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I started this article in November 1986, but the fascinating unfoldment of the drama kept me watching TV and reading and making additions to the article, not to mention making The Mutable Dilemma later than usual. After several years of speculation about possible events to be associated with our Declaration of Independence P (progressed) Moon conjunct P Saturn during November-December 1986, as is so often the case, the details are unexpected but appropriate. The furor over military sales to Iran and financial aid to the Contras fighting the Sandinistas in Nicaragua is a good illustration of both the strengths and the limits of astrology. Our charts show the principles and the timing of the situation, but not the details. I expected a financial show-down of some sort, possibly involving the stock market. We had one with the Boesky scandal. But the market is continuing up, after a brief drop. It looks as if Ray Merriman’s forecast might be right, with one more big rise before the big plunge in late 1987 or the first half of 1988. Still we need to remember the P Full Moon coming in the original NY stock market chart in the spring of 1987. The patterns, with P Sun and MC octile and P Moon trioctile natal Jupiter suggests something important in April-May 1987. Full Moons can initiate a fulfillment phase in the 30-year lunation cycle, or they can time a failure in the primary purpose of the cycle and a return to the drawing board.

I had expected action in November-December 1986 to be related to the action in the spring of 1985 because the Declaration P Moon was conjunct natal Saturn at that time. We now know that the Iran affair really got under way then, 18 months ago, though two of the arms merchants involved may have started their pitch in late 1984 and Israel (for their own reasons) was already selling arms to Iran. It was highly appropriate for our military sales to begin as our P Moon moved over natal Saturn and P Mars (just two degrees later), and for the action to be revealed in the media as the P Moon moved into the third house to hit P Saturn in Scorpio. Scorpio represents our capacity (or lack of it) to share power, possessions, and pleasure; to achieve self-knowledge and self-mastery. We learn this partly through the mirror of others who are close to us, and partly out of respect for their rights. When mishandled, Scorpio can manifest as power-struggles with team members rather than appropriate competition. It can lead to a refusal to compromise or to a pursuit of personal gratification that denies the rights of others. Though indicative of great potential strength, it also retains the potential of all water for concealment or deception when people are not confident enough to be open, at the same time that it marks the drive to discover and uncover the hidden depths. Its associations include all joint resources (taxes, public funds, debts), death and the instruments which cause death, partners (whether personal or work-related), competitors, litigation, and many other components of Iran-Contra-Northgate.

As our readers know, President Reagan has Jupiter conjunct his south node of the Moon in Scorpio, in his twelfth house if my time for him is accurate. With the south node indicating a lesson and Jupiter a key to one’s belief system, while the twelfth house also points to faith though at a more unconscious level, we can deduce a lesson in faith (morals, honesty, openness or lack of it etc.) and in Scorpio issues (public resources, shared power, compromise, knowing when to stop). Northgate broke open with Reagan’s P Moon conjunct his natal Sun, the aspect covering the period of Reykjavik, the election, and the news of the Iran arms sales. He has certainly been in the limelight and dealing with power issues as is common during Sun periods. The months immediately ahead have very difficult aspects for his P Moon as it moves through squares to P Mercury and P Ceres in the sixth house (work and health), an octile to natal Mars (usually involved in surgery), and a quincunx to natal and P Neptune (usually involved in tumors, whether benign or cancerous). The combination certainly indicates psychological stress and my expectation of physical illness was confirmed before this article could be completed. Reagan had his prostate surgery on January 5, 1987 and the medical report claims no cancer and only a few small polyps in the colon. In addition to the P Moon aspects, if my birth time for Reagan is accurate, his P Ascendant also just started a square to natal Vesta the week the Iran news broke. Vesta can point to work and/or health issues with its Virgo meaning.

Of course Reagan has many other aspects, including the dramatic solar arc directed Pluto conjunct the MC and solar arc Uranus quincunx MC. But I am puzzled by the lack of dramatic aspects to progressed Sun and Moon in the spring of 1987. Readers will remember that as early as 1982, I noted the importance of next spring in the charts of the United States, our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. In my rectified version of the Declaration chart (set for 9:36 A.M. EST), P Sun reaches the quincunx to natal Sun so P MC is quincunx natal MC and Uranus. P Moon is also quincunx MC-Uranus, forming a yod, with T (transiting) Pluto on the P Moon and T Neptune on the P MC, while T Saturn opposes natal Mars in the tenth house and T Uranus squares P Neptune in the first house. At the same time, P Ascendant reaches the opposition to natal Saturn, P Venus opposes natal Neptune, P Mercury moves into Pisces while still in the trioctile to natal Saturn, and P Jupiter reaches the square to P Mars. In early May, T Mars conjuncts its natal position opposite T Saturn while T Sun is square P Sun and quincunx natal Saturn. Remember, in the natal chart, Sun and Saturn are closely square. The combination of stress aspects suggests major challenges and changes in our country, with the executive branch of the government very involved.

A variation of the Constitution chart, with slightly altered angles, will be discussed in the article on “local apparent” or “sun dial” time. Here, I will just point out that in the spring of 1987, the Constitution P Moon reaches the opposition to natal Saturn, immediately following that aspect with an opposition to natal Sun and a conjunction with the natal MC. At the same time, the P MC in Washington, DC is still conjunct natal Mercury, ruler of the natal MC, and it is quincunx natal Neptune with a sextile to P south node of the Moon forming a yod. A second yod is formed by the south node, Neptune, and natal Ceres, with the south node also opposite P Vesta and square natal Venus. Of course, some of these aspects last for years but come strongly into play when set off by progressing angles. At the same time, P MC is quincunx P Venus, P Mercury is quincunx the Washington IC, P Ascendant is trioctile the natal north node of the Moon, P Sun is square natal Pallas (along with the natal south node of Mars and Part of Death) and P East Point, setting up a mutable grand cross in cardinal houses since P MC always remains opposite the P Sun. The cardinal houses (and planets such as Moon and Saturn) point to action with outer changes, while the mutable signs point to beliefs, ideas, communication, values, faith, moral issues, etc.

With such strong indications of major changes in our government and/or in our country, I keep looking at Reagan’s chart and being puzzled. In the spring, his P Moon will be conjunct his P East Point, trine natal Juno, all in air signs and houses. The P Moon will also be semisextile his Washington natal Antivertex and Atlantis, so most of the spring aspects are theoretically harmonious. Reagan will have just finished some rough months through the winter. Do the air trines mean he will be forgiven by the public and be back in their good graces, seen again as the Great Communicator? Or will his health be threatened during the winter, giving him a face-saving excuse for retirement? But the aspects of P Sun and P Moon just don’t seem strong enough for such a major change in his life in the spring of 1987. We may see heads roll from other officials, but Reagan kept in place. Congress may pass new laws to prevent the executive branch of the government from hiding illegal activity. Some difficult Moon aspects start again for Reagan in the summer of 1987, with P Moon quincunx natal MC in Washington and octile natal Antivertex, but it will also trine Pluto and semisextile Uranus. Of course, sometimes such an aspect which sets off his lifetime quincunx of Pluto to Uranus may manifest more of the separative tendencies of the quincunx than the harmony of the trine. In the fall, P Moon will be square the Ascendant and P MC, and octile P Pallas which is so often connected to politics. But in August, P Sun sextile natal Venus may again indicate an increase in public affection. With such mixed aspects, the picture is likely to be mixed as it is currently with some strong defenders but many shocked and disillusioned followers; definitely less Teflon than heretofore.

Reagan’s P Moon moves into Pisces in mid-December 1987, passes over natal Chiron and then Venus and into the square to P Vesta and the trioctile to Neptune along with sextiles to natal Mars and P Sun. The latter starts its trine to natal Mars at the beginning of 1988, but we have to remember that natally Sun-Mars were octile—a stress aspect—so any progressed aspect can still point to challenges. Noting the sextile of P Sun and P Moon, I wondered whether one of the new asteroids might be at 2 or 3 Libra to form a yod. Would you believe that natal Nancy is at 3 Libra 0? Urania (similar to Uranus) is 4 Libra 20. Those early months of 1988 from February through June could be crucial for one or both of the Reagans.

I am still convinced that the spring of 1987 is extremely important for our country, and that it will bring major changes in our officials or in official policies or in events. One recent article in the L. A. Weekly quotes an anonymous Green Beret Marine with evidence that Reagan planned to invade Nicaragua by April 1987, though the current upheaval may interfere with the plans. The marine described the training going on in preparation for a naval blockade and invasion of the east coast of Nicaragua with the goal of providing a base of operations within the country for the Contras. Honduras has requested that they leave their country. Virtually every day, new revelations have appeared, including information on actions carried out by ambassadors in cooperation with the White House but bypassing Schultz and the State Department, the normal overseer of diplomats. Tambs, the Costa Rican ambassador, persuaded that government to let the U.S. build an air strip for planes supplying the Contras during the period that Congress had ruled out any military help. When the newly elected President of Costa Rica ruled against permitting such use of the air field in the summer of 1985, Tambs repeatedly tried to get him to change his mind. Yet when the matter was brought up initially, Tambs denied that he was involved. He has now resigned, as of January 1987. In Lebanon, the U.S. Ambassador worked directly with Colonel North in the attempt to free the hostages, after being assured that Schultz had been informed and had consented to the arrangement. Schultz only learned of the activity as the scandal unfolded in November, and was furious.

The early months of 1988 look like a continuation of the drama of late 1986 through 1987. The Constitution chart has a progressed New Moon starting in March 1988, marking a new 30 year cycle. We also had a New Moon at the beginning of the great depression, leading to Roosevelt’s major changes in the structure of the government. The coming new cycle could mark another big step, partly as a reaction against Reagan’s replay of the 1920s, his attempt to turn back the clock. In my version of the Declaration of Independence chart, the winter of 1988 brings a P Moon quincunx to P Ascendant and octile P Mercury with Ascendant-Chiron opposite natal Saturn and P Mars. P Moon is also trioctile the tenth house natal Venus, and moving into an opposition to Vesta. It is especially intriguing that both the Declaration and Constitution charts have P Moon quincunx natal Mars in the late Spring-early Summer of 1988. The executive branch of the government is involved, since Mars is in the tenth house in the Declaration chart, and P Moon is in the tenth in the Constitution chart. The quincunx as a “closet-cleaning” aspect typically marks changes in the handling of affairs, or separations from the past for major new beginnings. In general, the major stress aspects starting in 1987 remain in effect through much of 1988, pointing to challenges to authority figures or in the use of power.

Shifting to Nancy Reagan’s chart, she has P Moon conjunct P Juno and trioctile P Neptune in the months immediately ahead during the winter of 1986-7. In May 1987, her P Moon reaches natal Juno, the marriage asteroid. From the fall of 1987 to the spring of 1988, her P Moon forms a series of oppositions to Nancy’s natal planets in Cancer; Pluto, Mars, Sun, Pallas, Mercury. P Venus reaches her Neptune in late May 1987, and her Washington P MC reaches natal Saturn in August 1987. P Mercury reaches the square to natal Juno in mid March 1988. Juno is the marriage asteroid and Mercury rules part of Nancy’s eighth house, so is one of the keys to mates along with Mars and Venus, rulers of the seventh house. The seventh house marks our open confrontation with continuing, peer relationships, while the eighth house shows our capacity to share the material world and deep emotions with others that we are close to.

From mid-1986 to 1988, Nancy’s P Venus is octile the conjunction of P Jupiter and P Saturn while they hold the octile to natal Neptune. Nancy’s official fight against drugs is certainly appropriate for the Neptune-Jupiter-Saturn-tenth house combination, but the patterns could also point to action involving partners. The long P Moon-Juno period (since the Moon stays on the midpoint of natal and P positions between the exact conjunctions) suggests an intense emotional concern for her mate. Other aspects include P Mars square P Vesta with both octile P Pluto at their midpoint, an indication of stress involving her own power (or lack of it—Mars) and the rights and power of others (Pluto). Late fall to early winter 1987 could be crucial when P Moon joins that network, opposite Pluto and trioctile Mars and Vesta. Nancy’s P Moon squares her local and natal Ascendant in the first half of 1988, and crosses her local and then natal IC in the late spring and summer of 1988. Activation of the MC-IC axis often marks a change of status-career or a change of home, though the Moon may mark temporary changes. From 1986 to mid-1988, Nancy also has her P Antivertex and local P Antivertex crossing her IC. When P angles are crossing other angles, there are usually outer events in the life and the P Moon typically marks the months of action.

As indicated at the beginning of this article, astrology shows timing but details often elude us until after the event. It was months after the late February-early March 1985 period, which I had picked out as stressful in Nancy Reagan’s chart, that I found out what happened. Her daughter’s supposedly fictional book was published and a copy sent to Nancy. The book had a very negative description of the mother, wife of a man who became President. Nancy is reported to have been furious and to have said that she never wanted to see her daughter again. Nancy’s critical aspects in the spring and early summer of 1985 coincided with the furor over Bitburg and President Reagan’s cancer surgery. Northgate has come with Nancy’s P Moon trioctile Neptune, an aspect that continues for some months since P Neptune has moved over 2 degrees from its natal position. Depending on how they handle the intense psychological pressure, either of the Reagans could be subject to health problems.

We may never know exactly what Ronald Reagan knew and how soon, but the coming months are likely to be dramatic. At this point, I am wondering whether Don Regan, William Casey, and George Bush may end as the more immediate fall guys. We have included Bush’s chart in the past. There are three circulating in the astrological community. I am using the time given by a close family friend: 11:05 A.M., EDT. If this time is right, Bush has had P Mars moving slowly retrograde opposite natal Ascendant since he was elected Vice President, more recently also in a conjunction to natal Vesta. By the November 1986 election and Northgate, Bush had P Moon quincunx Pluto, while his P Sun remained conjunct P Neptune and quincunx Uranus. P Uranus has been square his natal Sun all his life. He also has P Mercury opposite natal Pallas, and (if I have his correct birth time) P MC square P Saturn while P Ascendant is opposite natal Chiron-Ceres. By the spring of 1987, P Venus reaches the quincunx to P Jupiter and P Moon is quincunx natal Venus, opposite Neptune-local East Point, trioctile Juno, and trine natal Moon (which is exactly square natal Venus). Harmonious progressed aspects between planets with natal stress aspects are likely to mark times of challenge unless the individual has learned to handle the inner conflict shown in the natal aspect. In the summer, Bush’s P Moon moves to quincunx P Mercury. In light of the quincunx tendency toward separation, I had originally thought Reagan might leave the scene. Now I wonder whether Bush may leave instead? But the aspect could also mean simply a partial loss of popularity, diminishing his chances for election to the presidency in 1988, or he might lose some of his potential power if Congress changes some of the rules. Venus, ruling the MC, is a major clue to career, and P Moon is going through the sixth house which symbolizes the details of the job. P Moon in Aquarius forms trines to natal Sun, Moon, and Saturn as well as progressed angles in Libra, but it will also oppose several factors in Leo and go over the natal and progressed positions of the south node, Mars, and Vesta. He may be able to think and talk himself out of contamination, but he will have to work at it. It is interesting that at just about the same time that Nancy has the strong aspects of P Moon to her angles and our two charts for our country have P Moon quincunx Mars, Bush will have his P Moon crossing his Descendant, conjuncting natal Vesta and P Mars. Spring to early summer, 1988 look important!

I have only a birth date for George Schultz, but just got the birth time for Donald Regan, the White House Chief of Staff: December 21, 1918 at 5 P.M. in Cambridge Mass. If anyone has accurate data on Colonel North, I would love to get it as well as time of birth for Schultz, Casey, Poindexter, McFarlane, and Robert Dole. Helen Clerf sent me the birthdates and places for the last four, along with some biographical material. Dole was born in Russel, KS on July 22, 1923. I am “playing” with a speculative time of around 5 A.M. Mc Farlane was born in Washington, DC on July 12, 1937. Poindexter was born in Indiana (I have no exact location) on August 12, 1936.

Donald Regan’s birth time is from Marian March who got it from him in a personal letter with his mother given as the source. The chart fits his life, with Jupiter rising (as the Gauquelins found for politicians) along with Pluto (for the career on Wall Street). His Sun is in the last degree of Sagittarius conjunct Midas and trine Rockefellia and Saturn to form a grand fire trine. I was fascinated to find that Regan’s IC in Washington is 11 Virgo, conjunct Reagan’s MC, the Constitution MC in Washington (calculated LAT—see the article in this issue), and the Declaration of Independence Ascendant. The Iran arms sales were first published in a Lebanon newspaper on November 3. Regan’s P Moon was octile his natal MC, quincunx his P Ascendant and his natal Washington Ascendant, forming a yod, as well as opposite asteroid P Washingtonia. The combination would fit a departure from Washington one of these days, perhaps when the P Moon opposes Neptune and Juno through late winter and spring of 1987. P Moon moved into a quincunx to Pluto and P Jupiter within a couple of weeks after the scandal broke, as it began to really heat up. Many other aspects offer support for Regan’s potential change of job and home, though some only come into the one degree orb in the fall of 1987. At that time, P East Point will conjunct P Saturn which has opposed Uranus for years, and P MC will reach the square to P Uranus which opposes Saturn for years. Even the quotidian angles, which move about a degree a day and require an exact birth time, seem to support the picture. On election day when America first started to get the news from the Middle East, quotidian (Q) Washington Ascendant was quincunx Regan’s sixth house Mercury, while Q birthplace Ascendant opposed natal Ceres, both aspects pointing to a job change. The Q Ascendant was also conjunct P Juno, P Antivertex, and natal Atlantis. As regular readers know, I usually find Atlantis involved in power struggles and the abuse of power.

William Casey was born on March 13, 1913 in Elmhurst, Long Island, N.Y. A noon chart (since his time in unknown) puts his P Moon conjunct natal Mars-Juno and just past P Vesta. Mars fits the brain surgery; a cancerous tumor removed on December 18, 1986. It could have been developing during the preceding months when the P Moon was going over P Vesta (Virgo-work-health) and he knew that things were beginning to unravel. Even the P Ascendant has an appropriate aspect, quincunx P Uranus in the eighth house. Sometimes, a noon chart seems to work for the big events, even when the person was born at another time. An early morning birth would also be possible. It would put P Moon trioctile Pluto for the surgery. Even without birth time, we can see that P Mars is square natal Jupiter and octile natal Saturn, hinting at the conflict over law, ethics, foreign nations, etc. Casey also has lots of interesting asteroids, including P Arabia conjunct P Mercury; P Washingtonia conjunct Neptune; P Jupiter opposite natal America; P Siva conjunct P Saturn and square the noon P Ascendant, etc. P Siva and P Saturn are also conjunct natal Vaticana and Sphinx. Religion, power, secrecy? Though President Reagan has said he will not replace Casey at head of the CIA, medical reports strongly suggest that his government service is over.

One more useful chart is for the beginning of the Reagan Administration. Reagan took the Oath of Office at 11:57 A.M., EST, on January 20, 1981 in Washington, DC. Progressing the chart to November 4, 1986 produces a P Ascendant square to P Mars and two grand crosses. P Moon is opposite natal Antivertex (auxiliary Ascendant) and square to P Venus and natal Ceres; all in mutable houses so we have the intellectual and ethical issues of the mutables with the action potentials of the cardinal signs. P East Point (also an auxiliary Ascendant) is opposite Juno (natal and P), square natal Moon and P Sun. These fixed signs are partly in mutable houses and partly in cardinal houses, fitting an explosive power struggle but retaining the mental-moral connotations. P Moon moves on to conjunct Pluto and oppose P Pallas and P Antivertex in the spring of 1987, reinforcing the importance of that period. In the fall of 1987, P Moon reaches Atlantis which has remained opposite natal Antivertex through the whole administration. In the spring and early summer of 1988, P Moon crosses Juno, activating the fixed grand cross described above. Also by that time, P Mercury reaches the trioctile to natal Jupiter-Saturn; P Ascendant reaches a quincunx to Neptune in the eighth house; P Sun reaches a quincunx to P Vesta and an octile to Neptune. P Sun remains in a square to P East Point for several years. Some interesting asteroids are also present: P Medusa and P Nemesis moving slowly over natal Sun for several years, in a quincunx to P Washingtonia with the latter opposite P Arabia and square Potomac (location of the Pentagon).

After watching the news unfold, and studying many horoscopes, I still cannot claim to guess the details. I still think that we are heading into a depression as the debt bomb forces changes in many countries, but Iranscam (as it is currently being called) is obviously an important part of the situation now and in the next months or years. I have been watching Psyche in the cardinal ingress charts, having noticed it prominent in the charts of people, countries, or events where there is a lot of self-absorption with a sense of inadequacy and helplessness. Psyche has been involved with the angles of the ingress charts calculated for Washington, DC, hence indicative of general conditions for our country. It was close to the angles but not exact for the Aries and Cancer ingress charts in 1986, missing a square to the Ascendant by half a degree in March 1986, and missing a quincunx to the IC by just under a half degree in June 1986. In the Libra 1986 chart, Psyche had moved to conjunct the Ascendant within the one degree orb that I use. In the Capricorn 1986 chart, Psyche is again on the Ascendant, this time within 24 minutes, less than half a degree. It returns to the MC for the Aries 1987 ingress, conjunct within 16 minutes of longitude. In the Cancer 1987 ingress, Psyche is conjunct the asteroid Washingtonia, and a group of six asteroids with overlapping orbs connect them to the MC. The Libra and Capricorn ingress charts for 1987 have Psyche sextile the MC, a harmonious aspect, though other asteroids suggest tension.

In the Aries 1988 ingress, Psyche squares asteroid America as part of a fixed grand cross that includes the Ascendant in Washington, DC and a variety of asteroids named for countries which could be involved in a debt-financial confrontation. Psyche is within two degrees of Atlantis (which is octile Neptune so connects it to the fixed cross), is in a double quincunx (yod) to Juno and Chiron, and is also in a grand water trine to Vesta and the north node of the Moon. There are many strong earth trines in the chart, including Gaea (earth) conjunct Moon-Jupiter trine Uranus-Saturn and Venus trine Neptune and Mars, suggesting that if the people of earth work together with faith, everyone’s needs can be met. However, the seven Sagittarius MC in Washington, DC opposes our Declaration Uranus and MC and the asteroid Washingtonia opposes Jupiter, Bacchus (faith or escapism?), Dolores (sorrow?) and Attila (ruthless power?). The picture is certainly mixed, and we will be looking at other charts; eclipses, planetary conjunctions, etc. to try to clarify the meaning as we get closer to the period. In the meantime, the Iranscam show is likely to stay center stage for some months.

P.S. After The Mutable Dilemma finally went to the printer, Mark Lerner’s newspaper arrived with North’s birth date and place, and Helen Clerf phoned to make sure I had it. The information (and some background on his life) was published in The Washington Post on December 23, 1986. Helen sent me a photocopy of the Post article, so, for those who want to try their hand at rectification: birth date October 7, 1943 in San Antonio, TX. Oliver Lawrence North has three younger siblings: brother aged 41 who is in the army; sister aged 39; brother aged 24 who is in the navy. His father was a Colonel in the army and he died “two years ago.” After the Second World War, the family moved to Philmont, NY to work with a family business, with the father’s father. When the business declined, North’s father taught in a local college. They were a close family. North went to Catholic school. He was described by friends as always polite and well mannered, playing up to authority figures, adoring his father, a super patriot. He was also dramatic. He stands 5 feet 9 inches, but is remembered as “over six feet” by some of his impressed friends. In 1961, he entered a local college, majoring in English. In the summer of 1962, he went to Marine reserve camp and was very impressed by his experience there. In 1963, he entered Annapolis for naval training. A serious auto accident on the weekend of Washington’s Birthday in 1964 put him out of commission for three months, with injuries to knee and back. Doctors were not sure he would ever regain full functioning, but he drove himself to recover physical strength and control. He returned to Annapolis that fall and graduated in 1968. He married soon after graduation, and was sent to Viet Nam from December 1968 to November 1969. One of his medals, a Silver Star, was won there for leading repeated charges against the enemy on May 25, 1969. After Viet Nam, he taught at Quantico, VA to July 1974 when he was sent to Okinawa to teach jungle survival to marines until June 1978. He then returned to North Carolina for two years; was in Rhode Island for one year; and then assigned to the NSC under Reagan and began his operations in the White House basement.

I am experimenting with a speculative chart for 12:42 CWT which puts his exact Mars-Vesta-Fanatica conjunction on the seventh cusp and his Neptune exactly on the MC, square his Washington, DC Ascendant (which is exactly on Reagan’s natal Mars). There are fascinating contacts between North’s chart and Reagan’s and the Declaration of Independence. His natal Sun is on the Declaration Saturn square its Sun. His Mars is conjunct the Declaration Mars, and his Uranus on the Declaration Uranus-MC. His Mercury is exactly on the Declaration progressed Neptune. His Ceres is on the Declaration Jupiter. His Chiron is on the Declaration Ascendant in Washington, just two degrees from the natal Ascendant in my rectification, with the latter at the midpoint of his natal and progressed Chiron. His Pluto is on the Declaration north node of the Moon. In my speculative chart, his Antivertex is on the Declaration south node while the Declaration Antivertex is his north node. (Talk about a karmic relationship!) His Moon is on the Declaration Pluto and opposite the Declaration Mercury for an afternoon birth. His Pallas is on the Declaration progressed Chiron. His chart is incredibly connected to our country and certainly fits a central role in its destiny. Issues involve politics, war, and other forms of power-plays, along with idealism and ethics.

Since the spring 1987 commotion in our country undoubtedly involves Irangate, I will include more on North in the Pisces Mutable Dilemma, but I wanted to at least share the birth date and life events with you. There are many other fascinating asteroid contacts in his chart, including his progressed (P) Neptune conjunct Atlantis all his life to date, P America conjunct P Sun square P Jupiter, P Arabia conjunct his P Chiron, P Uranus conjunct Sphinx and Athene, P Gaea on his south node of the Moon, P Atlantis on P Aten and P Diana which are on natal Pandora, etc. There are also many contacts with Reagan’s chart which will have to wait for another issue. Between my absorption in tracking Irangate and an emergency at the printer’s, this issue is later than any previous one. We will try to be back on schedule after this.

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