher Self/Inner Wisdom
You intuitively understand idealistically unconscious/meditation
You transcend/inspire imaginatively/intuitively transcendence/perfection


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