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Our last quiz was so popular, Marguerite Dar Boggia asked me to do another to be featured in Kosmos—the journal of the International Society for Astrological Research, perhaps as a regular column. Since I remain constantly overextended with writing projects, any quizzes which appear in Kosmos will also appear in our Mutable Dilemma. I hope readers will forgive the duplication.

I also want to stress that, for many of the questions tendered, there is NOT one simple “right” answer. Especially in issues of counseling, there is often MORE than one “right” answer. So do not be bound by what I put on paper. Trust your own creativity as well!

As before, answers are provided in this same issue (page 43).


A client who knows a little about astrology tells you that she would like to move to an area in the United States which will put Venus on her Midheaven so that she can meet the love of her life. In examining her horoscope, you discover that her birthplace (in the Midwest) puts Venus in the 9th house, 20 degrees before the Midheaven.

1. How far would she have to move (in longitude) to put Venus conjunct her Midheaven?

2. What counseling issues would you bring up with her?

3. You meet a new friend who is just fascinating. She seems to absorb information and has trivia about a number of fields at her fingertips. When talking about her life history, you discover she has attended five different colleges (and did finally get a B.A.), changed her major seven times and loves to travel. She makes a habit of attending different churches for about a year each “to really understand what people believe.” She queries you about your feelings on reincarnation, karma, astrology and the meaning of life. You begin to wonder if you are her current focus for religious investigation.

What dilemma (cardinal, fixed or mutable) is likely to be prominent in her chart (through emphasis on planets, houses and/or signs)? What polarity is especially likely to be in high focus?

4. A client comes to you because, after years of good health, he has begun to experience one health problem after another (for about the last two years). Before even looking at his chart, what area might you ask him “How are you feeling about your ....?”

5. Further discussion with the above client reveals that his health difficulties have led to several minor surgeries. What issues does this suggest may be involved?

6. A very concerned client calls up because her son has been involved with drugs and now is enrolled in a program to help him stay drug-free, but she is concerned. You can think of at least four different psychological themes which might contribute to his situation (more than four is great if you want to do it). How might they be indicated in the horoscope, and how would the suggestions you offer to the concerned mother differ depending on the patterns in the chart?

7. What themes are shared by Pluto, Saturn and Vesta?

8. What factors are associated with psychic potential in the horoscope? (Our thanks to Sally Klinkon for this question. As always, we welcome questions from readers!)

9. What planet almost rolls along on its side while orbiting the Sun (with an axial tilt of about 97 degrees, as compared most other planets which have axial tilts in the 20’s)? How does this fit the symbolism of this planet?

10. Consider the chart which appears below. If we were to analyze the basic nature and identity of this individual (using the techniques of the 12-letter alphabet, as described in Complete Horoscope Interpretation), what factors would we particularly focus on? What themes emerge?

[Note: this is not asking for a complete analysis of the chart, merely for an interpretation of the potentials in regard to basic identity.]

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