Why Another Astrology Journal?

Zip Dobyns

The French term is raison d’etre, or the reason for being in existence. The answer involves a variety of hopes and goals. In part, The Mutable Dilemma is a substitute for the long-promised correspondence course which is still unfinished. Each issue will include a variety of regular columns and special features offering instruction in astrology and related disciplines. The regular or frequent columns will include such topics as astronomy, counseling techniques from a variety of modern psychotherapies, new astrological techniques, methods and theories, basic mathematics in astrology including short-cuts and simplifications, and so on.

The Mutable Dilemma is also a long-envisioned voice for the Los Angeles Community Church of Religious Science (CCRS). Since the Astrology Division of the Church is primarily responsible for the initial publication of The Mutable Dilemma, our primary focus will be on astrology. But we want readers to know that the initial thrust of CCRS involved an exploration into psycholinguistics: the recognition of the extent to which our basic concepts about ourselves and life, including the limits set by our language, determine what we can experience in life. If your concepts accept only material forces as “real,” there is no way for you to deal with spirits or life outside a physical body, except to classify such talk as delusion or fraud. So we are likely to have philosophical articles from time to time.

Still another primary division of the Church is devoted to the exploration of the psychic realm, including the development of techniques to facilitate expanded awareness, and possible contact with other levels of consciousness. Articles covering such explorations will appear from time to time.

One of the regular features of the journal will be a question and answer column discussing astrological questions of general interest which have been sent in by readers. Another regular feature will be the CHALLENGE CORNER in which readers will be invited to try their own skills on a variety of astrological puzzles. There will be regular reports on what is happening in research in astrology around the world, plus information on research design and statistics.

We hope that The Mutable Dilemma will be the most stimulating, helpful, challenging publication in astrology. It is designed to be a two-way street, to include an interchange with readers. We cannot guarantee to answer every letter or every question, since we have a limited staff and will be operating on the proverbial shoestring. But we will do our best to include material of general interest as well as the expanding frontiers of our exploding field. Astrology is a sleeping giant, just beginning to wake up. In the process, some old ideas may go the way of epicycles.

Our motto is: Consider everything you read or hear as a THEORY TO BE TESTED! BEFORE YOU ACCEPT IT, TEST IT!

Copyright © 1977 Los Angeles Community Church of Religious Science, Inc.

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