Asteroid-World Summer 1995

Zip Dobyns

This issue of Asteroid-World will be devoted to more potential charts for the U.S. Thanks to an Internet contact, I have received historical information on various stages of the development of the United States as a functioning country. Subscribers will remember that the fall 1993 issue of Asteroid-World was devoted to a “new” time for our Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The time of 5:35 P.M. LAT is continuing to “work” for me, but since institutions, including countries, are born in stages, I remain open to other charts which could provide additional useful information. My Internet friend works at a university and in light of the academic prejudice against astrology, I am hesitant to give his name, but his library digging has produced data which I have wanted for years in addition to providing a new slant on familiar information.

Susan Manuel provided the data of the first official meeting of the U.S. Supreme Court at which a quorum was present, and that chart was discussed in a previous issue of The Mutable Dilemma. My Internet informant has located the data for the first quorum of the U.S. Senate and of the U.S. House of Representatives. Anything which has a beginning has a horoscope, so these charts should be useful in understanding the past actions of these legislative bodies and in forecasting their future actions. I have not had enough time for a thorough investigation of the charts, but will present them here so our readers can observe them in the coming years. I have spent many hours looking for a precise time for the oath of office when George Washington was inaugurated as our first President. Though the ceremony was scheduled for noon, the historical records I had read described it as very much delayed. Different astrologers have offered times ranging from 12:45 P.M. to 2 P.M. or later. My Internet friend was able to “pin down” the time to the interval between 1:20 and 1:30 P.M. The chart I will offer here is set for 1:22 P.M. LAT, which should be accurate within a degree or so.

The “new slant” mentioned above involves the action taken by the Continental Congress on July 2, 1776 when they passed a “Resolution for Independence.” I had previously assumed that this action was just a step along the way to the official Declaration of Independence on July 4, and had not even tried to work with a chart for July 2. As far as I know, there is no firm historical record of the exact time of day when the two decisions were voted on by the Congress. Both were probably in the late afternoon, but many astrologers still use a Gemini rising chart set for the middle of the night on July 4, and some use an early afternoon time. The record kept by the clerk of the Congress and a letter from one member point to a time soon after the meeting opened at 9 A.M., but other records suggest that the morning action involved the appointment of a committee to work on final revisions of the wording of the Declaration, and that it was late afternoon when the final document was accepted, voted on, and signed by the Congress President John Hancock and the clerk.

The idea offered by my new Internet friend was that the July 2 action expressed the real character of the members of the Congress who were some of the most wealthy and powerful citizens of the 13 colonies. They were primarily resisting the taxes imposed by England, and wanted to keep control over their businesses and income. The July 4 document represented their statement to the world, rather like a persona, showing how they wished to be seen by others. Since the angles I was using for the July 4 chart seemed to work so well for historical events and for local angles in other areas of the world where our country had been involved, my collaborator suggested I change the time just enough to maintain the same degrees on the angles of the July 2 chart. When I did this, the July 2 chart did produce positive results with its local angles and progressions for major events. Any rectified chart must be considered tentative, subject to continued testing as future events take place. I will continue to test both the July 2 and the July 4 charts, and hope that some of our readers will also join in this endeavor. There are so many techniques in astrology, no one can examine them all. We need joint, cooperative efforts.

My Internet compatriot also provided the data for one more significant date in early July of 1776. On July 8 at noon, the Declaration was read to the public in the central square in Philadelphia. For this chart, we have a historically recorded time. I am calling it the Proclamation of Independence to distinguish it from the Resolution and the Declaration. If the Resolution represents the basic character of the ruling “elite” in the country and the Declaration represents how the ruling elite want to be viewed, the Proclamation may provide information on how the public, the “ruled”, do experience life in this country. Of course life and horoscopes are always complex. Life is composed of and horoscopes picture many mixed emotions and experiences. The people in power are not single-minded. Not only are there major splits between our two main political parties; there are schisms within each party. The “ruled” are even more diverse, ranging from very wealthy to homeless beggars, through wildly varying sets of beliefs and values, including individuals from a huge variety of ethnic backgrounds. Astrology does not specify details, but if these charts are valid keys to understanding the “group” which had its beginning at the inception of the chart, they may provide some insight into the times when the group will face psychological/emotional issues.

Starting with the new chart for July 2, since we are using essentially the same angles as the chart for July 4, the only big change between the two charts is the position of the Moon. In the Resolution chart, the Moon is closely conjunct Pluto in Capricorn in the second house—a very appropriate position for a group intent on gaining or maintaining control over personal finances and career. In the Declaration chart on July 4, the Moon has moved to conjunct Pallas in Aquarius though it is still in the second house of personal money and possessions. Pallas is the asteroid associated with consultants, lawyers, politicians, and often with concerns involving equalitarian principles, social justice and fair play. The Moon shows our security needs, for home, family, and bread on the table. It can manifest as a baby needing a mother or a mother caring for others. It is often extended to symbolize the public and one’s homeland. The Pallas-Moon conjunction in Aquarius, the sign of democracy, does fit the image that the U.S. tries to present to the world while employees of the executive branch of the government (Capricorn) from the CIA to the NSA have secretly helped to overthrow democratically elected governments or to maintain dictators in other countries where our wealthy elite had business interests they wanted protected. To add to the message, in both the July 2 and July 4 charts, the progressed true south lunar node continues to hold a conjunction with Pluto which has lasted for years. I interpret the south node as a lesson, as an area in life where we have something to learn and then something to give to the world. The node started in Aquarius in all of these early July charts and it progressed back into Capricorn. In light of the current hostility toward the homeless, welfare recipients, the poor who are also ill, immigrants, etc., we seem to be retreating farther into the worst potentials of both signs—into the harshest side of Capricorn which says “you get what you have earned—no mercy,” and the total freedom side of Aquarius which says “do anything you like. Just don’t ask me for anything that would infringe on my freedom. You have no right to tax the million I inherited just because you are starving.”

As I wrote in the Fall 1993 Asteroid-World, the chart for the Declaration of Independence had a progressed New Moon scheduled for October 1994. I was fascinated to see that the New Moon in 19 Aquarius formed a double quincunx (yod) to the natal and progressed positions of the asteroid Williams which I am using for Bill Clinton. The yod typically marks a time of major changes, similar to a fork in the road when we go in new directions and drop past activities or relationships. I saw the possibility of danger to Clinton, but did not think of what actually happened, though in hindsight it seems obvious. He was repudiated by the voters who just one month later elected a Republican majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate for the first time in 40 years. Clinton is still under attack; personally in the Whitewater investigations and politically from all directions by fearful and angry people. The July 2 chart for the Resolution for Independence will have its progressed New Moon in the same 19 degrees of Aquarius with the same yod to natal and progressed Williams in June-July 1996. If the aspect in this chart carries a similar meaning to the fall of 1994, the odds against Clinton winning the election are sizable. But one is never certain of details in astrology. There are always mixed aspects—some harmonious and some conflicted. The Sun-Moon conjunction will be trine Juno and Mars and sextile Chiron for harmony but square Vesta, octile the Washington, DC East Point, and trioctile Jupiter. The patterns could mean success due to changes by Clinton in his own actions. As is the case in all aspects in astrology, he could express that yod through changing personal actions or he could experience it as something “done to him” by others.

The charts I am including in this issue of Asteroid-World are progressed to the beginning of 1996. This is not because I anticipate an event on that precise day, but the whole winter of 1995-6 looks difficult, so I chose a date more or less in the middle of the tension period. Since the factors in secondary progressions move relatively slowly with one day in the sky equaling a year of life, it is easy to mentally calculate where the factors would be a year earlier when Gingrich became Speaker of the House of Representatives or ten months later at the next national elections. All of the charts I have worked with, both the mundane charts for the country and various cycles and the personal charts for our leaders, show tension this coming winter. As I have often written, I think that astrology shows issues and timing but we are guessing when we try to be specific on details. Among the possible or probable details are the trial of McVeigh and Nichols for the Oklahoma City bombing which may further rouse the militias (probable), more involvement in Bosnia (probable), more challenges to Clinton from the Whitewater investigation (probable), an assassination attempt on Clinton (possible), worry over other countries—the Near East, China, North Korea, etc. (probable), increased worries over jobs and the economy (possible), and readers can probably add to this list. Life is an “and,” not an “either/or.”

The Moon is a primary timer for events in a progressed chart. It moves about one degree a month or a little more. In the Resolution chart, the P Moon conjuncts the south lunar node through most of the last three months of 1995, suggesting tensions around security issues. But it is also trine Uranus and the MC, so some citizens are likely to be doing very well. It will also be octile Winchester (guns), P Belisana (a war goddess), and P Juno (a Pluto clone). Slightly earlier in the fall, P Moon will be trioctile Neptune (faith/fear/beliefs/ethics), octile P Ceres (issues involving work or nurturing), and trioctile Mars and P Atlantis, an asteroid often prominent when there is abuse of power.

The P Moon in the Declaration chart is almost one sign later. During the fall and winter of 1995-6, it conjuncts P Pallas and natal Ceres, squares P and natal Uranus, is quincunx the local and birthplace MCs and the north lunar node (forming a yod), and octile/trioctile Chiron, Juno, Williams, P Icarus and P Justitia. It will also conjunct Union and P Albertine which I am testing as a key to Al Gore, and it will be octile P Hiroshima and P Winchester to repeat the focus on potential violence. Since the asteroids move relatively slowly, there are many aspects which are present in both charts, including P Gingerich, P America, and P United Nations on P south lunar node, P Bellona (a war goddess) on Pluto and square natal America, P Hel (death) square Saturn, P Beograd (Belgrade) conjunct P Saturn, etc., etc. P Newtonia is traveling within one degree of P Williams in both charts as Newt boasts that he is shaping the destiny of the country to a greater degree than our elected President. The asteroids continue to be mind-blowing!

As indicated above, history gives us a time for the Proclamation of Independence, so we can be confident of the positions of the Moon and the angles. The winter of 1995-6 puts the P Moon opposite P Saturn and P Beograd (Belgrade), octile the P Ascendant, and trioctile P Williams, P Astraea (justice), P Paracelsus (healing or a need for it) and P China. With the Washington, DC Part of Death at 1 Scorpio and the Philadelphia Part of Death in 5 Scorpio, the P Moon holds an opposition to one or the other or their midpoint through the whole fall and winter of 1995-6. The formula for the Part of Death is Ascendant plus eighth house cusp minus the Moon.

This Proclamation chart has many dramatic aspects, both natal and progressed. LAT (local apparent time), which was in use until well into the next century when local mean time came into use, could also be called “sundial” time. At noon in LAT, the Sun is on the MC to the minute of longitude. At noon on July 8, 1776, Saturn was on the Ascendant to the degree as part of a cardinal grand cross which included MC, Sun, and Mercury in Cancer, Ascendant, Saturn, East Point, and Juno in Libra, IC and Pluto in Capricorn, and the Descendant, Moon, and Chiron in Aries. The cardinal cross pictures the focus on competition which has always been present but is currently emphasized more than ever. With Aries, we want individual independence. With Cancer, we want to nurture and be nurtured but may limit this to the family. With Libra, we may cooperate as equals or may compete. With Capricorn we want control. The inclusion of the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto in the pattern, all of them representing variations on a desire for power, plus the Sun and Leo in the tenth house, Saturn in the first house, Pluto in Capricorn, and Aries in the seventh house, all add to the likelihood of power struggles We are a nation of entrepreneurs, born in rebellion against taxation without representation and still resisting taxes which are part of the Pluto principle—the sharing of joint resources. When the principle of letter eight (Pluto, Scorpio, and the eighth house) is handled effectively, we can give, receive and share for mutual good. Those who have more can willingly help those who have less. During the 1980s and early 1990s when transiting Pluto passed through its own sign, humanity moved in the opposite direction, preaching and practicing competition and greed, making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Transiting Uranus and Neptune have been aspecting the cardinal cross for years, pointing to the primary issue of individual freedom and power versus empathy and sharing with others. Uranus supports individual freedom while Neptune calls for compassion. Freedom is winning, and as transiting Uranus moves into its own sign for about 7 years and transiting Pluto moves into Sagittarius for about 12 years, freedom will be even more highlighted. In these three charts in early July 1776, the later the date, the earlier the progressed new moon is reached. For the Proclamation chart, it occurred on January 3, 1991 as the U.S. assembled its forces for the Gulf War against Iraq. As with the other two independence charts, the P Moon reached the P Sun in 19 degrees of Aquarius. At that time, the Sun and Moon were quincunx P Williams as Bill Clinton was already building his allies, preparing to run for the Presidency, but they were not yet in aspect to natal Williams. The P Sun reached the quincunx to natal Williams in the spring of 1992 when Bill Clinton was well on his way to winning the Democratic nomination for the Presidency. (Remember, a quincunx is typical of a turning point, including the possibility of either entering or leaving an office, a relationship, or whatever.) Aspects from P MC and P Sun last two years, so the quincunx to Williams ended in the spring of 1994, but the local angles for the chart in Washington, DC brought the local P MC into the quincunx to Williams in December 1993 and it ends in December 1995. The local P Ascendant started a square to P Williams in the spring of 1995 and it is still in effect. As already noted, P Moon will be trioctile P Williams during the early months of 1996 and P Williams has been in an octile to P Saturn for years. In the natal chart, Williams was on Mercury within one minute of longitude. The current patterns do look like a separation of the power from Bill Clinton. I wonder what future historians will say about Clinton’s relationship with the U.S.?

Returning to the natal chart, it does seem appropriate for the circumstances of the day. P Sun on the MC and Leo in the tenth house fit the rule of King George, which the leading citizens of the colonies (Saturn ruling the fourth house) were claiming as their own executive power (Saturn on the Ascendant). The Moon, ruler of the MC (King George) was in the seventh house in Aries for the ongoing war for independence. The seventh house can be partners or open enemies and competitors, depending on how we handle the situation. Venus and Jupiter were closely conjunct in a grand trine in water signs and fire houses, signifying emotional intensity which included confidence in our own power and rights (fire) combined with faith that we would be helped by others, including by God, if we needed it (water). Ceres, the nurturing asteroid, and the Antivertex, an auxiliary
Ascendant, complete the grand trine with Venus and Jupiter. Two of the asteroids of relationships, Pallas and Juno, completed a grand trine with Mars in air signs and fire houses to reinforce the confidence. Trines indicate inner harmony—we know what we want and think we have a right to it. Chiron in Aries on the Moon and sextile Mars in the ninth house, plus Jupiter in its own ninth house, add to the fire confidence. The lunar nodes holding a sextile and trine to Uranus in air and fire signs repeat the message. The grand trine with Vesta, Neptune, and Pluto in earth signs and water houses showed the capacity for practicality, for coping with a physical world.

The asteroids continue to amaze me. The first one, Ceres, was discovered in 1801, years after the events which produced the U.S. They are named by the astronomers who discover them, who are almost all materialists, believing that the world has no inherent meaning so whatever name they choose for a new, small planet is determined by chance and meaningless. Yet, when you put them into horoscopes, they provide useful information. In this chart, the Moon and Vesta are in 21 degrees of their signs and Neptune and Mercury are in 22 degrees of different signs. Three (unknown at the time) asteroids were clustered in 21-22 degrees of Scorpio with sextiles to Neptune and quincunxes to the Moon to form a yod. The Scorpio asteroids were Potomac (the river running through what later became our nation’s capital), Gingerich (for our current Speaker of the House of Representatives who has been the major force in the Republican revolution which is underway) and Spartacus (leader of a slave revolution in ancient Rome). These patterns fit someone with a name like Gingerich having economic power or engaging in power struggles in the Potomac region, dealing with issues of jobs (opposition to Vesta) and economic freedom versus the modern equivalent of slavery—jobs which do not pay a wage one can live on. Natal Newtonia in 28 Cancer is opposed for years by P Pluto, P United Nations, P America, and P Bellona as Newt works to push our country farther away from any pretense of sharing resources, farther into economic warfare between the “haves” and the “have-nots,” and farther behind in its promised support of the United Nations, which, for all its failure to stop the war in Bosnia, has been helpful in many areas in our troubled world. Some years from now (I haven’t looked ahead to see how many), P Gingerich will reach an opposition to natal Newtonia. Will Newt’s own inner war finally surface and the public recognize the damage to civilization which he represents? For those who are interested in learning more about what makes Newt tick, the September 1995 issue of Vanity Fair has an insightful article about him.

Can the personal name asteroids tell us who will win the U.S. Presidency in 1996? We have two asteroids named Robert for Robert Dole—one with an ‘s’ and one with an ‘a’ on the end of the word. P Roberta is retrograding in 27 Gemini while P Roberts has recently turned direct in 26 Gemini. P Sun and MC are moving to trine P Roberts in the spring of 1996, close to the time of the decision on the Republican nominee who will run in the fall of 1996. P Roberta remains in a long trine to natal America in 27 Libra. P Gingerich continues a long square to natal America and a quincunx to P Roberts. Newt favors his friend Phil Gramm and undermines Dole when he can. We also have two asteroids named for Philip—Philippa and Philippina. Natal Philippina in 7 Libra is square natal Venus and opposite P Venus but trine Uranus and the south lunar node. Can we interpret these aspects as the verbal ability to persuade some people with the grand trine in air signs but the probability that his success would threaten the pleasure and/or finances of many others? Or, maybe it is just his own pleasure that is threatened by not winning. P Philippina is in zero Capricorn conjunct P Epimetheus in 29 Sagittarius as Phil tries to turn back the clock. Natal Philippa in 20 Taurus just missed a conjunction with Vesta since I limit aspects to the new asteroids to a one-degree orb. It is semisextile Chiron and quincunx Juno, which fits his role as contributing to the polarization and alienation of our people. P Philippa in 23 Taurus squares the local P MC on this chart. On the whole, the aspects do not fit a winner, but it is possible to win what we want with very tough aspects and have a terrible time after we get it.

With hundreds of asteroids, it would be easy to write a book about a single chart, so I am forced to be selective. I have mentioned some patterns which fit this period as one of conflict, whether this takes the form of actual involvement in the wars of other countries, economic rivalry at home or with other countries, social unrest, religious and/or ethnic friction, and/or open resistance to the establishment as in Oklahoma City. Some of the asteroids which show this have been mentioned; P Guernica on the Antivertex, P Beograd on P Saturn, P Bellona on Pluto, P United Nations, and P America. Other asteroids with a related message include P Srbija (Serbia) opposite Uranus, P Hel (death) on the IC opposite the MC, P Darwin (survival of the fittest in a jungle atmosphere) square Saturn and the Ascendant, P Damocles (with a sword over the head) conjunct the P local MC and square P Philippa, P Nobel (inventor of dynamite) opposite Fanatica and the East Point, P Phaethon (overreach) on P Chiron with both square the MC and P Jupiter, P Belisana (a war goddess like Bellona) opposite P Neptune and square P Roberts, and P Winchester (guns) quincunx P Neptune. If this is a description of the state of mind of our citizens as they face their leaders and the world, it is no wonder that illness due to stress is increasing. Armageddon is not a future destruction of the earth—it is a continuing state of mind for a good many people who are sliding deeper into anger, fear, and despair The only antidotes are faith in a Higher Power and cooperation with our fellows, both human and other life forms.

Shifting to the first official meeting of the U.S. House of Representatives, my Internet friend reported that it occurred at 11 A.M. on April 1, 1789 in New York where our initial government operated before the move to Washington, DC. In this chart, the Sun is alone in Aries in the tenth house but the element of water is stronger than the fire, with a stellium in Pisces, Jupiter and the Ascendant in Cancer, the north lunar node in Scorpio completing a wide grand trine in water signs, plus factors in all of the water houses. Next to the emphasis on water, there is a grand trine in air signs which are mostly in the water houses though the south lunar node and the Antivertex are in the Aquarian house. The fire Sun is supported by Uranus in Leo in the Aries house and Ceres in late Sagittarius. Earth is the weakest element though the exact conjunction of Venus on the MC might help, despite its position in Pisces which is idealistic rather than practical. Pallas in Capricorn in the Virgo house is the only factor in an earth sign. It shares the Virgo house with Ceres in Sagittarius and the Sun and Venus in the tenth house add to the Capricorn potential. By the time the Senate achieved a quorum five days later at the same time and place, the Moon had moved into Virgo to support a little more practicality, and Venus had moved into Aries. There are many similarities between the two charts, as there are between the July 2 and July 4 horoscopes, and with these charts, we presumably have reliable angles and house placements.

The water/air emphasis in both charts fits institutions which “live in the head.” In both charts, the Sun squares the Ascendant, showing the tension between personal will and power (Aries in the tenth house) and empathy and compassion (the Cancer rising). In the Senate chart, the MC as well as Venus have shifted into Aries and the Sun is more closely square Jupiter as well as trioctile the Moon. The Moon is more idealistic in the House chart with its placement in the twelfth house conjunct Chiron and the East Point, though it is also exactly square Mars. Squares between factors in the ninth and twelfth houses show conflicts involving beliefs, values, ethics, etc. Common forms are “truth versus kindness” and the world around us as it is (Gemini or Virgo) versus our ideals of how we would like it (Sagittarius or Pisces). Of course, the message may be presented by the planets, the signs, or the houses. The issue is repeated in the Senate chart with Ceres and Pallas square the MC and Venus, quincunx the south lunar node, opposite the East Point, quincunx Uranus, and octile Pluto. Clearly, some in both of these legislative bodies are capable of compassion, including the desire to help their fellow citizens as shown by the water, especially the Pisces, while others think their judgment should not be questioned and their will should be the law of the land as shown by the fire, especially the Sun in Aries in the tenth house. The air emphasis describes the members of both institutions as bright and verbal, necessary talents to win elections.

Looking at the current progressions, I was fascinated to find P Gingerich in 0 Aries. That position puts it on the Aries point, the beginning of the zodiac which is defined as the intersection of the ecliptic and the equator. The Sun is on this point at the northern hemisphere spring equinox (equal day and night), and factors in 0 Aries are theoretically considered to be more powerful. But I was puzzled by the fact that P Gingerich is on the natal MC in the Senate chart rather than in the chart for the House of Representatives where he is currently the Speaker, holding the power position. Certainly, the bills Newt has pushed through the House are affecting the Senate, but that hardly seems adequate. Newt obviously has his eye on the Presidency, though it is not likely that he will run in 1996. After getting these charts, I started to wonder whether he might run for the Senate in November 1996 as an interim step on his planned ascension to the top. Several Senators have announced that they will not seek reelection. If Sam Nunn, one of the Senators from Georgia, joins them, which is a rumored potential, Newt might be very tempted though it would mean risking his guaranteed power in the House of Representatives. P Gingerich forms a grand trine to Uranus and the mean (average) south lunar node in both charts. The fire trines suggest possible over-confidence, but they can also mark times of major success. Natal Gingerich in the House of Representatives’ chart is conjunct Mars within one degree and just lacks 3 minutes of longitude to form a one-degree conjunction with the local (Washington, DC) MC, so both charts do show Newt’s potential for power.

The asteroid Newtonia for Newt’s first name is also prominent. Natally in both charts it is in 17 Leo conjunct Gaea (earth) and ARA (American Relief Administration). Cutting off financial assistance for the ordinary citizens of earth is a major platform in Newt’s plans. What we now call welfare was formerly called “relief.” The ARA asteroid was named in honor of America’s help to Russia during the famines in 1922-3 when Lenin had tried to collectivize the farms and had decimated the peasants’ ability to raise their crops. Gingrich is leading the charge to not only deny help to other countries but also to our own hungry people. P Pluto in both charts maintains an opposition to the Leo trio of ARA, Newtonia, and Gaea as our current leaders work to make the rich richer at the expense of the poor. P Newtonia in both charts is conjunct either natal or P Neptune. The aspect could be manifested as compassion for ordinary people but in this case it simply points to the condition of the people as an ethical issue subject to Newt’s faith or lack of it. P Gaea is still tracking along with Newtonia. Repeating the emphasis on the issue of power and empathy, P local MC in the House of Representatives chart was on P ARA when Newt became the Speaker and acquired the formal power.

Many other asteroids could be listed which offer patterns similar to the ones described in the Proclamation of Independence chart that point to a challenging winter. In the House chart, P Sun is on P Bellona and they are sextile Pallas and quincunx the Antivertex. to form a yod as well as trioctile Saturn. Libitina (a death goddess) squares Vesta (work and health of the people) and P MC opposes Hel (another death goddess). P Moon will conjunct P Srbija (Serbia) during the winter of 1995-6. P Atlantis (abuse of power) opposes Uranus and is octile Mercury. A cluster of asteroids in 6 to 8 Virgo form octiles to N or P Neptune. They include Lincoln (named for one of our assassinated Presidents), Nobel (dynamite), Columbia (site of our capital as well as the primary source of our illegal drugs), and Williams (for Bill Clinton). The Virgo cluster is also quincunx a trio in Aries which includes Icarus (overreach), Fanatica, and P Asmodeus (the demon of lust). The asteroids do list some of the things Bill Clinton has had to face or of which he has been accused.

The Senate chart has many similar aspects but its P Moon is conjunct the local MC during the important winter months, and it will conjunct the birthplace MC and P Gingerich in the early spring of 1996. Conjunctions with the MC are like conjunctions with Saturn. We can rise to increased power if we have been realistic in handling the rules of the game. Or we can fall if we have overreached. I expect the latter for Newt, but not for some years. P Newtonia is on P Neptune, and, unlike the House chart, it is also on Juno in the Senate chart. I was curious to see where the Robert asteroids would be in the Senate chart since Robert Dole is Majority Leader there. There are mixed aspects, as usual, and some show the tougher struggle he has had in trying to pass his desired legislation. N Roberta in 24 Cancer is squared by P Neptune, P Newtonia, and P Gaea. P Roberta in 9 Libra is more harmonious, with a sextile to P Uranus and a trine to P Antivertex. N Roberts in 28 Aries fits Dole’s drive for the top position. N Ceres trines it and the P Ascendant starts a trine to it at the beginning of 1996, but P Vesta is trioctile it, and P Potomac (identifying the site of our capital) and P Libitina (death) are square it. P Roberts in 3 Cancer is on P Fanatica and they square N Venus, oppose N Pallas, our most political asteroid, are trioctile Pluto, P Juno, and P north lunar node, and octile ARA, Newtonia, Gaea and the P true south node in Taurus.

Finally, let’s look at the chart for the beginning of the Presidency when George Washington took the oath of office at approximately 1:22 P.M. LAT. I had suspected that the time was between 1 and 1:30 P.M. to put Mars in the eighth house and either octile the MC or trioctile the Ascendant. The U.S. penchant for killing our Presidents called for some type of conflict aspect from Mars to the major angles. The time interval uncovered by my Internet friend puts Mars exactly octile the MC in Washington, DC, and we did not start assassinating Presidents until after the capital was moved there. Mercury, which rules both the MC and Ascendant signs, is also in Aries in the eighth house with a square to Jupiter in Cancer in the eleventh house and oppositions to Vesta and Neptune. It makes you wonder why anyone would want to be President. Mars squares the Moon and opposes Juno, our little Plutonian asteroid to repeat the message that homegrown rebels (Cancer in the eleventh house) can act on their feelings (squares to Aries). A close conjunction of Uranus in its own house to the Antivertex repeats the defiant self-will. A grand trine of Venus, Ascendant, and Pallas in earth signs offers a contrasting view of potential success in the physical world and/or support for the people who are already successful. If the time I am using is very close to accurate, the local Ascendant in Washington makes that grand earth trine exact.

N Williams is in 25 Gemini in the tenth house of the executive with a sextile to Mercury, a trine to P Neptune, and a square to George in 24 Pisces. Remember, Bill Clinton ran against and defeated George Bush. P Williams is in 18 Virgo square Chiron, P Hephaistos (weapons), P local MC, and P Astraea (justice), quincunx Pluto, opposite the midpoint of N Saturn/P Saturn, and semisextile ARA, Newtonia, and (with overlapping orbs) Gaea. It is also octile P Gaea and trioctile Venus. During the coming fall and winter, P Moon will conjunct P and N Pluto and quincunx P Williams. Clinton has fought an uphill battle since the beginning of his Presidency and it isn’t getting any easier. It is interesting that P Williams does have that potentially favorable semisextile to Newtonia. As mentioned above, Newt does not want Dole to win. Though Gramm is a personal friend, the inside gossip suggests that Newt would not mind Clinton being reelected since that might let him go on consolidating his power in Congress for his run at the Presidency in 2000. At this point, we do not know what the coming year will bring. P Sun in this chart will end its opposition to the MC in the spring of 1996 IF the time is precise. It is just starting a quincunx to Venus in December 1995, so that aspect will last for two years, supporting a new direction in handling money and pleasure (Venus in Taurus) and beliefs and values (the ninth house). P Sun also starts a square to the local Ascendant in the late fall of 1995 if this time is precise. Additional aspects which involve keys to power and which depend on precise time are the local and birthplace East Points and Ascendants crossing N and P Saturn.

As usual, many other asteroids might be mentioned, but time and space are running out. P Hillary is on P Neptune opposite Mercury. P Mercury reaches P Winchester early in 1996. N Gingerich was on the eighth house cusp and P Gingerich has returned there as Newt basks in the royalties of his best-selling book and maintains his record fund-raising success from the wealthy elite of the country. P Gingerich also holds a long sextile to the local MC. P Mars starts a trine to Mercury in the fall of 1995 and it maintains a sextile to P Neptune. The aspects point to success for someone; perhaps some wins by the President (since this is a chart for the Presidency) and some by his opponents (since Mars is natally in the eighth house). In the end, even with hundreds of asteroids, many details are possible. With hindsight, the events fit. Looking forward, we see the issues and the timing. I hope that some of our readers will have the time to explore some of these charts and share their ideas with us.

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