Asteroid-World Fall 1995

Zip Dobyns

A couple of Internet friends have been trying to track down the historical data for the founding of the two major political parties in the U.S.: the Democrats and the Republicans. Any organization or institution is developed in a series of stages, so I don’t expect to find a single, definitive event. But we do have a pretty significant event for the public beginning of the new Independence Party which is currently being founded by H Ross Perot. Perot announced his new party on the Larry King show in Los Angeles, CA on September 25, 1995 at 18:04 PDT. In spite of the limited time available, Perot was successful in getting enough California residents to sign on as members of the new party to meet the deadline for legal registration for the 1996 elections. Perot paid for full-page ads in many newspapers and his followers carried petitions collecting signatures. Other states are now being tackled, in order of their deadlines for registration. Perot says he wants to find good candidates for the new party, but has not ruled out the possibility that he might run for President himself in 1996.

Our regular readers will remember that Perot’s chart was discussed in 1992, and that we also looked at his prospects for 1996. As in 1992, his aspects in 1996 looked strong enough for him to have an effect on the election but not strong enough to win. The chart for the Independence Party confirms that impression. Saturn was rising in Pisces when Perot made his public announcement, and P Ascendant will reach P Saturn about the time of the Republican nomination in mid-August 1996. Vesta and Pallas are closely conjunct on the Descendant of the chart. The Ascendant, like Mars, symbolizes personal will and power. Saturn symbolizes the rules of the game and the limits of personal power. Such a one-ten combination shows personal power meeting its limits. A person or an organization with this pattern could overreach and try to rule the world, or could self-block and give up, believing that the world has all the power. Or, it could be practical and voluntarily live within realistic limits. In Perot’s case, we can assume the first option is the most likely. The tendency of Pisces to seek the Absolute offers a similar message. A lack of faith in a higher power can lead to self-blocking. Excessive faith, whether in a higher power or in one’s own power (Ascendant) can lead to an overreach which often ends in a fall.

Pallas is the asteroid I find often involved in politics, dealing with the law, or working as a consultant. Vesta seems to be the “ultimate” Virgo. When prominent (on an angle in this case) there is a danger of such an intense commitment to an immediate personal goal that the person or institution can be very unaware of the feelings, needs, and rights of others with different goals. A common consequence is the alienation of others, and this is especially a danger when Vesta is connected to signs or houses of relationships. The importance of peer relationships which is indicated by the two asteroids on the Descendant is repeated in spades with the incredible stellium in the seventh house in Libra. Both the lights, Sun and Moon, are there along with Venus, ruler of Libra, Mercury, Ceres, Chiron, and the north lunar node. When we consider the fact that Pallas and Vesta are on the seventh cusp and Mars is in the eighth house, also a part of partnership, and even Pluto is barely in the house though it is on the cusp of the ninth house, the focus on equalitarian relationships is pretty incredible. Juno, another key to Scorpio, caps the chart on the MC within one degree. In my experience, an over-loaded house or sign is often an indication of problems in that area of life. Letters seven and eight of our astrological alphabet can be manifested as cooperation or as power struggles or the person or organization may feel threatened by others and just retreat. Uranus and Neptune in late Capricorn reinforce the power struggle potential with their T-square to the lunar nodes, Mercury, and the Moon. The chart certainly fits the mad scramble to be registered in California, and the future looks like more of the same.

The secondary progressions for Election Day in November 1996 suggest disappointment with P Moon trioctile Saturn and P Ascendant. P Mercury remains on the Moon for attempts to use the media to reach the public, but the P Ascendant and P Saturn will continue to form a quincunx to Mercury and the Moon, hinting at a separation between the party and the public and media. The strong aspects involving faith include P Chiron on the Sun for years and P Jupiter in its own sign and house sextile Ceres. The patterns could point to Perot’s continuing faith in his “cause” or to his continuing emphasis on moral issues. P MC maintaining a conjunction with Juno fits the money Perot may pour into his cause. Perot must be considered a “parent” of the new party and Juno, like Pluto, represents joint resources of all kinds; what we give to, receive from, or share with others.

The new asteroids add their usual support to the picture. Bellona, a war goddess, was on Saturn when the announcement of the party was made, and the Ascendant joins P Bellona to share the conjunction with Saturn as well as the quincunxes to Moon and Mercury. P Moon will be trioctile it at the election. P Antivertex will be trioctile Belisana, another war goddess. P MC and Juno will oppose the Sphinx, a mythical beast who killed people who could not answer his riddle. Potomac, the river in Washington, DC, squares the MC and the Sphinx, and P East Point completes a grand cross in 22 Pisces. When the chart is calculated for Washington, DC, the gold ring in the political contest, the MC in 1 Aquarius is conjunct Damocles (the man with a sword over his head) and it forms a grand cross to Henry in 1 Taurus (Perot’s unused first name), ARA (American Relief Administration) in 2 Leo, and Epimetheus (who looked back to the past) in 1 Scorpio. Gingerich in 3 Leo is connected with overlapping orbs as Newt tries to turn the clock back and erase our welfare system. Welfare was formerly known as “relief.” Lincoln in 2 Aquarius is also part of the grand cross with the Washington angles. Newtonia is on Hela, a goddess of death, just past Phaethon (overreach), which opposes Jupiter. Themis (divine justice) opposes Mars and Hillary in Scorpio and squares Aletheia (truth) in 12 Leo. The chart certainly pictures the political war which continues to polarize our country.

Our data is less precise on the beginning of our current major political Parties. According to a reference librarian met on the Internet, there have been decades of wrangling over just where the Republican Party actually started. Informal meetings between like-minded people were taking place in several communities throughout the upper Midwest, prompted by gut reactions against a piece of federal legislation called the Kansas-Nebraska Act which passed the U.S. Senate on March 3, 1854. This act involved issues of regional autonomy, the country’s stand on slavery, and which states would receive the most economic benefits from building the first transcontinental railroad line. Several meetings took place both before and after a February 28, 1854 meeting in a church in Ripon, WI, but that meeting set the groundwork for the Party. Since it was a Tuesday, my librarian friend, Adele, suggests that it might have been in the evening, but Adele was not able to find a reference to the time. This date and place is given in the English Astrological Association’s Journal as the inception of the Republican Party, using a chart set for noon. Some Republicans accept this date, but it was on July 6, 1854 in Jackson, MI that the organization of the Party was formalized and the name “Republican” was adopted. One author who had to write a history of the Party which was presented at a later convention, diplomatically stated that the Party started in “both” places, and that is now the official Republican account.

Adele commented that the problem with founding dates for political parties is that they develop as offshoots from the main parties, and several factions within an existing party may work toward becoming a new organization for quite a while without formally breaking away. This seems to have happened with the Democrats. A date of March 4, 1829 is given in the English Astrological Association’s Journal as the beginning of the Democratic Party. This date was the inauguration of Andrew Jackson, when he was sworn in as President, and he did have a formative influence on the Party and the mindset of his supporters in the 1828 presidential election. However, the official adoption of the name “Democrat” and the formal organization of the Party occurred at a convention on May 21, 1832 in Baltimore, MD when Jackson was nominated to run for a second term of office. As with the Republicans, we lack a time for the chart, but nominations commonly occur in the evening, so I am exploring tentative (speculative) times for both charts.

Adele thinks that these formal “name” dates should provide valid horoscopes since that was when the Parties were organized on paper and declared officially to the world. Her sources for the information were Dictionary of American History, Encyclopedia of American Facts and Dates, Congressional Quarterly’s National Party Conventions 1831-1992, History of U.S. Political Parties, and Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Both of these charts are really speculative in regard to the time of day, but the planetary aspects, except for the Moon, will not change a great deal in a day. I have not checked either of the charts against past events, but picked the late afternoon for the naming of the Republican Party to produce a Scorpio Ascendant, Moon, and south lunar node for the concern over shared resources and property, and Neptune on the IC for the issue of slavery in the country. This (really arbitrary) choice also put P Moon on Jupiter and P MC trine the north node at the November 1994 election when the Republicans won a majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. The latter displaced a Democratic majority which had held power in the House for decades. Also, using this time, P Ascendant is on P north lunar node, which is traditionally like Jupiter, a place where things come more easily, and it has just started a trine to Juno in the tenth house. Other aspects for this Republican triumph include P Venus on the Moon and Ascendant and P Vesta on the south node, which indicates a lesson of some kind, and (if we learn it) a gift we should give to the world. Vesta is our super-Virgo, so it fits our current primary challenges involving jobs and health (Virgo) and shared resources (Scorpio). So far, the Republican plans seem designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. IF the time is close, P Saturn holds a long square to the MC-IC axis, a very appropriate aspect for an institution whose main function is to compete for power. Regardless of the time, P Saturn holds a very long square to P Neptune, which classically manifests as a need to integrate hierarchical, bureaucratic power with compassion and empathy. P Mars trine Pluto fits the expanding power of the Party while P Mercury on the P south lunar node shows lessons involving information, the media, and equality (Mercury) and shared power and resources (Scorpio). Juno square Mercury repeats the focus on issues around equality and sharing. IF the house placements are valid, beliefs, ethics, values, etc., are also involved with the 12th house squares to the 9th house. P Sun in early Sagittarius could point to continued optimism and attained goals for the Republican Party. Its quincunx to P Pluto is appropriate for the tilt in favor of the rich and the road ahead is likely to include still more changes. Pluto, as a key to joint resources, signifies debts and debtors and appropriately named “plutocrats” who collect the debts. P Sun will still be quincunx N Pluto for the 1996 election and P Moon will square the P Nodes IF the time is a useful one. Since organizations are born in stages, it is possible that more than one time will “work.” We might have a time for the opening or closing of a meeting and other times for the voting on or the signing of documents on the organization and the name.

As usual, there are many fascinating asteroids in the chart. For some years, we hesitated to trust the asteroid positions prior to this century, since they are very small bodies and subject to perturbation by gravitational influences from other bodies. But the more I work with astrology, the more it becomes clear that it is a symbol system so whatever we believe in is likely to “work.” I had to chuckle when I found Newtonia conjunct Kaiser in the 9th house in 21 Leo with P America conjunct both for the 1994 election when Newton Gingrich became the self-selected Kaiser of the country. I’m sure that all of our readers know that Kaiser was the name of the German ruler prior to World War II. To repeat the power issue, the P lunar nodes and P Mercury were square both Newtonia and Kaiser, and my speculative P Ascendant was still in orb of a square to P America. Gingerich (which seems to be working for Newt despite the extra ‘e’ in the middle) was in 22 Aries on Epimetheus, the man who looked back to the past! Can you believe that kind of precision? I just never get used to the asteroids. Aletheia (truth) was in 20 Aries, not close enough for a conjunction with my one-degree-orb limit, but P Mercury was quincunx it and Mercury’s conjunction with P south node which was quincunx Gingerich connected them all. Also, the local (Washington, DC) MC in 21 Virgo 11 was quincunx within one degree both Aletheia and Gingerich. The P true south node was quincunx America in 22 Gemini, forming a yod for a new direction involving the country, power, information, and sharing. P Newtonia at the election was in 15 Libra, closely conjunct P Fanatica, quincunx Uranus, trine Ceres, sextile the tentative East Point, but square Astraea (justice), Grant (our Civil War general and later President) and Darwin (survival of the fittest). The latter three were all in 15 Cancer, with Astraea within one degree of the Sun. Opposite the Cancer group was Armisticia and Libitina (death). Hephaistos is retrograding in 17 Aries so it will move into this cardinal T-square to complete a grand cross. P Newtonia and P Fanatica are also quincunx Karma, which is closely conjunct Uranus, and both Neptune and Mason-Dixon, creating another yod.

I can’t imagine more appropriate patterns for a power struggle led by a man named Newton Gingrich. But, we have hardly started in listing the hits. P Aletheia and P Gingerich are both retrograding now in 10 Aries in opposition to P Gaea (earth) as Newt attacks the programs trying to save earth’s environment. They are also sextile Saturn and trine Mercury for potential success. P Themis (divine justice) is on P Mars. P Icarus (overreach) is on Washingtonia for our capital. P Washingtonia is on my speculative P MC and P Libitina (death) is on P Pallas (politics, social justice, etc.). P Washingtonia is also octile Neptune and Mason-Dixon. The latter asteroid was named for one of the laws which tried to resolve the conflict over slavery between the northern and southern states. As indicated above, that conflict was a primary force which led to the founding of the Republican Party, so the Neptune conjunction with Mason-Dixon in Pisces is incredibly appropriate for this chart. Repeating the message in the natal chart, Eleutheria (freedom), Lincoln (elected as a Republican in 1860 to lead us through the Civil War and free the slaves), and Hela (death), were all conjunct in 14-15 Virgo. We do not have an asteroid named for Nebraska, but we have one named Kansas, one of the states named in the law which helped to precipitate the formation of the Republican Party. Kansas was in 28 Taurus 44 at the founding, which puts it on the mean north lunar node and my tentative Descendant. P Mason-Dixon at the election was in 5 Pisces square P Victoria. The modern descendants of the slaves lost a lot in that election. P Lincoln and P Eleutheria (freedom) were both on P Juno for the 1994 election, sharing its squares to Mercury and quincunx to Saturn. P Justitia in 10 Gemini was on P Karma and sextile P Gingerich on one side and Mercury on the other. P Kansas was in 20 Gemini quincunx P Mercury.

There is always more, but the preceding certainly makes the case that this date is worth watching. Eventually, I hope to do more work testing the time against prior events in the history of the Party. In light of the highly tentative nature of the time of the chart, I debated whether it was worthwhile doing more with the local (Washington, DC) angles, but they do offer additional support for the chosen time. P L Ascendant at the ‘94 election was in 0 Gemini on the north node, P Roberts (for Robert Dole) and P Belisana, a war goddess. They opposed the P Sun and P Siva. Our other asteroid for Dole, P Roberta, was retrograding in 13 Cancer, just past the Sun but sextile the MC. P Saturn has remained on N Roberta for years as Dole has headed the Republicans in the Senate. Remember, if one is handling the rules successfully, Saturn can mark a rise to a power position. In the 1994 election, P Mercury was opposite N Roberts which was on Victoria. P Williams (for Clinton) in 4 Libra had not reached the sextile to Venus but was quincunx the tentative P East Point and trine N Henry for Ross Perot. P East Point will square N Williams in 1996. It is possible that Perot’s involvement in the 1996 elections could again help Clinton by splitting the Republican vote, as was theoretically the case in 1992. P L MC opposed N Williams in 1994, but it will be conjunct P Henry in 1996, and the latter will be in orb of an opposition to N Mercury as well as square the four asteroids in 9-10 Scorpio: Eleutheria, Juno, Herberta, and Lincoln. We have had one President Lincoln and two named Herbert. Perot does not look very helpful for the Republicans. Remember, all of these angle aspects are highly tentative. Clinton is currently walking a tightrope, with higher approval for some of his foreign successes but disapproval of sending U.S. soldiers to Bosnia. This is a crucial winter for him, as we have written in the past.

To have a place to start with a possible chart for the Democrats, I looked at the same date as for the Republicans—November 1994 when the Democrats lost their control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Where I picked a time to put P Moon on Jupiter for the Republicans, I picked a time for the Democrats which put P Moon just past the south lunar node, on the East Point, and forming a T-square to P Sun and P Ceres and a quincunx to Saturn. Andrew Jackson was a much-admired general, and a main mover in the development of the new Party. This time puts the Ascendant conjunct Bellona (a war goddess) and Zeus (the Greek name for Jupiter) and also trine the asteroid Jackson which was in 18 Virgo. Jackson was also in a yod to Uranus in Aquarius and Ceres in Aries. My very tentative angles put the south lunar node on the East Point and the Antivertex just past the Moon. The IC would be on America opposite Fortuna on the MC and Vesta, Libitina, and Siva in Leo would complete a T-square. IF this time proves valid, presumably as a key to one of the defining events of the day, P Saturn has had a long progressed quincunx to the Antivertex. Since official nominations are often fairly late, this might be the time Jackson actually received the nomination. In general terms, the Democratic Party has been the one which took the country into the two world wars, which enlarged the bureaucratic structure of the central government, but which also tried to help the less privileged laboring citizens. It has been more supportive of democratic principles than the Republicans most of the time, but it has also “played ball” with the wealthy elite a good bit of the time.

Other keys to the militant side of the Democratic Party include Belisana (war goddess) trine the MC and square Pluto from 11 Cancer. Pluto is conjunct the Sun/Moon midpoint and quincunx the tentative MC. Guernica (attacks on non-combatants) was on the Vertex. The midpoint of Saturn/north lunar node in Leo and Saturn/south node in Scorpio form a T-square to the Moon. Fama is rising in 3 Aquarius, square Nobel (inventor of dynamite) in Scorpio and opposite Hela (death). Of course, the principles of astrology are primarily keys to one’s psychological state, so death may be symbolic and temporary—as in political death when the Party is defeated. Current progressions include my tentative P Ascendant on Hela and square P Atlantis in 3 Scorpio, P Siva opposite the P MC and Ceres, and P Hela on N Jackson (who may be spinning in his grave, or the asteroid could refer to the current relative eclipse of Jesse Jackson). P Mason-Dixon, with its association with issues involving minorities, especially blacks, is in 0 Scorpio quincunx N Sun. P Henry is opposite N Sun.

An amazing cluster of asteroids were hovering around the P Sun at the 1994 election. P Libitina in 5 Scorpio was quincunx P Mars. P Hillary and P Williams were in 7 Scorpio with overlapping orbs to connect them to P Fanatica, P Prudentia, P Sun, P Sappho, P Asmodeus, P Coventry, P Jackson, P Delila, P Bradley, P Aten, P Eleutheria, P Orpheus, P Medusa, P Toro, and more, leading up to P Mercury on the MC. This collection hits just about every major theme in the political contest. Coventry was named for the town in England famous for Godiva’s ride to protest burdensome taxes. P Godiva was just a bit farther on in 15 Scorpio square P Uranus, and the face-off between the two major Parties features the issue of taxes. Bradley is the NJ Senator who is leaving the Senate and is rumored to be considering a contest against Clinton for the Democratic nomination. Eleutheria was the goddess of freedom. Aten was a sun god for fame and power issues. Delila is famous for undermining the strength of Sampson by trickery. If Bradley does run against Clinton, I think it would hurt him more than Perot could hurt the Republicans. Every time a Democrat has contested a sitting Democratic President prior to an attempt to be reelected, the President has been defeated. Our most recent example was when Teddy Kennedy did it to Carter in 1980. Orpheus was torn apart, as the Democratic Party would be if another Democrat ran against Clinton. Sappho was named for a famous lesbian poetess and Asmodeus is the “demon of lust.” The “religious right” opposes gay rights and thinks the Democrats are partly to blame for the sexual license and unmarried mothers in the world today. Toro may be like Taurus, highlighting the struggle over the budget, taxes, and the growing disparity of wealth in the U.S. with its position on the MC and Mercury, and Medusa on both of the latter was the lady who induced so much fear that men turned to stone when they looked at her. There is a lot of anxiety among the Democrats today.

I just never get used to the asteroids. What kind of cosmos do we have when the asteroids named Williams and Hillary came together within one degree of each other and Fanatica and Prudentia in time to become President and First Lady while the world is torn between a variety of religious extremists (fanatics) and major decisions on a prudent way to handle run-away deficits and “throw-away” people for whom there seems to be no place in the modern world? Since the preceding four asteroids were all within one degree of P Sun for the 1994 election, they were connected to the square from the P Moon and oppositions to P Ceres, P Roberts (Dole), and P Hephaistos (weapon maker).

Other “personal name” asteroids at the time included P Gingerich in 21 Pisces octile the south lunar node while P Vesta was quincunx N Gingerich in 28 Pisces. P Venus was quincunx P Newtonia in 3 Cancer and N Fama in 3 Aquarius made it a yod. P Gaea in 19 Virgo trined N Newtonia in 19 Taurus. Quincunxes typically show changes, and that election produced a dramatic one. When Clinton was elected in 1992, P Moon in this chart was in 14 Capricorn, just past the trine to Venus and coming to a trine to N Henry. In November 1996, IF this chart’s time is valid, P Moon will be in 1 Pisces on N Washingtonia and the 2nd house cusp, square N Sun and opposite Juno and Mason-Dixon. That is not an encouraging picture for the Democrats. P Sun will oppose N Mercury, square N Roberta in 10 Leo, be octile P Saturn and be trioctile Pallas, our political asteroid. P East Point will oppose the N Ascendant. But oppositions can point to changes in the handling of relationships, so the outcome is not set in stone. P Mercury will be trine P Pallas and just coming to an opposition to N Chiron and the separation aspects could point to a switch back again in Congress. Hopefully, by that time, I will have had a chance to test the times of these two charts on some important past events.

France has been in the headlines for months with riots and bombs. Many countries, especially those in the Pacific regions in the southern hemisphere, protested the renewed testing of atomic bombs in the south Pacific. As a sort of instant karma, a series of bombs were set off in Paris through the summer and fall of 1995, presumably by Algerians who resented French support for the military government controlling the former French colony. And, on November 24, 1995, state employees who run the national rail network and workers for the regional and city trains and buses began a strike to protest government plans to cut pensions, delay retirement ages, and make other reforms designed to cut the budget deficit. You get the impression from the world news that nearly every government and a majority of individuals are in debt over their heads. It is not optimistic news when everyone has borrowed money and spent it and then has to cut their living standards to repay the debts. Widespread retrenchment, including governments and big businesses laying off workers and individuals having to tighten their belts, is quite capable of snowballing into recession or depression in the world. However, the French workers were not willing to accept the proposed cuts, and they have been joined in work stoppages by other labor unions which have shut down some post offices, hospitals, schools, and air-traffic control towers. Also, hundreds of thousands of the general public have joined in protest marches that at times turned into near-riots. Among other results, Paris and other cities have faced enormous daily traffic jams and the private shops have been deserted during the pre-Christmas season which is normally one of the busiest in the year.

We have the birth data of Jacques Chirac, the President of France, from his birth certificate so it is “A” data to use Lois Rodden’s classification system, though the time might have been rounded off a bit.. He was born in Paris on November 29, 1932 at noon. Many in France blame the lengthy stalemate between the unions and the top officials of France on the arrogance of Chirac and Prime Minister Alain Juppe. Juppe finally agreed on Sunday, December 10, 1995, to personally negotiate with the union leaders. I do not have Juppe’s birth data, but the potential for arrogance does show in Chirac’s chart with his Sun in the sign and house of Sagittarius as well as Mercury and Moon in the same sign, Aquarius rising, and Uranus in Aries. Fire is the element of confidence—“I know what I want and I have the right and power to do it.” Next to fire, letter eleven normally indicates a sense of confidence in one’s superior intellect.

Chirac also has the “identification with God” which can manifest as “I ought to be perfect” or as “I have the right to do anything I want and God should provide all my desires.” In Chirac’s chart, the message is given by Pisces in the first house and by Mars conjunct Neptune. If we use the traditional rulers of the signs, Saturn remains a co-ruler of the Aquarius Ascendant so its position in the 12th house repeats the message for the third time. Also, regardless of their house positions, the East Point and the Antivertex are keys to personal identity and Chirac has both of them in Pisces. With letter 12, we can be an artist, a savior, or a victim, with enormous variations in possible details in all three major categories. The Virgo-Pisces polarity is strong in Chirac’s chart. When integrated so they work together as partners, the individual has the potential for craftsmanship, creating things which are both useful and beautiful, and for many types of service professions. Teaching, writing, counseling, and healing are more common choices, but Chirac’s strong 7th and 10th houses bring in the potential for a career in politics. He also does have Juno in Libra closely trine his Ascendant and sextile his Mercury, as well as Pallas in the 11th house sextile/trine the lunar nodes and Neptune. The chart certainly shows verbal fluency and persuasiveness which are important for anyone seeking a role which requires public consent, but Chirac has also had his share of defeats in his career.

In light of the bombs being exploded in and by France, I was eager to check some of the relevant asteroids in Chirac’s chart. Hiroshima turned up in his 10th house in 19 Sagittarius and P Mars is currently square it for several years. P MC is quincunx Nobel in 15 Virgo and P Nobel (the inventor of dynamite) and Gaea (earth) are conjunct in 18 Virgo square Mercury. P Ascendant is on P Winchester (guns) in 18 Gemini to form a T-square, and Chirac’s Antivertex in Algiers, Algeria completes a grand cross in 17 Pisces. The Paris bombs, as stated above, are being set off by terrorists from Algiers. Additional asteroids participating in the mutable cross are Eunomia (the issue of law and order) and Osiris (an Egyptian god of death) in 17 Sagittarius. Besides their participation in the mutable cross, P Ascendant and P Winchester are also quincunx P Hiroshima in 18 Capricorn. The current mass protests in Paris are occurring as Chirac’s P Moon conjuncts Uranus and opposes Juno, one of the keys to taxes, debts, pensions, etc. Astrology works.

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