Time Zones and Changes Project

Mark Pottenger

Much of the time it is impossible to determine, from currently available books, just what time zone a person was born in, or what kind of time was in effect. Astro Computing Services (129 Secor Ln, Pelham, NY 10803) is planning a book that will give the zone and time changes city by city in troublesome areas, as well as latitude and longitude. If you know of any time or zone changes that are not mentioned in Doris Chase Doane’s books or the records of the Interstate Commerce Commission, please share the information. You can send it directly to ACS at the address above, or we can forward it for you. A copy of any documentation you have would be greatly appreciated.

The book will be updated whenever there is enough new information to warrant it, so keep ACS in mind in case you learn about a discrepancy in the future. If you know anyone else who has information to share, please tell them about the project.

Accurate birth time is vital to astrology, so I urge everyone to help in this effort.

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